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Back To School Must Haves!

Welcome back Bookworms to another Top Ten Tuesday!! Honestly, I feel like I haven't done one of these in FOREVER!! It definitely feels good to get back to my top favourites and lists of things I recommend, because I love sharing these with you all! So with that being said, let's get on with my top picks for Back To School...because let's face it, we're all procrastinating, but for those who aren't in school (like myself) these are still some great picks for the home, office, and every day use! All of the links provided below are for anyone interested in checking out what I personally use, and this is not a sponsored post, just me sharing what I use and my favourite items!

Top Ten Back To School Must Haves!

So of course so many of you are thinking to yourself, girl it's a little late to be posting your favourites since school already has started, or it's about to start and I've bought all my sh*t so why even bother?! Well, it's never too late to get new items that you may need later on, or like next week! I'm personally not in school anymore, so for myself I find that these items really help when I'm home working on my novel, or even blogging. So for any age, or any part in your life, these items are great to have around and use. I may have cheated a little bit, and brought you fifteen items instead of ten, just for those who might be thinking of bigger purchases.

1. Planner/Agenda

 I personally use the Dayna Lee Collection Planner that I found at Homesense, but you can also find them at other locations and on her website. This is probably my favourite planner I've purchased, because not only is it an easy use, it has large spaces for a lot of writing, notes, to-do's, reminders, and goals. I think that it keeps me on track a lot more than others have (especially with keeping reviews and blog posts in order) and by writing goals and reminders, I stay inspired and push to do a lot more during the week. There's also a little bookmark attached inside, which helps you keep your spot during the week, as well as this specific one is an 18 month planner, so you can start around July and go all the way until the end of December the following the year with plenty of blank notes pages and another yearly overview of the year to come!

2. Pens/Other Writing tools

So if you don't know me based off my Instagram, or other things I talk about on my blog, then you might not realize how much of a stationary hoarder I am...Like seriously! As I sit here writing this post, I'm surrounded by about five different places/holders for all my different types of writing. It's bad, but clearly it hasn't stopped me from buying more this year too! My favourite types that I use a lot between pens are the Novelty Pens from Chapters Indigo. They honestly glide across the page so effortlessly, and of course keep my spirits high with their witty jokes, and inspiring quotes! #mybrainhastoomanytabsopen.

3. Sticky Notes

Do you have trouble remembering things? Maybe trying to keep tabs (get it?) on the important information you need for later on? When it comes to sticky notes, I have a few different kinds. I'm always reading books to help with my writing craft, so I just the slim tabs for certain pages that I want to go back because there was something that I wanted to remember. When I'm writing notes between things to do, character memos for my novel, or just random things that come to mind, I usually go for the larger square pads to write them all down. Nothing is better than a donut Post It Note to keep you on track (and maybe think about a snack for later)


There is something about collecting bookmarks that's just as peaceful as collecting books! Like my stationary, I have about the same with mugs and bookmarks...I know, it's bad! BUT! The best part about bookmarks, is that there are practically millions of different designs, materials and styles out there that can fit your needs! I love collecting bookmarks from Marked By Mary, where she hand burns all of her bookmarks onto wood! They seriously are so beautiful! Of course I go for the regular plastic when I'm constantly on the go with my books (And with that I'm also carrying a Book Beau...Duh!) as well as many other types of bookmarks!

5. Laptop

Alright! So here is the first of a large purchase Item (probably the only really big splurge) and this is like a third hand for me...my phone being a second hand of course! I use my laptop for SO. MANY. THINGS! Whether I'm answering emails, searching up new books, writing blog posts or my novel, I'm literally always at my laptop for any amount of time every single day! Now I use a Dell Laptop, and I've had this one for a good five years and it's been doing really well for me. *Knocks on wood* It's gone through many schooling years, travelling to other countries and provinces, and anywhere I go now, I always end up getting a sticker and adding it there like a memory of where I've been!

There are so many other types of laptops and desktops that are out there, and I'll definitely say to check around to different places and see what other stores are offering for the same items, or look around for something that fits the needs that you specifically want, because in the end, this is something you're going to want and use for a long time! And if you're like me, it may get banged up a little along the way so sturdiness is a must!

6. Laptop Case

So I'll admit that for a long time, I didn't have a laptop case to hold my laptop when I was going to and from school. Probably not the best idea since I also had my lunch and drinks for the day in the same backpack. I ended up getting

this laptop case for my birthday so I don't entirely know where it's from, but it's the BEST THING I've gotten that's not only practical but looks professional and modern. 

I have a zipper pocket on the outside as well where I can keep other important documents inside whenever I'm going to need it for any reason! I think that this is an important purchase especially if you're constantly travelling for school, work or just in general.

7. Wireless Mouse

I have absolutely NO IDEA where I have been living where I haven't used a wireless mouse! For the most part, I've grown up in school using those cord mouses that's attached to the old school computers, and when I got my laptop, I was just so used to using the square mouse pad on it, I never really thought about getting wireless and using that instead!

I will say once I was in the make-shift office/library at my home, working more on my laptop with writing, I noticed that it was just really awkward trying to navigate things fast with the mouse pad, and having a clunky cord was just as annoying. So I picked up my "Lemon" Logitech wireless mouse from Wal-Mart here in Canada which was only like $20 so it was a pretty reasonable price and has been super effective since! It's small, which makes it easy to pack when I'm travelling back and forth, but super sturdy! I also am a fan of the design, which they have many other kinds there too!

8. Mouse Pad

I know this one isn't much, but having a mouse pad really does make a huge difference when trying to use your mouse. I picked mine up from Chapters Indigo, and I have a few of them now that I'll kind of change up every now and then. 

I think I got mine on sale, but obviously there are all kinds of mouse pads, and from various places, so really it's just whatever you're looking for! This one has some memory foam on it, so not only is it super smooth, but it's also comfortable if you're leaning your wrist or arm against it without it hurting.

9. Tote Bag/Backpack

Alright, of course you need something to hold all your sh*t together, and what's better than a back that says it all? Since I'm not in school, I don't use a backpack anymore unless it's for travel. I have a Swiss Backpack that I've used for the last bit of high school and all of college, and it's still durable, which is a great thing, since I didn't have to buy a new bag every year! When I'm going to work though, I have a tote bag that I use to bring anything I might need. Of course I got mine from Chapters Indigo, because I'm that kind of nerd who needed a bag like this one, but It's SO sturdy! I've piled so many things into my tote bags, and not once have I had one rip or break on me! And yes if you're asking, I do collect tote bags too...it's a problem (for my wallet!)

10. Pencil Pouch

I feel like this is becoming a feature of all the things I like to collect and hoard, because I have a strong obsession with all things from Chapters Indigo! I have a few different sized pencil pouches from there, and I use pretty much all of them for various things!

I really like the large pouches because I can fit more things inside them. One great thing about the pouches is that you don't necessarily need to use it for stationary! You could use it for makeup, utensils to take to work, and so many other things! The zippers are definitely sturdy, and I haven't had any problems with the ones I've used!

11. Highlighters

Again this is just a little small item that we sometimes miss, because we're working on a bunch of other things! I find that when I'm using highlighters, I like the wide end, because I'm able to get more highlighted, and I'm not fighting to scribble the paragraph with a fine tip highlighter! Personally, I don't have any preference for highlighters, It's usually just whatever is on sale, and works well for myself! I picked these two up from Wal-Mart because they were on sale for back to school season, and I actually really like them! They're slim, so they don't take up much space in my pencil pouch, and it definitely highlights a lot on the page, which helps me when I'm reading creative writing books to help with my novel!

12. Markers

Believe it or not, I still use all kinds of markers today! Being a teacher, I still use the classic Crayola Jumbo markers for making posters, and creative things for the classroom, but I also use different types of markers/special pens for organizing my planner by colour with different coloured markers. I find that it really does help me stay on track, while also helping bring some colour to a busy ass schedule...

I personally am a big fan of Paper-mate felt tip markers, because they really work well without bleeding much on the other side. (Depending on how hard you press on them!) I also just picked up some Bic Fine Tip markers, so I'll be testing them out later on and see how well they work!

13. Travel Mug/Cold Cup

I am all for these travel mugs! I personally use Contigo Mugs because they seem to last the longest to keep my coffee warm practically all day! I also use this stainless Steel water bottle I found at Homesense, and it truly keeps my cold drinks cold for just as long as my mug does with hot drinks!

They're really portable and reusable which always helps, rather than bringing a new plastic water bottle to work every single day. It also helps push me to drink more water throughout the day by refilling it constantly once it's finished!

14. Wireless Headphones

Now this can be a big purchase, or fairly reasonable depending on what you're looking for and what you're comfortable with spending wise for headphones. I received mine as a gift, so again I don't know the actual price or where it came from, but I LOVE THEM! 

They really do a great job at noise cancelling, especially when I'm trying to finish a deadline or get a good chunk of writing done, or even just heading to the gym, and you don't have to worry about cords getting tangled everywhere! 

The best part is that these headphones I have don't take long to charge and they can last me a good week or more depending on how often I use them!

15. Storage

Alright my very last item is Storage! Personally I Love my Ikea Storage Cart, because not only have I been putting on books from my TBR, but I also put things like props; so bookmarks, mugs, pens, chocolates, candles and Book Beau's and so much more inside it as well! I love how easy it was to put together, and how I'm able to move it around effortlessly with the wheels!

I also use other types of storage, like Rubbermaid three drawer storage (those  white and clear bins on wheels) and I find that they help a lot with all my journals and notebooks for story ideas I've started and packed away. I also use them for when I had my bookmark shop and all my packing supplies I still have are great to keep in there!

That is it for my Top Ten Tuesday!! I realize I did more than ten, and probably talked your ear off, but let me know in the comments below, or on my Instagram what you think of these items, if you have them, or even your thoughts on anything related to the items mentioned above! Like I said at the beginning, this post is not featured or sponsored in any way, and the links provided are all to the websites to any of the items I've purchased myself!

I hope that you found this feature to be very helpful in deciding on some room decor, storage, and overall office use!

So until the next time, Keep Reading!

Your Graduated Bookworm!! :)

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  1. I have so many school days sweet memories with me. One of my favorite memory was about pencils pouch. My mom was made leather Pencil Pouches for me at home and loved that. Still some school pencil Pouches i have in my room.


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