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March Book Haul!!

Well it's that time again Bookworms! Where you obviously think I have a huge obsession with buying books that I basically am not able to get around to as fast as I'd like! It's also the season of duh! Time for that ugly winter weather to go away, and time for the sunroof down in the car! So I will keep it short and sweet! I've gotten a lot of books this month, and I am SUPER EXCITED to finally have them, and really hope to read them sooner, rather than later...Sorry to all the other books that have been on my shelves for the past three years! :/

Room By: Emma Donoghue
I read this book back in high school for one of my assignments, and let me tell you, it was probably one of my favourite books that was a mandatory read! It also means that I totally read this book before it became a huge discussion, and movie! (Jacob Tremblay is so adorable!)

If you don't know the story, this is about 5 year-old boy Jack, who only knows Room as his world. One day his mother decides to attempt to escape, with the help of her son, after being held captive for seven years.

You Are Here By: Jennifer E. Smith
I picked this book up in the sale section, super curious over the cover. Of course when I saw that it was written by Jennifer E. Smith, I knew I would have to get it!

This is about Emma and her neighbour Peter who are lonely and seem to be the black sheep in both of their families. On a whim, Emma decides to go for a road trip and convinces Peter to tag along. What will happen on this trip? Not sure, but very interested!
 From Ashes (From Ashes #1) By: Molly McAdams
I have heard so much about Molly McAdams from some other bookloving friends, and although I did buy one of her other series (which I have yet to read!) I saw this as well in the bargain section, and just had to buy it!

This is the story o Cassidy Jameson who has instantly become attracted to her best friends cousin. The only problem is that she's only trusted Tyler (her best friend) after the death of her father. This makes living situations a tad say the least! And my kind of book!!
 Open Road Summer By: Emmery Lord
Another bargain book that caught my eye. I mean how could it not with these amazing colours!!

This story is about Reagen O'Neill who has broken up with her boyfriend, and has left her rebellious ways behind her. She has decided that she will be joining her best friend and country superstar Lilah on a tour across the city. Unfortunately, when Matt Finch decides to join in the fun, only one thing could happen...
 Big Girl Panties By: Stephanie Evanovich
I've seen the cover of this book, and another version cover around Instagram for a while, and it really caught my eye.

Big Girl Panties is a Romantic Comedy about Holly Brennan who is having t use the method of food to comfort her after her husbands death. Alone in her early thirties, weighing more than ever before, she meets with a personal trainer...who happens to be amazingly gorgeous, helps her shed that weight, when a possible romance blooms, along with other men noticing?
 Write and Revise for Publication By: Jack Smith
I found this book in the bargain section, and as many of you know, I have been writing more (as if you couldn't tell from my constant post of these types of books and talk about it!) and I thought it was really interesting!

This book is about helping writers have a structured approach to build confidence and help in submitting their work. Getting drafts, editing and then moving on to publications.
Burying Water (Burying Water #1) By: K.A. Tucker
Another author that I have been told is amazing! I originally wanted to get Ten Tiny Breaths (another series of her's) but picked this up instead. I definitely will be getting all of the others by K.A. Tucker, when I can!

This is about a Jane Doe who has woken up from being left for dead. She has no idea who she is or what happened. When an old crotchety lady takes her in, she begins to build a new life for herself. The questions is, how long until her memory comes back?
 Charlie Glass's Slippers By: Holly McQueen
I found this book in the bargain section as well! The bright colours definitely caught my attention, and after reading about it, I was quickly drawn in!

Charlie Glass suddenly inherits her father's shoe empire, and snatches up her prince charming. However, before she can fully run the company, she must attend a boot camp for several weeks to shed the weight that she once carried. She also is ready to revitalize the Elroy Glass Brand. What could happen with all those shoes is anyone's guess!
 Waterfall (Teardrop #2) By: Lauren Kate
I found this lucky copy in the bargain section as well. I had contemplated for a while on getting it, unsure if I had the first book already. Of course after checking out my "library" at home, I did actually have it!

Without spoiling the book for me, as I haven't read them yet, this is about a girl named Eureka who must learn to fight in order to bring down the evil king. Sounds good, and I wonder if she is able to do it!
 Get Started in Creative Writing By: Stephen May
Another writing book (I know stop getting them if you're not even reading them yet!) but I of course caved and got it anyways!

This book is geared towards helping writers at the beginning of their creative journey and to gain confidence and find inspiration in their writing. It will provide support in completing your first parts of writing, and has lots of exercises to help you along the way.
 Red Queen & Glass Sword (Red Queen #1-2) By: Victoria Aveyard
I have heard mixed reviews about this book, but a lot of positive ones! I've been in love with the cover and definitely interested in getting it since it came out! Of course when Glass Sword came out, I just had to get it! And getting the copy signed? BONUS!!

This is the story about Reds versus Silver Elite. They are separated by blood, and their own class. Reds are commoners and Silver's are in possession of god-like superpowers. That is until Mare Barrow, a Red girl who seems like nothing will change...then she finds herself in the Silver Palace, apparently the long-lost Silver Princess...

After (After #1) By: Anna Todd
I have heard anything and everything about this series like no other! I have heard how amazing Anna Todd is and how you need to read this series. Of course there is talk that it's fan-fiction, but in my eyes, if it's good, then it doesn't matter what it is! And boy, let me tell you, I've been wanting to read this FOREVER!!

This is about Tessa, who is the good and sweet girl going in a different direction in her life once she has started College. Of course this is where she meets the cocky British guy with tattoos and a lip ring, who is nothing like back home. Of course there's a spark, even when she find him annoying...

Writing Your Novel from Start to Finish By: Joseph Bates
Sorry for all of these Writing books! Let me know in the comments below, if you would want me to write a short review for them, discussing how it has helped or not helped with writing :)

This book is about the journey of writing your novel. It is providing the techniques and breaking down the elements. It also gives you try-it-out exercises and 27 worksheets to help elevate your writing.

The Serpent King By: Jeff Zentner
I received this book in my March Owl Crate subscription box! The box was all about Writer's Block (go figure!) and had some amazing inspired items!

This is about Dill who is the only son of a Pentecostal minister who urges him to handle poisonous rattlesnakes, and at school where he faces bullies. A fellow outcast trying to make it through to graduation. However it's not the case for Lydia who already has a ticket out of their Tennessee town with her fashion blog. Of course paths will collide, but how well will it end?

The Year I Met You By: Cecelia Ahern
I will have to admit that my amazing friend Vee (@floralsndragons) received this copy from a fellow bookworm for a book exchange (which is amazing!) and I got so drawn to this cover! Of course with us having similar tastes in books, I just had to get it as well!

This is about Jasmine who helps start-up businesses working. She is soon fired and has been put onto gardening leave. There is really nothing filling her life, and she find herself watching her next door neighbour more than usual. Is there some sort of attraction about to happen? Or just some scary stalking?

 Losing the Light By: Andrea Dunlop
I've seen this around on Instagram, and of course on Andrea Dunlop's own page, and really liked what it was about, as well as how beautiful this cover is!!

Brooke Thompson unexpectedly runs into a man from her past, and is instantly brought back to all of the memories. As a newly arrived exchange student, young Brooke is in a deep and complicated friendship with Sophie, a fellow American and stunning bombshell. Their lives get complicated when they both meet Veronique and his sexy older cousin Alex. Of course they are drawn to one another, but I see the potential love triangle happening for the girls...#ohno

 A Winter's Romance By: Elise Manion, S.R Karfelt, J.S. Bailey, ETC.
There were a ton of authors in this book filled with their own short stories. I received a copy of this by the amazing Elise Manion (whose also contributed to my current 5K Giveaway-check that out!)

This is a combination of stories about winter romances. Raging storms outside cause our hearts to become more warmed and find ourselves in the most unlikely of places! I cannot wait to see what these short-stories are all about!
13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl By: Mona Awad
I've seen this book as well around Instagram a lot, and it really intrigued me as to what it was about, so of course, when Chapters (the best place ever!) decided to have a sale on new releases, I just had to get my hands on it!

Lizzy never liked the way she looked. Even when her best friend says that she is the pretty one. Dating guys online has become harder since they are all wanting a photo of her. So instead of posting it as is, she decides to shed the weight, counting calories...and almonds. After validation from everyone, she still sees herself as just the "fat girl". Will she ever feel or believe that she is beautiful as she is, no matter the weight?

And that's all for my Book Haul today!! Let me know what books you would like to see me review first!

Until the next time, Keep Reading!
Your Graduated Bookworm!! :)


  1. I love this edition of room's cover! I had to do so,e googling to get it in Australia ��

    1. Isn't it an amazing cover?! Were you able to find a copy in Australia? :)


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