Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday

It's been a while since I have done a Top Ten Tuesday (and by that this is my second one...SORRY!) I have been asking people what they would like to see in my Top Ten Tuesday's but only a couple people have really left me a comment. I hope that those of you reading this will send me a comment as to what you would like to see in the future!

So let's get started with our Top Ten Tuesday for today which is...

Bookish Pet Peeves

1. Folded Corners
I'm sure many of you have had the issue where someone is reading a book, and then when they decide to stop, instead of using even a little piece of paper, they choose to fold the corner of the book! Like if it's borrowed, don't ruin it, and if it's not, why are you damaging literary work? what did the paper ever do to you?! Folding corners is just like nails on a chalkboard

2. Bending the Spine
For some reason, I guess people just really like to bend their books in half, thinking that it's so much easier to read this way. What is really happening, is that every time this happens, the pages loosen, and you start losing pages itself from the book. It's desperately screaming HELP!
 3. Lending books
I really don't like to lend out books, because the last time I did that, it ended up going to three other people and I had to chance them all down to get it back a YEAR LATER. I also got it back with the dust jacket bent in half separate from the book itself... Needless to say, when someone wants to borrow a book I either try to work my way around it, or tell them what not to do (unless it's a fellow bookworm, then they totally understand)

4. Rips in or on pages
Now I admit, I have come across the odd time where I have ripped a page while reading a book...It happens! To be honest, every time that happens I hate the fact that it's there. Almost like a broken nail, where it's there and you try to get on with your day, but it gets caught on stuff, and you just can't ignore it anymore.

5. Food In Books
I like to snack while reading like I'm sure many of you enjoy as well. Although, I'm not about to break open some chips and dip while reading a book. It's the easiest way for some sort of spill to happen. I hate when crumbs or some other type of food spills onto my book. It just ruins it overall. I once had a bottle of red juice pop open in my bag on the first day of school, and my copy of Twilight (attempt 1 at reading it) ended up being dyed pink...

 6. Book to Film Adaptation
I love when books get turned into movies or TV shows! The issue I have is when the film ends up being absolutely nothing like what the book(s) are. I understand that there are creative differences between the author and director, producer, writer etc. But book lovers and fan-girls who LOVE these books, want to watch a movie that is based off of the book. No changes.
 7. Cover Changes
When it comes to novels, I understand that there are changes to the covers. Personally it depends whether the new changes were worth it. Like in Divergent here to the left, I would say that the US version is so much better than the AUS version. That's my opinion. What I hate is when I have already bought the first book or first couple in the series, then all of a sudden they decide to change the covers and the rest of the series are the new covers. (same with height differences for books...cant stand that either!)

8. Wet Pages
Like I said before about spilling juice all over my Twilight book, I just hate the fact that the paper can get ruined so easily. Even when I was going to and from school, someone spilled their water bottle, and me without realizing it (due to my headphones) my textbooks for school got ruined. Something about having the pages no longer be formed like the way they were produced just 'grinds my gears!'

9. Printing Mistakes
I know that this is just a little blip in the system or machines working on these books, but it is somewhat irritating. I have a copy of Breaking Dawn that I received for one of my birthday's and what I noticed quickly is that the pages were inserted upside down from the hardcover binding. Therefore whenever I would be reading the book, people would think that I was reading it upside down. Clever, or just stupid??

10. Unpronounceable Authors
I get it, we were born with these names. I myself have an unpronounceable last name, which can be funny one day then annoying the next. There is nothing we can do about it. It's just when I''m trying to describe the book to people and tell them the author, and I get stuck on the name; it just makes me look silly because I can't pronounce it. Call me critical, whatever. It's just something that gets to everyone. If you have ever watched a booktube video, you'll see that a lot of them have troubles with names of authors...so it's not just me.

So that is it for my (rant) discussion of my Top Ten Pet Peeves for Books. I really hope you enjoy reading these, and that there are some more Top Ten Tuesday's you will enjoy reading in the future!

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So Until Then, Keep Reading!
Your Graduated Bookworm! :)

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