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The Two Of Us by: Kennedy Fox

The Two Of Us (Love in Isolation #1)
Author: Kennedy Fox
Publisher: Kennedy Fox
Published: May 2020
Format: E-Book
Pages: 280
Rating: 4/5
What happens when the entire world shuts down and you’re quarantined in a cabin with your brother’s best friend? You take every chance to make his life miserable, the same way he did yours, and most definitely don’t fall in love.

The Two of Us is an enemies to lovers, brother’s best friend standalone romance set in modern-day 2020.

Okay, so there are a lot of mixed reviews on this book, and some are just about the fact that they're over this whole *panini* and how bothered they were because we've been living in it. I understand that feeling, but I personally didn't have any issues reading those parts and actually enjoyed that this was set in modern day. 

While the book plays on that, there is actually more to the story. A brother's best friend romance, two people stuck in a cabin together while fighting their true feelings towards one another and a lot of angst.

Right off the bat, you get this hilarious witty banter between Cami and Eli. You can feel there's a connection between the two, but of course the journey to get to those steamy moments takes some time.

Cami comes from a family of wealth, so her being a socialite and Eli being considered a lower class, you see both of their own perspectives of one another gradually change over time. I really liked the growth, especially of Cami as their relationship begins to change from hate to love.

This was also a super quick read, so the story flowed really well from the beginning! There was a moment that actually caught me off guard... I really didn't see it coming! But also, the STEAM! When I tell you it got hot, it got 🔥🔥

Overall this was a good story! I think that bringing it to present world was important, but the story wasn't solely based off that, which was great! There was growth, and definitely heated moments. The way that both Cami and Eli care for one another was sweet.

That's all for my review, I hope you enjoyed!

So until the next time, keep reading!
Your Graduated Bookworm! :)

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