Sunday, January 27, 2019

First Life Update Of 2019!!

Hey bookworms! I know it's been a hot minute since I posted a Life Update... As in all the way back in August when I celebrated my blogaversary! Who knew that time would fly so fast to 2019 that I'm writing to you my latest life update! I guess this is kind of like a thanks and a timeline to you as it is to myself for all the amazing adventures I've been part of this year!

Honestly where do I even begin? I've had the pleasure to work with so many authors and other bloggers this past year, collaborating for some amazing content to bring to all of you, it's been so amazing! Some incredible author friends of mine, I've been working with from the very beginning of their life in the Author Lane and I've been so fortunate enough to gain experience, knowledge and advice into my own writing to help me become a published author later in 2019!
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I got to travel for the first time to The Holiday With The Belles event in Texas which was AH-Mazing!!! Not only did I get to travel with my boyfriend for the first time together, but we also explored and experienced so much down there that we've decided to do it all again this February... but as a road trip this time, which I'm so stoked about!

Not only did I start a new job in the beginning of 2018, I ended up leaving that job to work for the school board less than a year later! I still enjoy coming back to where I've worked and visit the students and staff, but with each step that I'm taking, I'm aiming for the best to come... even if I have to drag myself through the mud to get there! Truth be told, some days aren't necessarily the best, but I try to put my best foot forward knowing (or at least helping myself know) that good things will be coming!

If I'm gonna be real honest here, I will say that while teaching had been my #1 for most of my growing up, and during my career as an educator, I've really grown into the blogging, writing and social media side of things. I've begun to really love what I do when I'm not teaching, and honestly, I think I would prefer to do something that I really love than something that I've loved for so long, but am not fully invested as much into it now as I used to be. I'm really interested in getting into the field of working with publishers (like paid and being part of the team) that handles social media and what not... so if you know any openings, hit a girl up!!

I remember back in 2017, my very first life update, I had opened up to my weight loss and how I had lost almost 70 pounds overall! Well of course, your girl here fell off her wagon and gained some of that weight back! What can I say, when life happens, sometimes we just coast until we are ready to get back into action again! And boy am I ready!! I signed up again for my gym membership and with this new year, I'll be getting back at it like I did from the beginning of that journey! Sometimes all it takes is a little look back at your photos to see that change sometimes needs to happen! Like so many people say... things take time and you will see the progress when you keep going!

Taking a little dive back, I've talked about my writing, and if you haven't heard from all the social media blasts, I've been working on my first novel to be published in July of 2019! My plan is to have this as a series of three or four books that are inter-connected standalone novels (which of course are always best to read in order!)

I've been sitting on this novel for about four years, and I finally pushed myself to actually get it going and actually publish it. I'm using a pen name Isabella Morgan and you can literally find me everywhere!

I'm hoping that with the help of all my blogger friends, that I can get the word out before release day, especially with my cover reveal that will be happening in June! It's been a long dream of mine to have this happen, and boy let me tell you I'm pushing through blood, sweat and tears to bring this book to life, and I can't wait to write even more stories, because you KNOW I've got plenty! Be sure to follow me down below for my author pages to stay up to date and if you want to sign up and help my first book that will be published this year! 

Other than that, there really haven't been a heck of much lately! Christmas time was super busy of course with back to back dinners, I felt more like a stuffed turkey than eating one! My days consist of work, (trying to) work out, eat, sleep, read, blog, write and over and over again!

I'm just super excited to be ready for 2019 and all the things that will be coming with it! Of course I truly thank all of you who continue to support me, my blog and my dream, and I couldn't do it without you all! Leave me a comment below and tell me your goals for 2019 and anything you've accomplished so far this month!

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That's all for my Life Update today everyone, I hope you enjoyed diving a little bit into this blogger's life!

So until the next time, Keep Reading!
~Your Graduated Bookworm! :)

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