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Come Break My Heart Again by: C.W. Farnsworth

Come Break My Heart Again
Author: C.W. Farnsworth
Published: June 2024
Publisher: C.W. Farnsworth
Format: ARC eBook
Pages: 446
Rating: 3.5/5
The first time Ryder James broke my heart, I was fifteen and sad.
An angsty, opposites attract, forced proximity standalone romance from bestselling author C.W. Farnsworth.

The second time he broke my heart, I was eighteen and jaded.

Both times, I fell for him effortlessly. Falling is easy.

Our landings are just hard. Painful.

We were a sad song with a slow melody. Wildflowers with paper petals. Hidden letters with visible tears. A beautiful tragedy.

Except tragedies have endings. Our story just…stopped.

Seven years later, I still have more questions than answers. Questions I’m too proud to ask after almost a decade of silence. Answers he refuses to share, no matter how much time we’re forced to spend together.

Everything’s changed…except how I feel about him. And the recurring moments when I’m certain Ryder hasn’t forgotten our past either.

Can you forget your first?

Or are they destined to keep breaking your heart…over and over again?


First, I'd like to thank Valentine PR and C.W. Farnsworth for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review. Personally, I think for myself, this my have been a book that was more wrong time reading. I wasn't feeling the story as much as I hoped, because I really could see how the emotional roller coaster would have pulled these two characters hard back to one another.

I felt like the book was pretty long with parts being repetitive to me. Like some parts could've been cut and we still would have had a great story going on. 

I will say, I did really enjoy the back and forth from past to present to see what happened seven years ago, but again, it almost felt repetitive and you were still sort of waiting in certain parts to find out what really happened. There was definitely a lot of healing, but parts of the flashbacks could've been cut or explained more earlier on to help the characters move on more together after communicating with one another.

Another thing that I would've like to have read more about was the story of her sister. It was talked about, but I almost felt like it was just added in without too much information. Now that could be me talking and wanting to be pulled more emotionally with their backstories.

I will say that I was pulled to the story, the raw emotions and waiting to see how they'd get their HEA. I was drawn, turning the pages anxiously waiting to see what would happen. You could feel the emotions coming out of them, but I just wasn't vibing as much as I would've hoped.

Overall, this was a good story but it was maybe more the wrong time for me. I was cheering for Elle and Ryder's love to persevere and make it after all the years that have passed, but I just think there was more of the past that could've been cut down to see more of their life in the present, moving on and falling in love all over again.

That's all for my review, I hope you enjoyed it and be sure to check it out. You might fall in love and obsess over Elle and Ryder even more than I did!

So until the next time, keep reading!

Your Graduated Bookworm!! :)

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