Sunday, December 30, 2018

Three Ways To Read More This New Year!!

Hey Bookworms! As  the year comes to an end, I know we all have the one trickling fear of getting as many books read in our Goodreads goals and ensuring that we can actually fit time to read with the type of crazy schedules we have, or even just getting out of reading slumps! Looking for more things? Well here are some tricks that can help you get more reading happening in your life! There are links in my post connected to other sites, but none are commissioned. So with that, let's get on with reading more books!!

There's not much in life that can beat the sheer pleasure of relaxing in your bed or on the sofa and reading a good book that carries you away to new worlds, or exposes you to fascinating ideas that you had never previously thought about.

Unfortunately, with the quick rise of the internet, widescreen TV, and other innovations, a huge number of people have been opting out of reading to spend hours a day binging Netflix or flicking from Youtube video to Youtube video, instead.

While we do love fangirling over the latest characters on screen, you’d be doing yourself a great favour by stepping back from the digital media, at least a little bit, in order to appreciate a good book... or make you remember why you loved reading in the first place.

If you find it difficult to fit reading (for pleasure that is) into your day, for one reason or another, here are some tips for making it happen. (Check out this fellow blogger and her reviews here!)

1) Consider looking into the world of audiobooks

Alright, so listening to audiobooks isn’t exactly the same experience as reading a book. It activates different dimensions of your mind, it’s less directly engaging, and it’s less a form of personal, quiet contemplation and imagination. When all is said and done, though, listening to audiobooks does allow you to experience the same gripping tales, fantastical worlds, and intriguing arguments and ideas, without requiring that you dedicate all of your attention to the act of reading. 

Although I haven't tried Audible (But I'm thinking it's something I should totally get into!) If you run a massively busy schedule, signing up to an audiobook service such as Audible will allow you to consume books while juggling your busy day without having to try to find the time to actually sit down and read a book. Audiobooks can allow you to get through multiple times the number of books you were getting through before. Audiobooks aren't a replacement of an actual book, but they can certainly make a great addition.

2) Find a source of cheap books deals to take advantage of

Sometimes, people may read less than they otherwise would, because they find it difficult to justify buying a bunch of books on a regular basis into their budget. Especially if money is a bit scarce at the time being and bills are closing in. Even though book prices vary all the time, it is easy to locate books on the cheaper side! 

For myself, I can go through Amazon or Chapters and click the bargain section to find a lot of books that are being sold for under $10, E-Books are easy for a cheaper price too if you don't necessarily have the space for a lot of physical books, plus there are usually a lot of free books online (and if you have Kindle Unlimited, there's even more for you to read for less!)

Sure, you may spend a lot of money on a hardback every now and then, but you can also find free Amazon gift card codes to reduce the price of your purchases. You can also find many ebooks available for pennies, or even for free, if you’re signed up to the right services.

3) Turn off or put aside your electronic devices by a set time each day, and read as you’re winding down for sleep

Like I said at the beginning, people often don’t read as much as they’d hypothetically like, because they fall into the comfortable and addictive embrace of TV, web-surfing, and other forms of electronic entertainment. I myself have succumbed to it, basically coming home from work, checking out my socials here and then binge-watching the latest show, or just catching up on shows I've missed over the time, instead of picking up my book and finishing it... Instead I say "I'll just finish it on the weekend." and that almost never happens!

One good practice to encourage you to read more is simply to turn off or put aside your electronic devices by a set time each day, and then read as you’re winding down for sleep — maybe even for a couple of hours at a stretch. A great thing I find (also relaxing) is reading when I'm in my bed. Of course with the comforts I just want to fall asleep, but it actually gets me into reading more AND I wind up getting a pretty decent sleep because I'm not focusing or worrying about anything else happening tomorrow. I'm focused on the present!

Without electronic distractions right in your face, reading automatically seems like a more attractive proposition... I mean so does a beach where there's no internet anyway so you can get your mind off literally everything and just enjoy the warmth of the sun, the breeze from the waves in front of you and a great book in your hands!

Overall, there are about a million things you could try doing to read more books! For the most part, it sticks, but also like a New Years Resolution, we sometimes just give up after the first 12 days! This year try to make it stick! Leave a comment below and tell me your reading goal, and be sure to add me on Instagram and let me know there! Better yet, let's compete on Goodreads and we can see how much reading for the year we can get accomplished!!

So until the next time, Keep Reading!!

Your Graduated Bookworm !! :)

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