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Unending Love by: Stacey Lynn

Unending Love (Kelley Family #1)
Stacey Lynn
Published: March 2024
Publisher: Stacey Lynn
Format: ARC E-Book
Pages: 264
Rating 4.5/5
A Sexy, Small Town, Secret Baby, Sports standalone romance from bestselling author, Stacey Lynn.

Everyone knows who Caleb Kelley is. I’m at the top of my game, known all around Colorado and beyond for not only my elite skills in professional hockey, but also my family’s ranching heritage. For this reason, I trust very few people as I’m used to strangers and so-called friends trying to get close to us for a piece of fame.

But when I receive a letter from a woman I slept with years ago, letting me know I’m a father – I implicitly trust her. Emily Russo is forever ingrained in my memory, and is the exception to every rule.

That one night I spent with her was unforgettable. I still remember the feel of her lips and the way her body moved under mine. For years, I’ve regretted not leaving her my phone number because if I had, I wouldn’t be seeing the first glimpses of my son in glossy pictures. Instead, I would've held him in my arms the minute he was born.

Now, I not only have to get to know my son, I also have to convince Emily that the spark that once burned between us is still smoldering, ready to burn even hotter a second time around.

But it’s not only hanger-ons who follow me. There are others who want to see this golden boy tossed off his throne. Too bad they don’t know what lengths I’ll go to protect what’s mine. I’ll do anything for Emily and my son. My love for them is unending.

First I'd like to thank Stacey Lynn & Valentine PR for sending me an ARC copy in exchange for a review. This was my first book my Stacey and I can confidently say it won't be the last because WOOOW!!

While it may seem like a quick read to most, I'm a slow reader but I also just wanted to savour this book while somehow devouring it at the same time. It was fast paced, but played out so well. I definitely would have loved more to the story itself and maybe a longer build up, however that being said, I really loved this!

Right from the beginning Caleb is just so accepting of the situation, clearly having not forgotten about Emily since their first encounter all those years ago. Same with her. It was a sweet and hot second chance/one night stand/ accidental pregnancy and I was eating it up!

Something I loved about it was the fact that even though it's a small town, and part of the family deals with the family's ranch and other family members are pro sports players... it blended so well! 

I was drawn to this story, and seeing Emily grow from the woman who was terrified of letting Caleb and his family in when she didn't have anything after finding out she was pregnant, so growing a serious backbone and telling her parents OFF! I loved it!

The entire dynamic of this family was awesome too and I so cannot wait to read more from this series! Each brother has their own quirk and I LOVED seeing how well they blended together. Not to mention how freaking ADORABLE Landon is in this book! Ughh I swear any single parent or book with kids just automatically has me!

Now the steam, let's take a hot second because even though there were years apart from these two... IT. WAS. HOT! They didn't waste any time apart and I was here for it! You could tell that they still felt the same feelings from years past, and now with a child it's only intensified!

Overall, I really enjoyed this sweet, swoony, and spicy story! The only thing I wished for (which is more of a me thing) is that I so could have enjoyed more of this story. More drama, more angst, more adorable Landon talk... I'm just being selfish and want more! LOL. I was hooked from page one, and couldn't put it down. The connections between the two of them, his family and friends. It was amazing!

That's all for my review, now it's time to go find all of Stacey's backlist and do a serious binge until book 2 of this series is out. I hope you enjoyed it and be sure to check it out!!

So until the next time, keep reading!
Your Graduated Bookworm! :)

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