Saturday, December 31, 2016

Top Reads From 2016!

Happy 31st of December to all of you!! I know it's the time of the year where many of us are trying so desperately to finish our very last book before the clock strikes midnight, and although I didn't accomplish my own goal, I did in fact read some great books this year! I'm totally excited for 2017 because I cannot wait for the new arrivals to come in! So without any more babble from me, here are my top reads of this year!! They are not in any order, just some of my top favourites of the year!!

Friday, December 30, 2016

December Book Haul!!

Alright, so I totally thought that I was going to be on some awesome book buying ban, and my amount of books would be low...well at least I can say that they were lower than the last three months, although still too many! I don't put E-books on here that I receive, although maybe I should start? Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Nerdy Post Product Review

Hello Bookworms!! So I clearly have not been part of this awesome subscription for long, because I must have been under a rock not to notice it! Today I'm here to bring you my Product Review for a box that brings all the book lovers together without a huge dent in your pocket!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Top Holiday Stocking Stuffers Ft. Ardene

Well, It's that time of the year again, and although I used to get a lot of items from Ardene when I was younger, I have definitely been brought back into the store for many reasons! Honestly, your age doesn't matter, because there are so many things that aren't just clothes that you could get! I want to take a second to thank the amazing people at Ardene as well as the employees at my local store for being so amazing and generous while I was there! So with that being said (And the fact that Christmas--for those celebrating--is literally right around the corner) I've got many of items that you can get this year! Even after the holidays, because let's be honest, it's pretty awesome things!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Finding Home By: Erin Mahoney

Finding Home
Author: Erin Mahoney
Published: May 2016
Format: Paperback
Pages: 404
Rating: 3/5
Kiley is spending the summer in a small town in North Carolina. She is looking forward to a summer of fun with no responsibilities. Kiley instantly bonds with Renee, an employee at her uncle's bookstore. Renee grew up in this small town and introduces Kiley to her laid-back lifestyle filled with friends and family. Included in her family, is her brother Austin, who has a thing for short-term relationships. Austin isn't looking to settle down any time soon. He loves playing the field. And then he meets Kiley, and everything he believes is turned upside down. From the first moment he meets her, he knows there's something special about her. Kiley, Renee, and Austin each start the summer out on separate paths. But their journeys intertwine and bring them closer to becoming who they’re meant to be. As the sun sets on summer, they each find a part of themselves they never knew existed.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Book Release Blitz!!

Welcome Bookworms!! Today is an amazing day because not only do I have this release post, but also a Review that will be linked below!! I've had the pleasure of being in contact with Kennedy Fox for their Checkmate series, and yet again, her we are releasing Book 2!! I'm so excited to share this with you, as both authors have been so kind and great friends, so I'm ecstatic to share this news!!

Checkmate: This is Love By: Kennedy Fox

Checkmate: This is Love (The Checkmate Duet #2)
Author: Kennedy Fox
Publisher: Kennedy Fox Books, LLC
Published: December 2016
Format: E-Book ARC
Pages: 257
Rating: 5/5
Viola Fisher is the epitome of perfection.
She despises my one-night stands and mocks my less-than-classy habits.
She’s smart, beautiful, and too good to be true.
And I want her.

If she were anyone else, I’d have made my move years ago, but considering she’s my best friend’s little sister, she’s always been off-limits. Not to mention how much she loathes my very existence. 

Hating me is her religion, but needing her is mine. Her sexy curves and filthy smart mouth make me want her even more, and I’m more determined than ever to change her mind. 

I’ll prove I’m done playing games.
But until then, we’ll continue to play by her rules.
Viola Fisher may have won the battle, but the war isn’t over yet.

Checkmate, princess.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Four Letter Word By: J. Daniels

Four Letter Word (Dirty Deeds #1)
Author: J. Daniels
Published: October 2016
Publisher: Forever Romance
Format: Paperback
Pages: 416
Rating: 4/5
Fate. Hate. Love. Lies.

Which four letter word will change their lives forever?

Sydney Paige was never so mortified to hear the words "wrong number" in her life. She meant to tell off the guy who broke her best friend's heart but unleashed her anger on a perfect stranger instead. And now her world is turned upside down by the captivating man who wants to keep her on the line.

Brian Savage is living a life he's quickly come to hate-until Sydney's wild rant has him hooked and hungry for more. Soon the sexy woman on the phone becomes the lover in his bed. But Brian has secrets, and the closer he lets Syd get, the harder it is to shield her from the devastating mistakes of his past . . .

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