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The Plays We Fake by: Brooke O'Brien

The Plays We Fake (Braysen U Series #2)
Author: Brooke O'Brien
Published: March 2024
Publisher: Brooke O'Brien
Format: ARC E-Book
Pages: 284
Rating: 5/5
I've heard the rumors about the football players in our small town. Trouble always has a way of finding them, and the girls can't get enough of their wild ways.

Hayes Carver has the bad-boy reputation down to go with his scoring records and good looks.

Everything changes after the game that destroyed his image and painted him as a dirty player. From the press and social media to his coach and teammates, the pressure is building, and he can't seem to escape the constant scrutiny.

When his limits are tested, Hayes turns to me for a way out.

He proposes that I play along as his fake girlfriend in hopes it changes the narrative and takes the pressure off him.

The rules are set in stone. Faking a relationship with him won't be easy, and falling for him is out of the question.

Yet the more time we spend together, the more the lines between what's real and fake begin to blur.

Hayes needs me to help save his reputation, but to do it, I'll have to risk my heart.

Man oh man, I have been so excited to get back into this world and series after Hayes' brother's book in The Rivals We Hate. If you haven't read book 1, I highly suggest you go do that! It can be read out of order, but you get the best reading experience starting from the beginning!

Okay first, thank you Brooke for sending me an ARC copy to review. I loved Hayes and Everly (or as he likes to call her "Sunny") They did not disappoint y'all! This fake relationship had me on the edge of my seat turning the page as fast as I could because I was EATING IT UP! Hooked from the very beginning with their first interaction, I knew it was gonna be a great story.

There were some great layers Brooke put in this book, especially a twist that I totally didn't see coming and it was played out so well. The selfish part of me is saying I would've wanted more of that drama but I feel both Hayes and Everly were already put through the wringer, they didn't need anymore.

While you're reading this, you slowly start to see them break their own rules they set in place, and yet at the same time it was plainly obvious. The Black Cat/Golden Retriever vibes was strong between these two and of course it gave me some OTH vibes as well which y'all know I love!

Hayes needs way more credit than he's getting in this story. Like everyone wants to hate him over the last game that ended in a lot of drama, but what people aren't seeing is his actions with Everly. The way he's taking care of her, in so many ways is unmatched, and I was swooning left and right over this man. While both Everly and Hayes are dealing with their own darkness, you can see that it's the other who is helping them deal, mend and repair themselves to come out on the other side and I really loved that!

Another thing that I seriously loved is the fact that Everly is a writer. You get a glimpse of her writing in the book, and I mean that's just an instant way to get me is when you bring books, writers or anything bookish into the book itself.

And the steam? Holy Hannah, Hayes doesn't play around! Get a fan because you'll need it when these two cross that line! Seriously their chemistry was awesome, and watching them slowly start to realize that faking it isn't working when they're falling for one another was *chefs kiss*!

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It had the perfect balance of steam, football, angst and of course that twist that I can't say much of without spoiling but it'll get you! I so cannot wait to go back to Braysen U with the next book!

That's all for my review, I hope you enjoyed it and be sure to one-click your copy today and read!

So until the next time, keep reading!
Your Graduated Bookworm! :)

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