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If You Give a Single Dad a Nanny by: Anne Einerson

You Give a Single Dad a Nanny (Aspen Grove #1)
Author: Ann Einerson
Published: March 2024
Publisher: Ann Einerson
Pages: 373
Format: ARC E-Book
Rating: 4.5/5
A swoon worthy, single dad/nanny, he’s grumpy, she’s sunshine, banter-filled, spicy small town romance.I, Marlow Taylor, need to stop fantasizing about the hot, single dad next door.

Should I have agreed to nanny his cute six year old who loves my dog Waffles? Absolutely not.

But her dad seems to think he can do everything himself. ( no one can)

3 reasons why I absolutely cannot fall for Dylan

He’s grumpy and doesn’t seem to like me very muchHe lives next door – literally next door to my perfect pink house There are no secrets in a small town I’m an optimistic artist, never living in one place for too long.

He’s a cynical billionaire, trying to raise his kid on his own like a “normal” person.

Since I’m not going to fall for Dylan Stafford, it shouldn’t matter that he shovels my driveway or looks at me like he could devour me.

One kiss later – I, Marlow Taylor, am completely screwed.

First, I'd like to thank Ann Einerson for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review. This is the first full length novel to the Aspen Grove series and I am IN LOVE!

Right off the bat, you're getting to see just how grumpy/sunshine Dylan and Marlow are and I was eating it up! His life is like black and white and she's all the colours, right down to her pink house!

From beginning to end, I was just devouring the pages of these two! I couldn't put it down, and the amount of times I was swooning over Dylan is more than I care to admit LOL! I also loved that Marlow is a painter and shows how her schedule can be all over the place. The way she's so free about herself and life to create beautiful paintings - which was quite descriptive, I loved it! - was so cool! And the way she made Lola feel comfortable to want to explore that more was chefs kiss!

There's a particular scene/chapter that comes up while Marlow is nannying Lola and the way she takes care of her was so incredibly sweet of a moment. But when Dylan gets back home and realizes what happened, and then the following day with Marlow I was like COME ONNN! The ways he was just there and doing all the things... in love! Just like perfect fictional man. I have to leave it at that otherwise I'm seriously gonna spoil it and I don't want to for those planning to read it!

Can we take a hot second to talk about the steam, because while they know they shouldn't get together, it's not long before Dylan is breaking his own rules and boy do things heat up! Especially during a particular event Marlow is at... Whoah get yourself a fan there!

And Dylan and his family? Like Marlow deserves the world and his family STEPPED UP!! Marlow's parents suck and that's me putting it nicely. The way she's constantly getting her hopes up, yet knows that disappointment will come, that was so hard to read. Yet at the same time, while she was going through it, Dylan and his family picked her up and showed her how much love you can receive from family that's not blood. Not to mention how sneaky Dylan's mom is during the entire book. Gotta love a woman on a mission to get her kids in a relationship!

And that epilogue?! What a way to end off the book with such a good hook to lead you to the next story which I so can't wait to read!

Overall, this was such a great book! It was swoony, funny, sweet, heartwarming and all the things that fictional boyfriends are about! I was so attached to these characters and all the love that Marlow shows for Lola had my by a chokehold! I can't wait to read more from this series because I've fallen in love with this world!

That's all for my review, I hope you enjoyed it and be sure to one-click your copy today!

So until the next time, keep reading!
Your Graduated Bookworm! :)

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