Friday, May 22, 2020

The Beginning Of The End By: R. Holmes

The Beginning Of The End
Author: R. Holmes
Publisher: R. Holmes
Published: May 2020
Format: ARC E-Book
Pages: 279
Rating: 4/5
My last name was royalty in New Orleans, at least, I guess to those who mattered. But to me…my last name was a curse.
High society. Expectations. Old money. Politics. Everything I despised.
If only they could see what happened behind those high-society closed doors. The same doors my daddy paid a lot of money to keep closed.
Deceit. Destruction. Bribery. You name it, my family was guilty of it.
My father’s throne was built on lies. Our family was the epitome of faux royalty.
Then, I fell in love and oh what a fool I was. I was just a pawn in my father’s game. And to use the man who claimed to love me...
Five years ago, I walked away, and left my father to his riches.
And that man who left me in broken, jagged pieces?
Well, what goes around, comes around.

Four years in a prison cell changes a man.
I spent those four years fighting to survive.
When I emerged, I was nothing like the man who had walked through those cell doors all those years ago.
I overcame things that I never imagined I’d be faced with..
The one person who promised to never leave, did.
The life I thought I knew, gone.
The future I once thought I had, up in smoke.
Like so many things in my life, my story and my future were stolen from me.
Sure, it’s made up of the usual parts…a beginning and an end. But just like every story, there’s a hero, there’s the villain…and then there’s me.

And this is the beginning of the end.

First I would like to thank R. Holmes for providing me an ARC in exchange for an honest review. This was also a book that got better towards the end for me, which is why it ended up with a 4 star rating.

Oh My God Omg GIF by CBCPersonally I felt like the beginning was so slow, there were flashbacks that I don't think should have been in there because it just was WAY too much information and took away from the actual story itself.

Also let me say that I'm not one who gets bothered by swearing in a book, it's realistic in our society, but I felt like there was swearing every other sentence and that also took out the effect or weight of the word and was just too repetitive for me, I didn't enjoy it. It was actually off putting.

However once you got past all of those layers, you get to the actual story and it was beautiful. Their relationship between one another was great! Forbidden romance essentially but years later now where they're both adults facing society and trying to see if they can have that love once more.

I loved the daughter in the story! She was cute, sassy and all kinds of adorable. I feel like her personality doesn't fit a child who is supposed to be three years old, she seemed older than that with her vocabulary, however I couldn't get enough of her! The relationship that she has with all of the adults give you the baby fever I'm sure!

The last few chapters in the book just got better, and I loved how it all turned out... I just wish the story had really started 10% in rather than like 50%.

Overall this was a pretty decent story. I feel like it could have been so much better, especially in the beginning, because it seemed to kind of go a bit back and forth for me. Once you got past that, it was way better! If you like second chance, single parent romances, then I definitely suggest checking it out!

That's all for my review, I hope you enjoyed it, and be sure to check it out... you just may love it more than I did!

So until the next time, Keep Reading!
Your Graduated Bookworm!! :)

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