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Pretty Rings and Broken Things by: Kat Singleton

Pretty Rings and Broken Things (Black Tie Billionaires #2)
Author: Kat Singleton
Published: February 2024
Publisher: Kat Singleton
Format: ARC E-Book
Pages: 364
Rating: 4.5/5
Pretty rings can’t always fix broken things.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop powerful men from trying. Which is why instead of getting the wedding I’d always dreamed of, I was forced to marry the heir to our rival company and join a family that we’ve hated for generations.

An arranged marriage to make our problem disappear.

Then again, I’m the one that snuck around behind my father’s back and ended up at the center of a scandal that could ruin my family’s reputation.

Now the only person who can protect me is the cold and calculated billionaire, Archer Moore.

The marriage was only supposed to be for show, but Archer can be very convincing. He’s demanded we move in together. That we kiss. That we make it look—and feel—real. He’s a man who is obsessed with getting what he wants—and I’m starting to think what he wants is me.

But the closer we get, and the less we pretend, the more I question if the grudges between our families are too much to overcome for a marriage that was built on pretty rings and broken things.

First I'd like to thank Kat Singleton & Team for sending me an ARC copy in exchange for a review! Now I did read book 1 in the series (I just haven't posted a review on it) but I do think that this one was better in my opinion than the first. Maybe it's just from when I was reading it, or overall I was enjoying it more, I'm not sure.

Honestly right from the start I was pulled into this story, and couldn't put it down. I could feel the tension and angst between these two it was so obvious they wanted one another more than just this agreement. But as with any novel, there's going to be a long pull before they finally break down their walls and confess their feelings.

One thing for me that I honestly didn't really care about was a bit of a drag over multiple chapters with the steam. I know I felt the same way with book one, and I personally didn't need it to keep me engaged. Yes it was obviously hot, but also I would have been fine with less on this aspect because their story itself was so good! That's just a me thing though...

Now Archer. Man oh man did this man have me swooning hard over some of the most sweetest moments and in the same turn fanning myself over how hot he was. There was definitely a growth with him which I loved. Once again the billionaire learning that there's more to life than work, work, work. Their time to themselves, you really see his walls coming down and being his true self around Winnie, and I LOVED it!

And Winnie? That girl went through hell and back with her family and the business. Right off the bat she's in a scandal and whisked away to marry a man that their families are at odds with. A true Romeo & Juliette but without the tragic ending for sure! While things may have started off rocky for Winnie & Archer, slowly but surely they began to learn more, and Winnie really gave herself more of a backbone towards the end of the book.

And that ending? With everyone gathered around? That's all I'm going to say because it was pretty badass I'll say. A perfect way to end the story between these two. And that speech Winnie made... *chefs kiss* thankyouverymuch!

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. There was definitely a moment that I wanted to reach in and give both of their heads a shake to finally just give into what they want, but no they had to go and make it hard for themselves didn't they? LOL While there was one part that I just felt wasn't totally needed, I was so drawn to these two and their fake marriage turned oh so real. It was a roller coaster and I loved it! And *MY WIFE* I died. dead. gone. Ugh loved!

That's all for my review, I hope you enjoyed it and be sure to check out both books in this series today!

So until the next time, keep reading!
Your Graduated Bookworm! :)

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