Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Nerdy Post Product Review

Hello Bookworms!! So I clearly have not been part of this awesome subscription for long, because I must have been under a rock not to notice it! Today I'm here to bring you my Product Review for a box that brings all the book lovers together without a huge dent in your pocket!

Nerdy Post

Item: Monthly Bookish Box
Material: Prints/ Hand-designed items
Month Theme: Classic Novels
Rating: 5/5

So just to give you a little idea about Nerdy Post, it is a subscription box that contains about four to eight items. Each Box will always have:

  • Matte Poster Print
  • Double-sided Bookmark
  • Auto-Grade Sticker
  • Sendable Colour-in Postcard
After that, you will be surprised with extra items that have been created, or sent! This month's box was the November Classic Novels Box. This was my first box, and I've received my December one already, and love it too! Personally so far, I am not really in a lot of fandoms, but to be able to get such high quality items at a pretty decent cost, is definitely something I want to be a part of!

In the box, you will also receive a card/letter from Alexis (The owner and designer) that explains the story of her love of the fandom, and reasons she picked certain quotes and designs. This is the box that it comes in, although I've seen her make an update with an even cooler box that will be shipped!

After you open the box, and have read or at least looked at the card with everything written on it, you'll come to a few smaller items before you get to the print. Here is the print though, and I couldn't be more in love! I put this up almost right away, because it just has so much beauty!

Next up is this awesome sticker that came in the box! Let me tell you that I seriously couldn't wait to put this on my laptop, and if every box is going to be giving me a sticker, then I'm going to need to find a new place, because I'm slowly running out!!

After that, I found this awesome magnet and pin. The magnet has another awesome quote about sould being made for one another, and the pin (which is amazing!) has a lot of classic novels stacked on top of one another!

Following this is a beautifully designed coaster that came in this box! I absolutely love how the flowers are a simple monochromatic design, and the standout words are written as if it were ribbon and in red!

Now you get to the double-sided bookmark, and let me tell you, I love both, I wish they were separate bookmarks! Trying to pick a side to take photos of was really hard, because both sides had an awesome quote and looked amazing! Seriously the handwriting skills are GOALS!

Then you come to the Post Card that is always flawless, and really makes me want to colour it in and send it to someone for absolutely no reason, except to make them smile and see where it goes! Each post card is designed for the month's theme, and it always looks amazing!

Lastly, in this box I also received a little pocketbook that has a darker look to it, but a really important quote as well! I seriously love how it all turned out!!

Alright now getting to the part that you've probably been waiting for! Honestly for me, even with the exchange rate being so wonky lately where I am, I still think that the price is good for all you're getting! If every box has exactly this many items or even another surprise one, I think it's totally worth subscribing!!

So I'm basing it off the initial price which is $13.95 USD and have converted it with shipping , although prices will always vary:

Canadian Dollars: $18.89       US Dollars: $13.95         British Pound: £11.39
Canadian Shipping: $12.19    US Shipping: $6.00       British Shipping: £10.61
Canadian Customs: Yes          US Customs: No             British Customs: Yes

So depending on where you are in the world, of course it'll change on price, but personally for what I am getting, I think that's a pretty reasonable price. Of course for myself it is pretty close in cost with a Book Box subscription, although I'm not a huge fan of getting the Book, because there are high possibilities of getting the book before your box comes in. With this subscription, however, you have the satisfactory in knowing that these are one hundred percent one of a kind, and are in such high quality!!

And that's all for my Product Review of Nerdy Post! I personally love getting this box, and if you keep a lookout on my Instagram @Thegraduatedbookworm there may be some giveaways happening with the items inside!!

So until the next time, Keep Reading!
Your Graduated Bookworm!! :)

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