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July Book Haul!!

Here we go again bookworms!! Honestly, I was doing so well with only maybe ten books for the month. Then I found books on sale. Books at the dollar store. Books getting sent to me, and slowly but surely the number of books that I have for July began to creep up to a higher number. I seriously need to put myself in a book buying ban, because I am not having the best luck with reading down my TBR list... Anyway, lets get started with this new Haul!

Eligible (The Austen Project #4) By: Curtis Littenfeld
I've seen this title everywhere lately, and the cover is just gorgeous! Although it's been a long time sine Pride and Prejudice, I do have to say that I really love retellings!

This is the story of Liz who is a magazine writer in her 30's, who like her sister Jane, they live in New York. After their father has a health scare, the family returns back home to Cincinnati to help. Of course there is bound to be Mr. Darcy, so only time will tell!
Beware That Girl By: Teresa Toten
While hanging out with my amazing booknerd friend @floralsndragons I came across this novel on shelves. It was also signed, so that kind of peaked my interest! After reading the synopsis, I found it really interesting!

Kate O'Brian appears to be a Have-Not. Always with setbacks, and not having the easiest time of life. Being the scholarship student at Waverly school, she needs to prove to her classmates she has what it takes. Of course when the handsome Mark Redkin comes in, things are all sorts of craziness! 
The Fireman By: Joe Hill
I received this novel from +Indigo | Chapters Thank you!!

This novel is about a plague that has spread like wildfire across the country. It's highly contagious and leaves black and gold marks on the bodies of those infected, before they burst into flames. Harper Grayson is dedicated to treat hundreds of patients before the hospital is burned down...until she finds the gold and black marks on her own skin.
Material Girls By: Elaine Dimpoulos
I found this book at the dollar store near my work one day, and I've actually seen it around everywhere, but just never picked it up until now!

Marla and Ivy know their fashion! When a top fashion label employs Marla, and Ivy, a growing pop star, they begin to be pawns in a calculated system of corporate control.
Unforgotten (Unremembered #2) By: Jessica Brody
I found this at chapters one day in the bargain section, among mugs and notebooks (my favourites) and I just couldn't believe the price it was on sale for! I remembered (haha get it?) that I had the first book, so I knew I needed to snatch this up before anyone else!

Since I haven't read the first book, there's not much I can say about this without spoiling it!
Until Friday Night (The Field Party #1) By: Abbi Glines
Another novel I picked up with @floralsndragons and I haven't heard the end of it! She told me how amazing this story was, and I was so excited when the paperback copy came out, so I obviously grabbed it!

West Ashby is that cocky, popular football God everyone knows him as. However, when he's just himself, he is battling the grief of his father slowly die from cancer. Of course 2 years ago Maggie Carleton's life fell apart when her father murdered her mother. So when these two begin to bump into one another, it's sure to be an emotional ride.
After You (Me Before You #2) By: Jojo Moyes
So I watched the movie before reading the book, and I loved it! No regrets at all! I will say that I have had MANY people tell me to start this book because it really gets to you!

So without spoiling this for myself, I'm not reading the synopsis. Because who wants that?... 
Best Kind of Broken (Finding Fate #1-3) By: Chelsea Fine
Perfect Kind of Trouble (#2)
Right Kind of Wrong (#3)
So @floralsndragons and I decided to get back into our book club reading, and we decided to just judge a book by it's cover and pick it to read. This first book was our selection, but we saw that it was a series, so got all three in one shop!

Best Kind of Broken is about Pixie and Levi who haven't spoken in a year when they find themselves working and living in the very same Inn in the middle of nowhere.

Perfect Kind of Trouble is about Kayla Turner and Daren Ackwood. Kayla has lost it all, and now is home taking care of her mother. When her late father has left her his inheritance, of course the protégé is bound to show up...

Right Kind of Wrong is about Jenna Lacombe and Jack Oliver. Jenna has set out to be on a solo road trip to visit family in New Orleans, but is extremely frustrated with Oliver wants to hitch a ride...

Magonia (Magonia #1) By: Maria Dahvana Headley
I've seen this title everywhere, and I totally love the cover. Although lately I haven't been hearing the best about it, as it seems to have lower ratings than most. However, since I found it in paperback, I figured I would give it a try, because I can only tell if I like it or not b reading it.

Aza Ray has suffered a mysterious lung disease that makes it hard to do anything. She sees a ship in the sky and although her parents say it was a hallucination, she believes otherwise. Only her best friend Jason listens to her and has always been there, which makes it easier to tell him about what she has seen.

Overdrive By: Dawn Ius
I received this ARC copy for review from the amazing people over +Simon & Schuster Books and I cannot believe how gorgeous this cover is!! Thank you!!

 Jules Parish has had three years of boosting cars, until she finally got caught. The only thing saving her from being homeless on the streets of Las Vegas is if she works with the wealthy Roger Montgomery. What must she do? Steal the most valuable cars in the world in seven weeks. Can she really do it?
The Longest Ride By: Nicholas Sparks
So I've already read this book and LOVED it! I don't believe I wrote a blog review, as it was before I started my blog. But if you would like, I can always write a review after a re-read of it!

This has to do with two stories. The past of Ira and his flashbacks of his love life and the future of Sophia and Luke, whose love is starting to blossom, although their plans and secrets are causing issues to end the relationship before it even begins...
Forgetting August (Lost & Found #1-2) By: J.L. Berg
I received an e-book copy of Forgetting August, and then completely forgot to enter in for a media Blitz for Remembering Everly, but when I found physical copies of these two on shelves, I just HAD to get them! They are so gorgeous, and I've heard that this duology is to die for!

All Everly sees is him. Everywhere. She's moving on and marrying another man, yet August keeps popping up in her head! August can't hurt her anymore, since he's in a coma...although he's not actually. August has no memories, but sets out to solve the mystery of his lost life. Now without spoiling anything, I won't discuss what the synopsis is for book two, but I may have to bump this up on my TBR a lot sooner than planned! 

The Heart Goes Last (Positron 0.5) By: Margaret Atwood
I've seen the other edition of this novel and I must say that I really like this copy better! I don't believe there's actually a bear on the cover, but I'll have to double check! I have never read Margaret Atwood either, so I'm excited to have received this copy from +Indigo | Chapters after attending their Holiday Preview Event (Which I will have a blog post up sometime shortly!)

Stan and Charmaine are a married couple trying to stay afloat in the middle of an economic collapse. Losing their jobs, it has forced the family to live in a car, and leaving them vulnerable to gangs. There is one answer to help save their situation, although is it the best plan to get them out?

 Emma By: Jane Austen
I don't have a copy of Emma yet, but when Chapters was showcasing their new editions of classic novels, I really couldn't say no! They were definitely a more modernized look to them all, however I could not find a photo to show you all them on Goodreads!

Emma Woodhouse is perfectly content with her life. But when she ignored the warnings of her good friend Mr. Knightley and attempts to arrange a suitable match for her protegee Harriet Smith, her plans begin to unravel.
Wuthering Heights By: Emily Bronte
Another novel in the classics bunch that I picked up, and I really wish I could showcase the new looks to them! I have another copy of Wuthering Heights, but the edition I have isn't as pretty as this new one (which sounds bad, but for Instagram purposes it makes sense!)

This is a passionate story of Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff. After Catherine's fathers death, Heathcliff is bullies and humiliated by her brother Hindley. Years later he returns as a polished man, and takes revenge for his former miseries.
Great Expectations By: Charles Dickens
Have you ever read a book that talked about another book within reading it? Well I had read a book recently and it discusses Great Expectations, and I really wanted to find out more from this novel. Also this was supposed to be a new editions as well, and the books were on sale, so I just added it to my growing list!

This is the story of the orphan Pip, and his encounter with an escaped convict, and his mysterious summons to the house of Miss Havisham. 
It Ends With Us By: Colleen Hoover
If you're not following me on Instagram or Twitter or even Snapchat, (where have you been? Haha!!) You'll know that I LOVED this book! This novel by the Queen of NA Fiction herself made it to the number one spot on my ultimate favourite novels list. I do have a review, so go check it out, as I HIGHLY recommend it!!

This is the life of Lily, and how it hasn't always been easy. Her life has come a long way from her small town in Maine where she grew up. Moving to Boston to start her own business, she suddenly sparks something with the hot neurosurgeon Rlye Kincaid. But as things are beginning to boom, more questionable moments begin to cause problems for the two of them.

Alright Bookworms! That is the end of my July Book Haul! I sure hope that things start to slow down, because I really need to read more before I buy more!! So many books, and literally no time to read!!

So until the next time, Keep Reading!
Your Graduated Bookworm!! :)

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