Monday, December 9, 2019

The Trip By: Cate Sexton

The Trip (First Love Series #2)
Author: Cate Sexton
Published: June 2018
Publisher: Summerfield Publishing
Format: Paperback
Pages: 85
Rating: 1/5
Taylor Livingstone is back in New York forging her own way in the world. She’s working in a top law firm doing long hours using her Law Degree and progressing fast, then why does she feel so empty?
Her personal life is going nowhere too. Her mother told her to hate men, so she’s still a virgin at the age of twenty-four! On top of that she has an aching crush on the manager in her local supermarket in Brooklyn.
She hasn’t time to lose her virginity in New York, but she needs to if a guy like that is even going to look at her. Taylor books a trip to the remote Caribbean Island, Roatán to solve her problem. Here she hopes to finally lose her virtue, and not feel like a complete fish out of water!

But can a trip to a remote island really solve Taylor’s problems?

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Zapata By: Harper McDavid

Zapata (Border Series #1)
Author: Harper McDavid
Published: August 2019
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing, LLC
Format: Paperback
Pages: 348
Rating: 3.5/5
When engineer Avery McAndrews is offered the Zapata project, she readily accepts. Despite the fact the Texas border town has a dubious reputation, she’s used to pushing past all kinds of stereotypes. The assignment is a career maker. 
Avery’s work is disrupted when a battle for control of the oil production facility puts her in the crossfire between warring drug cartels. All hope for a promotion is forgotten. Kidnapped and imprisoned in a Mexican brothel, Avery discovers that her captor, Javier Ramos, son of a cartel boss, is more than just a power-hungry drug lord. He’s crazy. 
As lead attorney for the Ramos Cartel, Alejandro DeLeon’s unofficial responsibilities include managing Javier. Cartel operations are threatened by Javier’s kidnapping of Avery, presenting a nearly impossible situation for Alejandro. But it is Javier’s cruelty toward Avery, that leads Alejandro to risk everything to save her. 
With Mexico’s underworld at their heels, Avery and Alejandro run. Danger escalates in every new town as Javier offers a reward for her capture. Though for Avery, the greatest struggle is not the perilous escape, but trusting Alejandro, a man of many secrets… 

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