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Stand By: Jennifer Rebecca

Stand (Southern Heartbeats #1)
Author: Jennifer Rebecca
Publisher: Createspace
Published: November 2016
Format: Paperback
Pages: 156
Rating: 4/5
What's there left to do when life kicks you in the teeth and takes everything you have? You stand back up Cody Reynolds had the world at the tip of his fingers: a beautiful fiancee, a promising NFL career, and a Super Bowl ring within his grasp. Cody was living the American Dream, until a tragic accident threatens everything he knows... Sending him home to Tall Pines, Texas. The best pediatric trauma nurse in New York City, Angellic Andrews' life revolved around her career and her boyfriend. Until the night there's one more tragedy on the job--it seems like one too many for her heart to take... Until her aunt convinces her to give Tall Pines, Texas, a chance for a new life. A new adventure. What happens when the two people least interested in love meet in a small town? Have you visited Tall Pines yet?

I ended up meeting Jennifer one year at Holidays With The Belles in Texas, and she was super kind and sweet, it was so awesome to meet her in person and grab a copy of her book while I was there!

So right from the beginning, this novel is super fast paced. I mean it kind of has to be since it's under 200 pages, but WOW it's a lot! A lot of things are happening in the book, and of course it was an insta-love, but I really wish that the book was larger so the romance part would be dragged out a little bit more. Normally I'm good with insta-love stories, but I totally felt like it could have be spread out for sure!

Now even though you know it's a small read, it sure as hell packs a punch! There's a pretty big curve ball that happens in the novel and I was literally sitting in the living room contemplating throwing it out the window, I couldn't believe it! Literally me...

shocked gif GIF

Not to mention hot steamy this book gets! Grab yourself a fan, because you'll need it while reading this book! So much is packed in such a small novel! I'm going to say it again though, I feel like if it was dragged out into a larger book, it would have been a bit better, because once you get to the ending (which is cute by the way) you're kind of left there like... okay, now what?

"Don't throw away your happiness out of hurt and anger."

 Overall, this was a great read! There were hot and heavy scenes, it was a roller coaster of emotion, and a major twist in the novel that really left me in pieces... I'm still not okay about it, alright! What didn't make it a five star for me was the fact that it was so short, I felt like there could have been more to write into the novel to bring out the characters more!

That's all for my review of Stand, I hope you liked it, and be sure to check it out if you're into a super fact paced and short read!

So until the next time, Keep Reading!
Your Graduated Bookworm!! :)

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