Thursday, May 23, 2024

The Southern Thirst Trap by: Adrian R. Hale

The Southern Thirst Trap (Southern Gods #3)
Adrian R. Hale
Published: May 2024
Publisher: Adrian R. Hale
Format: ARC e-Book
Pages: 413
Rating: 5/5

The name Zander Olsen is synonymous with no repeats, no attachments, and pursuing beautiful women he leaves in the dust after he’s conquered them. I knew his rules going into our arrangement. I shouldn’t have thought I’d be any different. Yet, we somehow discovered something amazing together during our tropical vacation that changed my life forever. I thought it changed him, too. Instead, he told me forever was a lie and thoroughly blocked me from his life the second we returned. Why is he back now? And what gives him the right to be so interested in my son after all this time? Zander’s the one man who has the power to ruin my life and I won’t let him do that to me again, even if my body wants to betray me every time he gets close.


Harlowe Sorenson is the only woman I was willing to break my rules for, and in the end, it burned us both. I put my career and the growth of Olympus International first in my life, so I can’t let women stick around long enough to distract me from that goal, not even one as vivacious, challenging, and captivating as her. Falling for Harlowe wasn’t in my plans, so I cut out my heart and crushed hers thoroughly to ensure she wouldn’t be a problem. I’d almost forgotten about her. So why, after crashing into her five years later, am I still drawn to her and have too many questions about her carefully guarded son? A son who looks more like me than he should. I need to get these answers without risking my business, my heart, and hers in the process, or I’ll have hell to pay once again.

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Fragile Sanctuary by: Catherine Cowles

Fragile Sanctuary (Sparrow Falls #1)
Author: Catherine Cowles
Published: May 2024
Publisher: Catherine Cowles
Format: ARC e-Book/Paperback
Pages: 366
Rating: 5/5
The scowl should’ve been my first clue to stay far away from Anson Hunt. The sexy smirk and the fact that he’s my brother’s best friend? Reasons two and three. Not to mention, he’s the new contractor working on my house.

He’s everything I’m not: grumpy, rude, and more than a little attached to his solitude. It doesn’t matter how many times I try to kill him with kindness; the man simply won’t crack.

Until he sees me shatter.

Because when my world comes crashing down around me, Anson is the one catching me as I fall. And as so-called accidents start plaguing every part of my life, it’s Anson who steps in to keep me safe.

As he does, I can’t help but feel a flicker of heat. And it only takes a single moment for that spark to ignite into flames, engulfing us both.

But Anson’s a man with secrets, and they have a price. When they’re revealed, neither of us will make it out unscathed…

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Unstoppable Love by: Stacey Lynn

Unstoppable Love (Kelley Family #2)
Stacey Lynn
Published: May 2024
Publisher: Stacey Lynn
Format: ARC e-Book
Pages: 331
Rating: 4.5/5
A sizzling, small town, enemies to lovers, sports standalone romance from bestselling author, Stacey Lynn.

Ava Decker has hated me for just as many years as I’ve spent loving her.

I made a mistake pretending our night together never happened. For pretending I forgot. But we were young and I was getting ready to leave for college with big plans for the future.

I had no plans to return to our small town in Colorado anytime soon and Ava never wanted to leave. That alone was enough to keep me away from her while we both grew up.

And yet, I never forgot about her and what she means to me.

Now eight years later, imagine my surprise, when I come home and find Sleeping Beauty asleep on my couch, thinking I wouldn’t be back home from my off-season vacation for a few weeks.

As a professional football player, I know all about grabbing an opportunity and running with it. This is my chance to finally convince the girl of my dreams to stay and to tell her the truth about that fateful night years ago.

But getting Ava Decker to not only forgive me but to give me another chance comes with a whole new set of plays I’m not used to.

I’ve got all the time in the world to convince her. I’m committed to showing to her that she is my endgame. I let her go once before and I’ll stop at nothing to prove to her that my love for her is real and an unstoppable force.

Friday, May 10, 2024

Faceoff by: Mari Loyal

Faceoff (St. Cloud Hockey #1)
Author: Mari Loyal
Published: April 2024
Publisher: Mari Loyal
Format: ARC e-Book
Pages: 326
Rating: 4/5
He’s the cocky captain of the men’s hockey team, and now we’re stuck together for a class project.


The days in my hockey career are numbered after an accident years ago that left me with chronic pain. Now that I’ve become the captain of the women’s team at my jock-hating ivy league college, the last thing I need is any distractions from school or hockey.

But then something that can only be defined as a meet-disaster with Max Cassiano, the men’s team captain, leads to open hostility between our teams. Fortunately, that whole mess helps me ignore how freaking hot he is.



I might seem like the hottest prospect to everyone in town, but I’m chopped liver to my massive Italian family. My focus has to be on my hockey career if I want to wow them, and I’m sure being named captain of the men’s team is the ticket.

Until a snobby professor pairs me up for an assignment with the one distraction I can’t seem to Luz, the captain of the women’s team. And she’s way cuter than anyone who hates me has a right to be.

Sparks fly when we faceoff off the ice, but can we win this game if our teams hate each other? Faceoff is a dual POV, fade-to-black hockey college romance with mild language, and heat without spice. It’s the first book in the St. Cloud Hockey trilogy and can also be read as a standalone.

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Perfect, To Me by: Colleen Young

Perfect, To Me (Strong Family #1)
Colleen Young
Published: April 2024
Publisher: Colleen Young
Format: ARC e-Book
Pages: 242
Rating: 5/5
In the hallways of a new school, Olive is a ghost of her own making—haunted by a harrowing past and aching for a future that seems just out of reach. But in the midst of her turmoil, Hawthorn Strong enters her life like a breath of fresh air, his mysterious allure setting her heart ablaze.

As Olive treads the turbulent waters of friendship and love, she finds an unexpected anchor in Willow, Hawthorn’s spirited younger sister, and the Strong family, whose unconditional love and support become the sanctuary she never knew she needed. However, as Olive and Hawthorn's connection deepens, the weight of her secrets threatens to tear them apart, challenging the very foundation of their fledgling relationship.

With each twist and turn, Olive's journey unfolds, revealing the depths of her resilience and the power of love to heal even the deepest wounds.

From heartrending confessions to moments of undeniable connection, Olive discovers that love is a force that knows no bounds, and true strength lies in embracing the scars of the past and venturing fearlessly into the future.

In this mesmerizing tale of love, redemption, and self-discovery, Olive learns that the greatest journey of all is the one that leads her back to herself. With the unwavering love of her found family by her side, she dares to envision a brighter tomorrow, where secrets are no longer shackles but the keys to unlocking the boundless possibilities of the heart.

Friday, April 26, 2024

Where We Promise by: Ashley Muñoz

Where We Promise (Stone Riders MC #3)
Author: Ashley Muñoz
Published: April 2024
Publisher: Ashley Muñoz
Format: ARC E-Book
Pages: 302
Rating: 5/5
In a tangled mess of betrayal and chaos, I was moved almost overnight onto rival territory under the protection of the one man I never wanted to be a burden to.

Jameson King.

In order to keep me safe, he handed me a ring and told me I’d become his wife. It’s a marriage made of convenience, but there’s a thread of truth neither of us want to examine. The past we’re ignoring, the almost we could have had if our lives were different.

If I hadn’t chosen wrong.

I keep trying to convince myself it doesn’t matter, not when we hold hands, or sleep in the same bed. Because Jameson has always held me at arms length, and my ex is coming for me…we’re just biding our time before this all comes to a messy end.

This is where we promise to hold, to honor and cherish…but what are vows made from lies?

Jameson will stay long enough to ensure I’m safe, and then he’ll let me go, just like he always did before.

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Nine Month Contract by Amy Daws

Nine Month Contract (Mountain Men Matchmaker #1)
Author: Amy Daws
Published: April 2024
Publisher: Amy Daws
Format: BETA/eBook
Pages: 358
Rating: 5/5

Help Wanted: Grumpy Mountain Man seeks baby momma. Job is an incubator position only. Surrogate must be impervious to grunting in the form of communication and nosey brotherly neighbors. Rustic mountain range housing available upon request.

I wanted to pummel my irritating brothers when they posted their own version of a wanted ad to help me with my life.

But I can’t fault the results once the right woman lands on my lap.
Becoming a single father is not a decision I made lightly. In fact, it’s the biggest decision of my entire life.

Which is why when I interview Trista, I know she’s perfect.

She’s wild, she’s opinionated, she wears cowboy boots. Even my pet goat loves her…

She’s the exact type of person I was holding out for.

And to my great horror, I realize on our first night of attempting this baby making dance…when the lights are low, the cheap wine is flowing, and the home insemination supplies are laid out on the kitchen counter…

I want to do a lot more than just make her my surrogate.

I want to make her mine.

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