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Top 10 Gift Ideas For Book Lovers

Okay, so I realize I'm not posting this on a Tuesday, but I'll be logging it into my Top Ten Tuesday's page where I have all my other amazing Top Ten posts for you to check out! In collaboration today, here are some great gift ideas to get for the book lovers in your life! Attached are links to following places, but not affiliate links.

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Despite the fact that everything can be read digitally, I personally am a big fan of physical books! Not only does it make me believe I have a library like Belle in Beauty and The Beast, but I just love being able to flip the pages rather than tap a screen... don't get me wrong, my kindle is currently packed with thousands of books I haven't been able to get to yet, so it's safe to say I've got a lot to catch up on!

Is there someone in your life that absolutely LOVES reading books? And do you want to get them a gift for a special occasion or just to cheer them up? If the answer to both questions is yes, this blog post is for you.

1. A signed book by their favorite author
Regardless of the reason, I absolutely LOVE when my friends and family get me a book by my favourite authors (If I haven't already) but getting it signed makes it even better! If you've been following me for a while, you'll know some of my favourites, and one of them just so happens to be an author I got to interview in person! Elly Blake is a fellow Canadian and someone who created this amazing world that draws you in so she's super sweet! I know it might seem difficult to get a signed book out of the blue--and with this pandemic-- but usually you can order signed books through the author's website or attend a book signing that they're going to be at! Trust me, your book lover will love you even more!

2. Wooden page spreader
SHOP: WildAtlanticWood
I am always looking for new ways to hold my book while I'm reading. Sometimes I will walk around the house with a book in my hand, and I hve to say that one of these page spreaders definitely helps! My boyfriend made me one with a 3D Printer, but I just love the way wooden ones look! Plus there are some amazing people on Etsy who can even engrave it to make it even more personal! They are available in a range of different shapes and sizes, and are so useful and practical that you’ll probably end up buying one for yourself, too!

3. Reading glasses
Okay, this might seem like an odd gift, but reading glasses can be the perfect present to give to someone close to you - especially if they can’t afford a new pair of reading glasses. I know there are a lot of places that also sell blue light glasses for tablets and laptops, and if your book lover reads on that all day long, a pair of reading glasses could actually help! Of course, choosing reading glasses might be hard. So, you can either ask the bookworm in your life to choose the frames they like the most, or you could buy them a gift voucher to shop online.

4. Book reading pillow
Wizards World Bean
I think you know where I'm going with this! BOOK BEAU! Sometimes the book lover in your life will want to read one of their favorite novels with some comfort. Or they're sitting at the desk and needs a comfortable back pillow (hello, me!) Personally I love the Book Beau Bean, but I do know that there are other places on Etsy that also sell a stand to use say while you're having a nice hot bath. It definitely helps and keeps you comfortable, plus the bean can totally be versatile not with just reading! I've used mine on the plane if I've had an early flight and need to catch some sleep, and my neck never hurts afterwards!

5. Book cover tote bag
It's no lie, I've got a big bag filled with bags of bookish quotes, and I'm sure your book lover does too (If it's not you!) Wherever you go, they've got a bag filled with bookish essentials. Everyone knows that plastic bags aren’t particularly durable at the best of times, nor are they environmentally-friendly.
With that in mind, tote bags made of sustainable materials make better sense for carrying things around. Did you know that you can also buy tote bags with book covers on them? You could surprise the book-loving person in your life with a tote bag that sports a cover from a classic favorite of theirs. Out Of Print has some great totes, and I know Etsy will have some great businesses too!

6. Book cover poster
If you think that a tote bag might not seem like the perfect present for the book lover in your life, a popular alternative is the book cover poster or just a print, if they're more into smaller photos to frame. 
SHOP: BookCoverArt
The best part is that there are TONS of places where you can get book covers printed into poster size, or even on a canvas and have it ready to hang on their wall! Etsy is definitely the place for that! You can even get it customized for your book lover like having their name on the book cover, or a page ripped out from their favourite book with a beautiful design on it.

7. Scrabble (book lover’s edition)
There’s no denying that Scrabble is one of the most widely-played board games on the planet. It’s been around for over 82 years and is available both in its standard form and as special editions - one of which is the book lover’s edition.
You’re probably wondering what’s different about the book lover’s edition of Scrabble compared to the regular version of this popular board game. Well, it allows players to earn bonus points for using literary words.

The game also features new Plot Twist cards and comes beautifully decorated with burgundy tiles that feature gold writing. Not gonna lie, when I found this I wanted to one click it from Amazon and get it right away, it just looks amazing!

8. Customized bookmarks
SHOP: MarkedByMary
I've got a huge stack of bookmarks that I love to rotate and share on my Instagram, but also because I absolutely hate dog-earing a page. If you or your book lover is like me, let me tell you we would be sitting here all day while I listed off some AMAZING shops that sell bookmarks. Marked By Mary will always be my #1 go to, because she hand burns each and every bookmark, and also will paint them too! Of course there are plenty of Etsy shops to choose from, so I'll just leave it at that! Your book lover will love getting a customized bookmark!

9. Book cover jigsaw puzzle
If Scrabble’s a game the bookworm in your life plays, how about a jigsaw puzzle instead? Only this time, instead of them piecing together a jigsaw from a landscape scene, they’d have to piece together a book cover. The best part about getting a jigsaw puzzle is that if it's one of their favourites, you could always glue it onto a board and frame it afterwards! Super fun project, and definitely worth the time if you've gotten a puzzle with a few thousand pieces!

10. Book Subscription
Alright, I've tested out my fair share of book box subscriptions, and honestly I can't tell you which is my favourite, BUT there are plenty of companies that will allow you to purchase a box one time if you're gifting it and are unsure if you want to commit to a full year's worth of boxes. 

SHOP: Angie Thomas Box
Indigo is also a good place for my fellow Canadians, because they allow you to see what you're getting inside those boxes, so you know whether or not to order it if your book lover hasn't snagged that book just yet! 

They also are generally a signed first edition, and they come with a handwritten note from the author with a few swag items!

That's all for my Top Ten gift ideas for the book lovers out there! Whether it's you or someone you know, trust me when I say that if you're able to get something book related, customized or specially personalized for them, they will absolutely love it! I know I would!

So until the next time, Keep Reading!
Your Graduated Bookworm!! :)

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