Sunday, September 27, 2015

Book Haul!!

Pretty sure I said that I would be only buying a few books for the month of September, since I'm back at school...Oh Well! I do have some purchases of books that I had to buy for school (more for one class that I'm taking--English Lit) so if you want me to do a Book haul for those, let me know in the comments below! So other than my normal bore of nonsense, we're just going to get right into the haul I have for you today!

 The Great Gatsby By: F. Scott Fitzgerald
I read this book in High school, and to me it was actually one I really enjoyed...Not to mention the fact that we got to see an early viewing of the newest version with Leo DiCaprio! I mean come on! even at his age, he's still attractive!

This novel has to do with Old money, New money, Love, Sex, and Alcohol. It was the typical 1920's scene, with a lot of great things in between. So happy I have my own copy now :)
 Wuthering Heights By: Emily Bronte
When I went into Chapters, I was really looking for more classics to read because I haven't really read a lot. I have heard rave reviews over Wuthering Heights.

This novel is about two characters named Catherine and Heathcliff who share a lot of jealousy, love, and passion towards one another. I don't know a whole lot with this story, but I'm excited to read it!
 Jane Eyre By: Charlotte Bronte
Another Classic that I have yet to read but hear all good things about. I think when it comes to classics, I really enjoy the old romance. Maybe there is something that I may enjoy, like the fact that old school romance, is probably the best...?

This is about a woman named Jane who has come from being an orphan to a woman who now has made a career of herself, and her morals are tested to a breaking point. Nothing better like some strong women!
 Sisterhood Everlasting By: Ann Brashares
This is the final installment of the Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants series. It is set 10 years later from the fourth book. I haven't read the book, but I have seen the movie adaptations. No yelling! This was way before I really got into reading, and I just never thought about reading them after I saw the movies. It really sucks that I bought the series from a half price store a couple years ago (like the original copies) and they changed the covers, so now my last book doesn't match. I actually really like the new covers too! This series is about a group of girls who have been friends since in the womb, and all travel to different destinations yet send a pair of pants to one another. I wonder what happens 10 years later?...

 Landline By: Rainbow Rowell
I think I own only Eleanor and Park, but not Fangirl. I think that there are a lot of mixed reviews for Landline, but according to my copy, it's the Goodreads Choice for 2014, so it must be good...

This story is almost like the Time travelers Wife, but without a man who travels, and more like a woman who has a magic phone to call into the past to her husband. Sounds really different, but that's what also attracted me to it.
 Dumplin' By: Julie Murphy
OMG!! This book! lots of things go with this book. I bought this with the rest of these books here for my birthday (it was on sale since it was brand spanking new!) I clearly didn't take into the fact that I had an Owl Crate box coming my way with the theme of Leading Ladies... Now I have two copies, but one will be sent to a lucky person via Instagram (stay tuned for that!) I just started this yesterday and I'm almost done (planning to finish it tonight) It has all the feels, all the empowerment, and all the spunk that is Willowdean! I'm not going any further than that, so just hold on tight for my review in a couple days!!

 In The Arms Of Mr. Darcy By: Sharon Lathan
Okay, I think I picked this up on a whim. I saw it out of the corner of my eye, and I have seem many-and I mean many- types of adaptations of the classics. This one looked like it would be entertaining, so fingers crossed!

This is supposed to be the "story" after Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth and Darcy are apparently helping their friends and family navigate through life, so they can have their own happily ever after...

Lead Me Not By: Meredith Walters
Although I haven't read any of Meredith Walter's novels, I think they are ones that I may be in love with. Just by the cover, and the synopsis of her novels, I think they may be some great NA reads!

This is about a girl named Aubrey who knows what real loss is. She tries to have a refreshing start at a University hoping to cope over the loss of her sister, but going to school to help prevent possible deaths like her sisters. Here walks in Maxx, (insert typical bad boy here) and you have a tempting romance.

 Side Effects May Vary By: Julie Murphy
I kid you not, I bought this copy like just hours before writing this post! I am so in love with Julie Murphy's novel Dumplin' that I just had to go out and buy her other novel! I really hope she has many more to come because I really like her writing style and story.

I believe there were some mixed reviews, and some saying it wasn't the best, but we will see how it goes. This is about a 16 year old who is diagnosed with cancer, who vows to make her wrongs turn into rights. (possible romance??!)
 The Heiresses By: Sara Shepard
I read most of the Pretty Little Liars series (up to 10) but got tired of reading the story. I felt like it really needed to end sooner than it did. I am giving Sara Redemption on both The Lying Game and this novel as well. Maybe I will find more entertainment on these instead.

This novel is about a rich woman, who has it all and one day a friend falls to her death from her office in the city. It's supposed to be a mystery, so lets see how it goes. Also thanks to whoever Cecilia from Chapters for this being your Staff Pick (Thumbs up!)

The Book Of Broken Hearts By: Sarah Ockler
I own probably almost all of Sarah Ockler's novels. Have I read any...No. Do I plan to read at least one of her books before the end of October...Yes. When it comes to her novels, I hear all great things. This is about a girl named Jude who swears off the Vargas brothers, because they seem to be the ultimate heart breakers. That's all I read from the synopsis, because I already know that there will be some sort of romance with one of the brothers and Jude. Who is it? How will it happen? Will have to find out soon!

Dangerous Girls By: Abigail Haas
I haven't read of this book to be honest, but one of my fellow Bookstagrammers posted a beautiful photo of this book, so I of course had to check it out.

This is about a girl named Anna and her Best friend Elise, and boyfriend Tate, among other classmates that go on a Spring Break trip. Unfortunately someone gets murdered, and it leaves everyone really shaken, and Anna looking for answers.

So this is my Book Haul for the month of September....Well one of them. most of these books I was able to buy for my Birthday that passed a week ago, and some I just recently bought. They all sound like great reads, but Unfortunately I never have any time to actually read my books! Too much Homework and work to have any fun with Fictional Characters...Am I Right?! maybe just a huge nerd... Anyways if there is a book you want me to read here first, leave a comment below!!

So Until the next Haul, Keep Reading.
Your Graduated Bookworm!! :)


  1. I wish I would read more classics, but to be honest I don't always find them easy to read. However I love Jane Eyre. Hope you enjoy it

    1. I have been the same way with Clasics. I never understood the dialogue, until I got into more Shakespeare, and The Great Gatsby. I hear Jane Eyre is great, and they have adaptations of the book as well that I have read. :)


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