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Empowered Wednesday: Maggie Ann Martin

Welcome back Bookworms to another Empowered Wednesday! I've got back to back authors these past two weeks, and I'm so glad to be sharing another author and creator! It's always inspiring to have authors featured here, as I'm a big writer myself and anything I can learn from them is always amazing! So with that being said, let's get started!!

Q: Can you tell our readers about yourself and what you do?
A: Hi everyone! My name is Maggie and I’m a young adult author who likes to write stories about complex, brave, funny women. My newest book, To Be Honest, is out on August 21 from Swoon Reads, and I’m really excited for everyone to meet my body positive, kickass main character, Savannah. You can also checkout my debut which came out last summer called The Big F, which follows Danielle, a girl about to embark on her freshman year of college when a big F on her transcript keeps her from going to the school she thought she was destined to go to. 

Q: How did you first get into writing and when did you decide to take the leap and go for it?
A: I think I’ve always truly been a writer at heart (and I have lots of embarrassing journals lying around my parents’ house to prove it!) I really started taking it seriously when I entered college. I wrote my debut while I was still in school and started writing the bones of a book that would become To Be Honest during school as well. 

Q: Who or what inspired you to do what you are doing now?
A: There were many teachers along my journey who encouraged me to continue fostering my love of reading and writing. It’s always lovely when your family tells you that they see something in you (but they’re kind of contractually obligated to tell you you’re awesome) and so having adults along the way validate that I should pursue my passions was a big life changer for me. I still keep in contact with each and every teacher that made all the difference in my life. 

Q: What would be your ideal working environment?
A: Headphones in. Comfy chair. Dog curled up next to me. Snacks aplenty. I’m pretty easy to please. 

Q: How would you describe your style with writing?
A: For me, I try to be as real as possible. And I usually express my realness through humor. My favorite scenes to write are heavy on dialogue, so a lot of times, my first drafts are big dialogue back-and-forths until I go back in and fill in the details. 

Q: What is one thing you wish you knew starting out with writing or something you could have told your past self?
A: I so wish I could have told myself to not be afraid about writing stories featuring main characters that look like you. I held back for so long believing that no one was going to want to read my fat girl Rom Com. But guess what, people want to see themselves in every type of story. Rom Coms, action thrillers, dramas—you name it, people want to see better fat rep across the spectrum. I abso-freaking-lutely love that. 

Q: What do you do in your spare time?
A: I try to take in as many concerts as I can. I also love a good Netflix binge. Who doesn’t at this point? 

Q: How do you motivate yourself to keep the novel going?
A: Candy, mostly. For real, I reward myself along the way while I’m writing to hit a certain amount of words before I can eat a Reese’s Mini Peanut Butter Cup. 

Q: What do you find the most frustrating and/or challenging aspect of writing?
A: Lately for me it’s been getting first drafts down on paper. You can’t edit a blank page and lately I’ve been staring solely at blank pages. I need more candy, stat. 

Q: How much time do you spend writing and is it a hobby or job?
A: It totally depends for me. I go in spurts when I’m writing in every waking hour that I’m not at my day job, and some weeks with no writing at all. Right now I look at it as a hobby as I still do have my day job. 

Q: Can you name some of your favourite authors and explain why they’re your favourite?
A: Sure thing! Here are my three favorites right now, but there are oh so many more I could recommend! 
Julie Murphy: Love her books (especially Dumplin’), and love how she is paving the way for positive fat rep in YA lit. 
reading read GIFKaty Upperman: She’s a fellow Swoon Reads author who has just published the most gorgeous book ever called The Impossibility of Us. I want to kiss that book it’s so glorious. 
Amy Giles: Her debut Now Is Everything absolutely left me breathless, and I cannot wait to jump into her next thriller, That Night.   

Q: What would be your go to meal, outing and Starbucks/Tim Horton’s Drink
A: My first suggestion when someone asks where I want to go out to eat is always my favorite local Mexican restaurant. Bring me chips and guac and I’m a happy camper. As for my favorite Starbucks drink, I’m not really a coffee girl (*gasp*) but I do like their Passion Tea Lemonades. 

Q: Kiss, Kill and Marry:
(Uncle Jesse from Full House, Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles, and Jess Mariano from Gilmore Girls)
A: Kiss: Jake Ryan (he’s cute and all but lacks some substance) 
Marry: Jess Mariano (man of my childhood dreams)
Kill: Uncle Jesse (so sorry Uncle J, I have no mercy) 

Q: If you were stuck on an Island what would be the three things you would want with you?
A: Some sort of water filter that could make salt water drinkable. An endless supply of matches. And my wife, Katniss Everdeen. 

Q: What sort of advice can you give to anyone out there that’s thinking about writing a novel? 
A: Just do it! Whatever fear is holding you back right now, whether you think no one will read it or the market isn’t right for your idea—the market is literally always changing, and people are still desperate to see their experiences reflected in literature. You could be that author that finally has a piece that reflects their experience. How cool is that to think about? 

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Here's Where You Can Find Maggie!

That's all for this week's Empowered Wednesday's! I hope you enjoyed this new feature! Check back here next week where a brand new creator will be featured on the blog!!

So until the next time, Keep Reading!

Your Graduated Bookworm!! :)

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