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A Hurt So Good by: Erin Trejo

A Hurt So Good
Author: Erin Trejo
Published: February 2024
Publisher: Erin Trejo
Pages: 366
Format: ARC E-Book
Rating: 4/5
Ayra’s life was perfect. She had a job she loved, a wonderful boyfriend, and enough money to finally buy her dream home. When he ripped it all away, she had no choice but to go and stay with her mother and her new husband.
As she settles into living in her stepdad’s house, Ayra is introduced to her three stepbrothers. Even though she’s never had siblings, she’s pretty sure you shouldn’t be lusting after them. As they become closer and their relationships develop, Arya cannot deny her feelings or attraction to them anymore.
This isn’t the first time Denz, Harlon, and Warren have met a new stepsister. However, it is the first time that one has lit a fire in them, and their protective instincts are out of control. With the three brothers all wanting Ayra, they decide it’s only fair to share her.
When Ayra’s dark past comes knocking, the men in her life will have to make a decision, one that could change all their lives forever.

First I'd like to thank Indie Pen PR and Erin Trejo for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review. Now let me tell you I don't think I've ever read a reverse harem book... like ever. And if I did, then it's been a while because holy moly this book was steaming up my kindle every other chapter it seems!

I'll say that for me personally, I'm not sure I was TOTALLY into the aspect of it being her step siblings and father even though they're not blood related at all. There were some other aspects that I didn't love and it kind of threw me out for a moment. They were really small parts to the story though, however at the same time I found myself devouring this book wondering what was going to happen between all of them.

I loved that you get all of the POV's from Arya, Denz, Harlon and Warren. It was awesome that you got to see their own view on how they felt about this woman and the lengths they'll go to protect her. And boy are they super protective and possessive! To be honest, putting all of the steam and spice away, you really do see a growth in all of them for many different reasons. And the way they all connect with one another, not to mention Dez's younger sister... it was awesome!

I do think there could have been a bit more to the story in the aspect of the danger that came lurking. More of a build up, but even so it was entertaining to read.

Now the spice. Because clearly when it's a reverse harem book, you know it's mainly about the spice. And did it ever get hot up in here! I swear, between each step brother falling for her, there was something hot happening almost every other chapter, it was insane!!

Another thing that I think was great was the fact that with each brother, they've all gone through some crazy stuff. Whether it be with their mother or any trauma of their own that they're trying to battle... you're getting to see not only a growth of trying to forgive and move on, but also when Arya comes in and shows them that there is truly good in the world. Seeing her softness come through with each man, she brought out a caring aspect in them all. Some of course more than others, but it was genuine and sweet.

Overall this was a really good book. It kept me on the edge of my seat, wanting to know what was going to happen and whether a shoe would drop at any moment. Arya definitely grew with getting more of a backbone towards her mother I'd say, but the way these men swear to protect her was something fierce!

That's all for my review, I hope you enjoyed it! If you're a fan of taboo reads and reverse harem, definitely check this one out.

So until the next time, keep reading!
Your Graduated Bookworm! :)

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