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April Book Haul Part 1

Happy almost May Bookworms!! So let me kind of explain myself a little bit today. I had a HUGE shopping problem this in I bought or received a lot a books! Overall I have collected 41 books...41!! Definitely the most that I have ever accumulated in a month period. I really should have a book buying ban for the month of May, but let's be honest...that just won't work :/ Anyway, let's get back to this haul! I will be posting my first half of my haul here, and then will post the others in a second blog post (because I think having you sit here reading about 40 books in one post is just silly! So let's get to it!!

 As Long as We Both Shall Live (April Lancaster #1-2) By: Lurlene McDaniel
I picked this one up online from a recommendation one of my friends gave me! Of course with her immediately talking about a romance, I just had to get a copy of this! It's definitely an older book, but it sounds so interesting!

April Lancaster's fortune cookie was right when it read that a change was coming. Too bad she couldn't be prepared for an inoperable brain tumor...Thinking that her life will never be the same, in walks Mark Gianni-who has cystic fibrosis, and a passion for life...and April. Could there be love until the very end?
 Love, Love, Love By: Derboah Reber & Caroline Goodie
This is a book I picked up from Half Price Bookstore, but it's also one that has been on my list since I read Endless Summer! It's a bind-up of 2 books in one with different love stories.

One story is about a girl adapting to a new life in Seattle, where she happened to use a fake accent. Now the one guy who likes her only knows her as an exchange student from Hungary...

The second book is about a single girl who hasn't had a date ever. Now it's time to call the matchmaking services to help a girl out!

 Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close By: Jonathan Safram Foer
I have seen this book EVERYWHERE! Of course it's an older, yet still bestselling novel, that was turned into a movie. I haven't seen the movie either, but I am very interested in finding out what this novel is all about!

This story is about Oskar Schell, who is nine years old and has a secret search of a missing key that belonged to his father, who tragically dies in the World Trade Center on 9/11. Along the way, he imagines about more inventions to help keep his family safe.
 Winter's Kiss By: Jennifer Echols & Catherine Hapka
Another book I got from Half Price Bookstore, and another cute little love story I have been wanting to read.

Two more different stories to get you in the winter mood! Lexi has a plan to break up with her current boyfriend, by making him fall in love with another girl...too bad it happened way too easily, now she's left wondering if she let the perfect guy go?

Hayden and Nick are steaming up...and Freezing to a close. They remain best friends, and now snowboarding competitors...will the sparks happen on and off the slopes??
 Independent Study (The Testing #2) By: Joelle Charbonneau
I picked up The Testing when it was in the sale section at my local book store. Of course when shopping at Half Price, I happened to find this lovely book waiting for me. I was a little upset when I got home to see some of the pages ripped, but I guess those are the risks you take when getting a used book...

Without spoiling the first one for me (since I obviously haven't read it) All I can say is that this is about 16 year-old Cia Vale who was chosen by the Commonwealth government. What happens between then??
 Take a Chance on Me (Something New #1-4)
While out with my lovely friend @floralsndragons at one of the Indigo events, we of course went shopping! I have read the second book in this series thanks to a Goodreads Giveaway. Clearly not thinking, I ended up buying another (but finished) copy of it, along with the rest of the series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but it's better to read it all in order!

Take a chance on me is about Maddie Donovan who ran out on her high school sweetheart on her wedding day. Finding her way in a small town bar in Illinois, wearing only her dress, the last thing she expected was to run into a hot bartender to offers her to stay at his place.

In The winner takes it all, this is the story of Shane Donovan and Cecilia Riley who are totally at odds with one another, yet they are both so compelled to each other. Having to spend the weekend together with both families, Shane is determined to melt some of Cecelia's Icy ways. But what happens, when you start to warm up to the one who always gets on your last nerve?

In As Good As New, you follow the story of Penelope Watkins and Evan Donovan. Both high school friends, but from totally different parts of the school spectrum. All of that changes when they start getting closer and a disastrous blow to Evan's life for the worse. Can Penelope be there for him when he most needs it? Will Evan let Penelope in??

In The Name of the Game, you follow James Donovan and Gracie Roberts. With her fierce curves and wild curls, she is set out to finally end her year-long dry spell, but is James really the man that can do it for her, since he doesn't know a thing to let loose?

 The Summer of Chasing Mermaids By: Sarah Ockler
I picked this up from the bargain section as well, and it was definitely one that has been on my list!

Elyse has been destined for stardom. That is until a boating accident took everything from her, and she can no longer speak. She decides to take the invitation from a friend to come to Oregon seaside. There she meets the notorious playboy Christian Kane...The only guy who doesn't treat Elyse any different compared to everyone else.

Complete Creative Writing Course By: Chris Sykes
So if it isn't obvious enough, I love to write. Now I really need to get to actually reading these writing books, rather than hoarding them.

I picked this up from a recommendation a friend had of this. This book is supposed to help you in the complete journey of the writing path. It helps with editing, redrafting and polishing your work, along with multiple exercises.
 Flawed (Flawed #1) By: Cecelia Ahern
Alright, so I got this in my Owl Crate box for the month of April, and I could not be any more excited!! I have seen this around and have heard nothing but rave reviews for anything Cecelia Ahern.

This is her first YA novel, and it sounds so interesting! Celestine North lives a perfect life. A model daughter who is well liked comes to a situation that causes her to make an instinctive decision. Breaking the rules cause her to face the it something she can come through in the end?
 At the Edge of the Orchard By: Tracy Chevalier
I received this book from Indigo for attending their Summer Event, showcasing their new releases, and let me tell you, they really had some amazing items for the summer!!

Two different years and two different couples, facing their own kind of issues. Jame and Sadie Goodenough finally settled where their wagon got stuck. They and their 5 children face taming the land before John Appleseed can cultivate the 50 trees required.
In a World Just Right By: Jen Brooks
Another book from the bargain section. The cover I have seen all over the place, and it really caught my eye.

 Sometimes Jonathan Aubrey wishes he could just disappear. And as luck—or fate—would have it, he can. Ever since coming out of a coma as a kid, he has been able to create alternate worlds. But when Jonathan confuses his worlds senior year and tries to kiss the real Kylie Simms, everything unravels. The real Kylie actually notices Jonathan … and begins obsessing over him. The fantasy version of Kylie struggles to love Jonathan as she was created to do, and the consequences are disastrous.

 Unbecoming By: Jenny Downham
Another book I received from Indigo, fro attending their Trivia Night Event (which was awesome by the way!) so thank you lovelies!

This book is about three generations of women, all facing their own struggles. Katie (17) is in love with someone who she is afraid to reveal their gender. Caroline (mother) is uptight and worn out and is finding her past creeping into her present. Mary (grandmother) suffers from Alzheimer's and suddenly appears after a mysterious absence. Is there a way all of these women can help one another out, and maybe learn something along the way?
 I Let You Go By: Clare Mackintosh
Another Indigo Event book I received! This one looks a little darker, and the cover is just gorgeous!!

Jenna Gray has moved into a ramshackle cottage on the remote Welsh coast trying to escape the memory of her car accident. At the same time, the novel tracks the pair of Bristol police trying to get to the bottom of the hit-and-run. As they get closer to the end, they also get closer to each other.
 Imagines By: Anna Todd & Wattpad Authors
I found this shiny copy at the bookstore, as I was looking for the third novel of the After series, and it really caught my eye...I mean how could it not when it's a shiny silver cover!

This is a bind-up of multiple short stories about fan fiction and coming across celebrities and adventure. I'm not one who really reads fan fiction, but I have heard some great stories lately, and since I just joined Wattpad, I've been getting more amazing stories there!
 Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman By: Lindy West
And yet another Indigo book I received (Thank You!!) While I was there, I met some great people at the event, and one of them had already started this, and apparently loved it!

Shrill is about a series of essays that bravely share her life, and how she is stepping out as a feminist for the world to know. It's apparently really funny, and similar to Lena Dunham's novel

The Museum of Heartbreak
The last two books here I have also received from Indigo from their Trivia Event! This is a YA book that will be released June 7th.

Penelope Marx has created a personal museum of heartbreak. It's her only way to try to cope with all the loss she has had through the handsome new guy to the worst person in the world. The hardest part for her is trying to let go and move on from the things that may have broken her.

The Paris Secret By: Karen Swan
The cover of this is just so pretty, I could not leave it alone! Thank you to Indigo for letting me bring this beauty home with me!

Flora, and art agent from London is called in when there are some discovered treasures waiting for her from an apartment in Paris. When thrown within the Vermeil family, she begins to discover that things aren't always as they seem...and that one of the members of the family may be hiding the biggest secret of all.

And that is all for my first part of my April Book Haul!! I hope you enjoyed seeing the titles that I have gotten! If there are any titles that you want me to read ASAP, let me know in the comments below!!

So until the next time, Keep Reading!!
Your Graduated Bookworm! :)

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