Friday, September 11, 2015

September Book Haul!!

Happy second week of September everyone! As I'm sure you all know, I started my final year of college on Tuesday, and let's just say, Chaotic would be an understatement. Lots of things to do, read, buy...never ending list. I'm also sure that many of you have started school again, whether it be college, university, or even high school. Some of you may have shipped your little rugrats off to school for the first time, or just back there again moving on up...Makes you feel a little old doesn't it? No fear, because we all end up getting a break at some point. Now enough of school (BORING) talk, lets get to the real reason you're all here! Books, Books, Books!!

This is the first (and hopefully only, but no promises) book haul for the month of September. Many of these I just found on a good sale, so I figured I would grab them now, rather than later. So lets dive in!...

 Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac By: Gabrielle Zevin
I have heard a lot of different reviews on this book, but I really was intrigued by the way the story line goes. It is about a girl names Naomi who falls and hits her head on steps outside the school. She then wakes up all of a sudden with amnesia, and now has to remember all of these events, as well as people (hello secret boyfriend?! Do I know you?)

Lets also take a moment to talk about the cover. I know it throws some people off, but I really like it. Cool old school typewriter keys (Which also have a texture on the book..) Simple but clearly has a catch.
 Beauty Queens By: Libba Bray
Not going to lie, but I have yet to read a Libba Bray book. I have seen a lot of her works including The Diviners (which I own too) The first time I saw this was at a Wal-Mart and I thought that I would never want to read a book like this...well a few years later, and I just picked it up because I thought (Screw it!)

This book is about 50 beauty contestants taking a "fun trip" to the beach to compete. That is until their flight goes crashing down in a desert island leaving them stranded with little to no, water, and eyeliner! What will they do? who knows!

 Just One Day; Just One Year; and Just One Night By: Gayle Forman
If you haven't seen on my Instagram feed, I was able to score this box set of the two novels plus the novella by Gayle Forman. She wrote the If I Stay duology as well, which got turned into a movie. I was trying to read the book before the movie came out, but didn't get the chance. (I watched the movie first :O) I know! terrible move, but I was just so excited. I also heard that this duology is MUCH better than the other, so fingers crossed that I get to read them soon. This story is about a college student who spends her last night abroad meeting a it goes from there only those who have read it will know!

Taking Chances (book 1) By: Molly McAdams
Until recently, I had never heard of Molly McAdams. I was told by one of my best bookworm and friend (Hi Emily!!) that this book was amazing. We both have a general same taste when it comes to books, so I knew that she wouldn't lead me wrong.

This book is about a college girl, who has always lived under the thumb of her parents. Finally being able to escape, her roommate introduces her to all kinds of new and fun things...Including a boy named Chase ;)

My Life Next Door By: Huntley Fitzpatrick
Another truth we have going here, is that I have not read any of Huntley Fitzpatrick's novels, yet I seem to own almost (if not) all of them. I think I'm just attracted to her covers so much, that I want to display them proudly! Of course when I get the chance, I will be reading all of her books (because I've heard nothing but GREAT reviews for her)

This is about two different worlds colliding into a romance, all because Jase decided to climb through her window one fateful night!! (I sense fireworks?!)

The Assassin's Blade (Novella 0.1;.05) By: Sarah J. Maas
To be honest, when I ordered this book, I was expecting that it was going to be some slim under 100 pages of a novella. To my surprise It's actually well over 400 pages. I do wish that it was the same covers as the three main books that I have (I believe they are the UK Edition?)

But nonetheless, I am very excited to be getting the last book in the series soon, so then I can binge-read the entire series (because lets face it, Who likes to wait for the next book to come out??)
 There Will Come a Time By: Carrie Arcos
This book, I got from the bargain section, and it honestly sounded very interesting. This is a story about a guy who lost his twin sister in an accident, and cannot seem to cope with her loss. When Grace (the best friend) hangs out with Mark, he begins to realize that he really knows nothing about this girl at all. Everything he thought he knew is not what he now sees...mysterious.
 Cure for the Common Breakup By: Beth Kendrick
This book caught my attention out of the corner of my eye one day, and I'm glad to have read the synopsis. It's definitely something different.

This story is about a girl who is a flight attendant that has a couple rules she abides by while doing her job. Unfortunately she breaks both of them, in what seems to be a very entertaining novel.

And that concludes this book haul for September. I hope you all enjoyed the batch I have this time. If you have read any of these, leave a comment below as to what was your favourite, and what I should be reading first!
So until then, Keep Reading!
Your Graduated Bookworm! :)

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