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Where We Belong by: Ashley Muñoz

Where We Belong (Stone Riders MC #2)
Ashley Muñoz
Published: February 2024
Publisher: Ashley Muñoz
Format: ARC E-Book
Pages: 304
Rating: 5/5
They call him the Wolf.

His club, his brothers, and even my best friend Callie.

I didn’t really care what they called him, not when the only name I had ever called him was, coward.

Because three months ago he snuck under my resilient heart, like the thief he is, and stole it.

Then he broke it.

Going home wasn’t an option, not when I promised Callie I’d stay. She swore I’d eventually feel like I belonged in this small town.

The club ensured I had a job, and a place to live which reluctantly earned my loyalty.

Until I discovered their little caveat.

The apartment technically belonged to the new president.

I was welcome to stay…as long as I understood it meant sharing.

And my new roommate?

The very man who turned avoidance into an Olympic sport.

First, I'd like to thank Ashley Muñoz for sending me an ARC copy in exchange for a review. I still don't really have all the words, even after sitting on this for a bit because I am just so drawn and obsessed with this world, I seriously don't want it to end! If I could give this book infinity stars, I would! The way that Muñoz draws you in and keep dropping extra bits at a time is just *chefs kiss!*

Honestly, I DEVOURED this book, these two and this world yet again. It had the perfect balance of everything to keep you hooked from beginning to end. As you continue to read, there's little bits of a surprise that come in but not too much that it seems unrealistic, but man oh man was I eating this up. I couldn't put it down! I was on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next, and left with my jaw on the floor with how it all came to an end and that extra bit of a cliffy to lead you to book 3? HOW AM I TO WAIT THIS LONG?!!

So apart from the club itself, while Laura and Killian may try to claim they don't truly have feelings for one another or that they don't belong together (and I swear at one point, I was ready to slap Killian on the side of the head to finally just tell her the truth) you do see so many raw moments between the two of them, and you learn so much more of a back story of Killian which I seriously loved! The whole Daisy and Pebble moments... ughh just take my heart why don't ya?!

Let's not forget about Laura though. While she may seem like she's a bit calm and reserved, there's a fierceness that comes out of her and she's so flipping badass, I LOVED it! I loved seeing her get possessive of the club, and all that she was willing to do even if she wasn't technically "one of them". Watching her become more like them was so cool to see, because she clearly loves and protects just as much as Killian does when it comes to those she cares about.

And the steam, of course we get to see some steam. While I personally felt like there wasn't as much heat as maybe the previous book, I felt like it didn't really matter to me because there was so much more going on that pulled the story further, it was perfect!

Ok so that ending though? Ashley, come on... give a girl a chance before you throw a bomb (More like multiple bombs) at me like that! I was so not expecting what came about with Laura, her family, the club and that epilogue that so has me itching for book 3 already!

Overall, this was an amazing read! It had the perfect mix of club, and raw, emotional and powerful love. It showed that even when you've lived in the darkest parts of your life, you can find the sunshine and your very own Daisy to pull you out of it. I was obsessed, and couldn't put this book down... It was AMAZING! If you're a fan of MC romance, I HIGHLY suggest getting both books now and binge-reading them this weekend!

That's all for my review, otherwise I'd be here forever obsessing over Laura and Killian. I hope you enjoyed it and be sure to one-click your copy today!

So until the next time, keep reading!
Your Graduated Bookworm! :)

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