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When You Ask Me Where I'm Going

When You Ask Me Where I'm Going
Author: Jasmin Kaur
Published: October 2019
Publisher: Harper Collins
Format: ARC Paperback
Pages: 256
Rating: 4.5/5
so that one day
a hundred years from now
another sister will not have to
dry her tears wondering
where in history
she lost her voice

The six sections of the book explore what it means to be a young woman living in a world that doesn’t always hear her and tell the story of Kiran as she flees a history of trauma and raises her daughter, Sahaara, while living undocumented in North America.

Delving into current cultural conversations including sexual assault, mental health, feminism, and immigration, this narrative of resilience, healing, empowerment, and love will galvanize readers to fight for what is right in their world. 

First, I'd like to thank Harper Collins Canada (HCC Frenzy) for giving me a copy from their Fall #Frenzypresents event, as well as the opportunity to meet Jasmin in person and get to talk to her briefly at the event! It was definitely an amazing day, and listening to Jasmin read some of her work aloud to everyone was so mesmerizing!

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From the beginning, you're starting into many layers of the book. Each section is a part of the human body, going deeper and deeper until you've reached the core. I loved how each section was broken down, and how you truly see Jasmin's words spread across the page and how impacting they are as you read more into it!

Personally there was a part in the book that was like a story between two characters, and I really loved reading it! I only wished that there was more to it.

While reading the book, I couldn't connect to each and every single thing, but there were definitely moments that I could connect with. Even for the moments where I didn't connect, I really did feel a pull. The entire thing felt very raw and open, and it opens your eyes to conversations that most don't feel or want to talk about.

"i don't know how to stand
for a country. for a cloth.
for a border that fences me
in and keeps me out."

Of course there were many quotable moments throughout the novel, but I felt like this really screams out at you the most.

I'm not a huge fan of poetry/prose, simply because I want to feel attached to characters and follow one story, and that's just my preference to reading. However, this is definitely a book that's staying on my shelves, I really loved it!

Overall, this was a great read! The illustrations added into the novel were an added bonus to the already powerful book. It was raw, open, inviting and exposes a lot of taboo subjects. I think the reason for the .5 less, is simply for me not being able to connect fully to the book. That's my personal preference, but overall, this is definitely a book you'll want to pick up!

That's all for my review, I hope you enjoyed it, and be sure to add this to your TBR!

So until the next time, Keep Reading!
Your Graduated Bookworm!! :)

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