Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Roar By: Cecelia Ahern

Author: Cecelia Ahern
Publisher: Harper Collins
Published: November 2018
Format: Paperback ARC
Pages: 352
Rating: 3.5/5
I am woman. Hear me roar.

Have you ever imagined a different life?
Have you ever stood at a crossroads, undecided?
Have you ever had a moment when you wanted to roar?

The women in these startlingly original stories are all of us: the women who befriend us, the women who encourage us, the women who make us brave. From The Woman Who Slowly Disappeared to The Woman Who Was Kept on the Shelf and The Woman Who Returned and Exchanged her Husband, discover thirty touching, often hilarious, stories and meet thirty very different women. Each discovers her strength; each realizes she holds the power to make a change.

Witty, tender, surprising, these keenly observed tales speak to us all, and capture the moment when we all want to roar.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review from Harper Collins Canada, so thank you! I will say that this was quite the interesting book that I've read, and honestly I have a lot of mixed feelings about it, I'm not even sure where to begin...

So from the beginning, you've already gathered that you have thirty stories from thirty different women who end up going through or overcoming some sort of obstacle that in actuality is the very real thing that we are dealing with in society. Personally I really do like the idea that although these stories may seem silly, there is clearly a story underneath it all. I felt like they really could relate to the 'everyday woman' or the thoughts that all women have daily in some form or another.

Now here's where it got me. I personally just couldn't fully connect with any of the characters...and I think that's where my problem is. Because there were all of these different characters (who were also named 'woman', no actual name) I couldn't get into the head-space and feel like I knew them, or could feel like I was in the story.

"The people in this nice town think of themselves as polite and educated, so there are rarely any comments made, but they make their feelings known through the atmosphere they create."

I'll admit that there were some funny moments for sure, and definitely some parts in the book that had me rolling my eyes and shaking my head completely baffled over how the characters were talking to one another...like trading in a husband, or not being able to take your own groceries to your car or hold the door for a man...I just couldn't understand it!

Honestly this just wasn't for me. It was entertaining, however I found myself struggling to get through some of it because I wasn't really enjoying a whole lot. On the literature aspect, this was great, but on actual enjoyment, I wasn't feeling any of it...
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Overall, this was an interesting novel. There were parts that really played into society, social media, and what women feel, think and are dealing with daily, but I just couldn't fully get into the novel and enjoy it. There was something that was making it feel more in the aspect of telling a story to shock people with pretty much what seems like reality, instead of more entertainment. That being said, it doesn't mean that someone else might enjoy this. This is just my opinion in the story, but I know at the end this is all about bringing so many different women together who are all going through their own things, doing their own thing, and honestly it was a creative take on it all.

And that's all for my review today, I hope you all enjoyed it and be sure to check it out on Goodreads!

So until the next time, Keep Reading!

Your Graduated Bookworm!! :)

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