Review Policy

Welcome all Publishers, and/or published authors!

Thank you for being interested in having me review a book for you! You can contact me at:

I prefer receiving physical copies (as they are better in my photos) but do accept E-Book format as well. If your book is accepted for review, please note that it will be an honest review. This means that you may not receive a five star rating. Here is how the rating goes:

The full length review will be posted on my blog, and a shortened version of the review will be posted on Goodreads. I will be posting on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook about the book and when the review has been posted. I will generally accept any type of book in any genre although my favourite Genres under books mainly classified as New Adult or Young Adult are:
  • Romance
  • Dystopian
  • Contemporary
I do make exceptions to other genres if it is something that I find interesting. Please allow me some time to get to your book. As you know I do have a lot of books and other things going on, so it may take some time to read/get to your book. But you can always guarantee that I will be reading it once I have received it from you!

If you are a business/brand looking to collaborate or sponsor feel free to send me an email with your information and what you would like to collaborate/sponsor on!

Thank you for reading my policy, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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