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Seven Deadly Sins By: Robin Wasserman

Seven Deadly Sins (Volume 3: Sloth; Gluttony; Greed)
Author: Robin Wasserman
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Published: October 2013
Format: Paperback
Pages: 880
Rating: 5/5
No one at Haven High expected things to fall apart as quickly as they did. No one expected that someone would die.

Now, as the end of senior year looms ever closer, it's time for final decisions. Decisions about where to go. Decisions about what friends to keep. Decisions about whom to punish in one last attempt at vengeance. 

Secrets are about to be revealed, and everyone's reputation is at stake in their last weeks of high school. With everything on the line, and all alliances broken, anything can happen. Between Sloth, Gluttony, and Greed, there's plenty of sin for the making.

Wow. I think it has taken me way too long to actually finish this book, but let me tell you there were a LOT of things going on. This series had so many ups and downs, sometimes I just had to take a step back and remember that this was just a novel. As you already noticed, this last book will contain SPOILERS. There was no way I could talk about the series, without discussing all the huge aspects written.

So first off let me say, the ending of Volume 2 was one of the biggest cliffhangers I have ever read. If you follow my Instagram, you would have seen me post the last sentence of the book... I still can't get over the fact that the author Killed Kaia! I was honestly getting used to the character and I really wanted to know what would happen between her and Reed. I think that when authors write a book, they just get to the part where they know you're hooked with a character and then they just rip the line out leaving you sitting there for minutes, hours, or even days wondering why they did it!

The whole story between Kaia and Mr. Powell was definitely a strange one, and I called it from the very beginning that there was something wrong with him. He just never sat well with me throughout the story. He was so sketchy, and when I read about who he is and what he ended up doing...lets just say that I'm glad he ended up running for Haven High.

There were some things that I didn't really like while reading the last volume. There were times where there were flashbacks that tend to drag on, as well as a little boring. Also I was getting really annoyed at the fact that Beth was the constant in everyone's lives. She was the center of everything and somehow thought that she caused the accident, yet there was more to the story. One thing that I found was the aspect of mystery. I don't know if Robin intended on having a mystery, but the fact that in the last novel there was someone always looming around and sending photos to Kaia, It gave me the impression of a mystery. I found that in the last volume the mystery was completely gone. There was no more talk about Mr. Powell (although he sent a letter to Beth in the beginning) there was no discussion on the weird creeper, nor the fact that there was no talk as to whom the other driver was when the accident happened.

In the story, I did find a lot of movement in relations with the characters. Everyone seems hot and cold. I noticed that after the accident, everyone was shaken, and it's like something snapped in them all. Everyone changed who they are. Smoking, Hooking up, Throwing up, Skipping name it, they did it! When it came to Harper and Adam, I really want them to work out because I think that they really have a connection. Yeah they lived beside each other forever, but at the same time they can tell practically what the other is thinking.

Beth and Adam really just need to end, and I find that Adam was just there because he wanted to be the hero (like he said in the novel) He wants to be the person that someone can lean on. But let's face it, Beth and Adam..NO MORE! Another thing with Beth I found that the entire time she felt like it was all her fault, because of what she did. The truth is there was more to the story, that some didn't want to admit, nor did they want to remember. I guess i'll still never know who was driving the other car when the accident happened.

I also could tell that someone was going to happen with Beth and Reed. I never really understood the relationship at all. It seemed like she was using him, because he had the stash, that could help her escape her own thoughts. And he was using her because he was someone who could help fill the void of Kaia. In the end I really liked the relationship, because it actually grew, and they both grew up because they helped fix/change the other for the better. At the end of the novel, I really wanted Beth to actually run after Reed and into his arms like those cheesy Rom-com movies. I'm glad it didn't happen just because it made the story a little more interesting, but at the same time I really was hoping that they would just make up and be together again...

Now for Miranda and Kane. I knew that this couple was a bad idea from the start. Miranda was constantly pining over Kane for the longest time, and I kept saying to myself that she would end up getting hurt. Not only by Kane, but by everyone else she got hurt by. I really did like the relationship that they have/had (not spoiling that!) and in the end I think that the final straw fell, and it really made what ended up happening with them.

Every character denies their relationship for the other, and can never tell anyone how they're truly feeling, and sometimes I just want to shake them and say "what are you doing?!"

Overall I really loved this book, as well as the entire series. I did have some slow moments, but that generally happens. This series had a lot going on, and I would definitely recommend it to you! Robin Wasserman (I always say it) has a unique writing style, and the way she is able to have each character's POV connect with the other's is incredible, and I absolutely love it! A breath of fresh air, and something different. 

That is all for my review of the Seven deadly Sins Series, and I hope you enjoyed reading (this definitely long) review.

So until then, Keep Reading!
Your Graduated Bookworm! :)

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