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Saving the Single Dad by: Ashley Muñoz

Saving the Single Dad (Mount Macon #3)
Author: Ashley Muñoz
Published: May 2023
Publisher: Ashley Muñoz
Format: Paperback
Pages: 350
Rating: 5/5
Being a nanny for three girls who belong to a grumpy boxing legend was not on my list of plans when I followed my brother to Macon, Oregon.

I went from ruling the boardroom to baking cupcakes in the blink of an eye.

And aside from a few mishaps and seemingly always upsetting their dad, it oddly fits me better than anything else I’ve ever done.

Until Liam put everything into question.

Bossy, broody, and rude, he’s twelve years older than me, and a force–An annoyingly overprotective wall of muscle and ink.

But behind that perpetual scowl on his face was something deeper…worry and fear that no one saw him carry.

I wanted to help him.

But Liam Croft doesn’t want my help…

He just wants me.

I gave in to his touch, surrendered to our desire, and handed him my heart.

It was reckless and maybe even a little stupid…Because I want to rescue Liam Croft…

Even if saving him means losing him.

*Each book in this series can be read as a complete standalone*

So let's add another top favourite of 2023, because this has landed there! Huge thanks to Ashely for reaching out and sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review, because you now have an auto-buy reader and huge fan!

I seriously am having a hard time still processing this book because it was just so good! I'll admit that it took a bit of time to get into it (around 60 pages for me) but once it got there, man oh man did I get sucked in. HOOKED would be an understatement.

So right from the beginning you see that Haley is born into a family that wants nothing to do with her, her half brothers don't care about her, so she stays quiet. She learns the businesses and by 20, she's wealthier and knowledgable than most. So when years have passed, she's coming to the small town of Mount Macon where her oldest brother lives. Repairing a relationship took some time, but I loved how even he had realized that she's probably the best thing to have in his life. That growth alone was truly amazing to read from start to end.

But we're here for the single dad, so strap in because this book is seriously a wild ride and a roller coaster of emotion that left me in pieces! I'm still in a book
hangover and already want to go back into this world with these characters!

Now there's a lot to unpack, but you'll also have to grab your own copy and read this to really get the emotional damage that was this book! Haley and Liam may not get along at first because he just sees her as this rich woman who thinks money can buy everything. So when she comes into Liam's gym asking for help and he makes some comments, you bet she's holding her own and not taking any of his shit.

They made an agreement and now she is a nanny for his three little girls who are his whole world. His ex is just absolutely awful and as you read on, you learn more about how things came about and man she deserves everything coming to her.

As they continue to be around one another, you KNOW they have feelings for one another. The stolen glances, touches, secret making out and then some in hidden places.... the steam was off the charts with these two! Get yourself a towel or some water because damn!

If it wasn't enough that I was instantly drawn to these little girls and how quickly their bond formed with Haley, Muñoz had to just come right in, rip your heart out and stomp on it before putting it back together. If you've read it, then you know exactly which chapter I'm talking about. Literal tears were coming out over that scene, and while some may think it was extreme... when you dive deeper into how that emotion just pours out of you in the heat of the moment, you can really understand why it was written this way. And while I friggen hated my heart being crushed, it was *chefs kiss* perfection!! As it progressed I could feel the knife twisting more and more on my heart it was so emotional!

Overall, this was an amazing read! Just a tiny bit slow to start (for me) but the story progresses so well, the steam was hot as hell, and the pure connection Haley had with these three girls was written so beautifully, it'll make you cry. The road from start to end wasn't straight, but it was one hell of a ride. Absolutely LOVED this single dad and the author!

That's all for my review, I hope you enjoyed it and seriously go get yourself a copy and add this to your TBR because it was awesome!

So until the next time, keep reading!
Your Graduated Bookworm!! :)

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