Thursday, November 1, 2018

NaNo WriMo 2018!

Happy first of November bookworms, which also calls for happy NaNo WriMo Day!! This is the one time of the year where all the writers come out from their caves to join a large group of passionate people to empower one another to get the writing done and finish their novel...whether it be the first time or the millionth time!

So the real question is...WHAT'S YOUR NOVEL??? For myself I'm going to be working on a project that I've been writing for the past few years!

excited episode 7 GIF by The Bachelor It's called Under The Scars which is about a couple who meet for the first time in over six years under less than normal circumstances that bring them together. When she finds out her mother has cancer and only a few months left to live, she is unraveling, trying to figure out how she never knew about it while away, along with more secrets coming out along the way! It seems a little complicated, but if I laid out all of the spoilers for you, then what would be the point in reading it??!

Now I guess another question you're asking yourself is, what the heck is NaNo WriMo?? Well, it is formally called National Novel Writing Month where you can track and try to write 50 thousand words (Basic novel word count) within thirty days. It may seem hard to think about that word count, but if you think about it day by day, it's only around 1600 words, which is nothing!!

Here is where the amazing news comes in!! I've created an entire booklet for those of you who have been writing before, or are starting for the first time and aren't entirely sure what to do or where to start! This is a FREEBIE to all my subscribers, readers, followers, and fellow lovers of writing and reading! So be sure to share the news, in every way possible to get the word out for this FREEBIE before it's gone!! Be sure to click the photo below or any of the links to it!!

Please let me know if this booklet is helpful to you, and if you used/shared it, because I think the more hands this gets into, the better! Who else is ready for NaNo WriMo?!? I realize it's already the first day, however, I know that we can always binge-type (is that even a thing? is now!) and get our words out after or during the use of this FREEBIE!

Personally I find it better to print out the document and write on it, because I feel like when you write it all down, it makes it easier to look at and remember when working on the characters and the scenes!

That's all for my blog post today for NaNo WriMo, I hope you all do well, and remember to share this FREEBIE to everyone to get their hands on it before it's gone!! Also if you want to add me as a buddy on the NaNo website, I'm under @Thegraduatedbookworm! And be sure to tag me in your posts using the booklet, I'd love to see your posts!!

So, until the next time, Keep Reading (And Writing!!)

Your Graduated Bookworm!! :)

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