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Me (and) Me By: Alice Kuipers

Me and Me
Author: Alice Kuipers
Publisher: Harper Collins
Published: April 2017
Format: Paperback ARC
Pages: 288
Rating: 2/5
It’s Lark’s seventeenth birthday, and although she’s hated to be reminded of the day ever since her mom’s death three years ago, it’s off to a great start. Lark has written a killer song to perform with her band, the weather is stunning and she’s got a date with gorgeous Alec. The two take a canoe out on the lake, and everything is perfect—until Lark hears the screams. Annabelle, a little girl she used to babysit, is drowning in the nearby reeds while Annabelle’s mom tries desperately to reach her. Lark and Alec are closer, and they both dive in. But Alec hits his head on a rock in the water and begins to flail.

Alec and Annabelle are drowning. And Lark can save only one of them.

Lark chooses, and in that moment her world splits into two distinct lives. She must live with the consequences of both choices. As Lark finds herself going down more than one path, she has to decide: Which life is the right one?

I want to give a thanks to Harper Collins Canada for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review.

I'm sure you're already wondering what I could possibly say about this book based off the rating right? I never really enjoy writing a review like this when I don't like it, but I'm sure many of you know me now to know that I will ALWAYS write my review honestly. As someone who is hoping to be in the field as well, I can understand the amount of pressure and different ratings, but like I said before, I won't change it. I had been talking to a few blogger who also received this book and it was a mix. I know one had DNF'd it (Did Not Finish) and it made me think if I should really finish reading it. I mean of course I did, but sometimes when there are more people out there that kind of agree with what you're feeling, it makes you wonder if it's worth it...

For me, I really found it hard to stay entertained. I felt like it took way too long to get into the book and keep me interested. For a majority of the book I felt like Lark was so fragile and didn't understand a LOT.

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Throughout the novel there is this push and pull of Lark being in almost two places at once, and it had me all kinds of confused. I didn't clue in until later that it was intended to be parallel worlds. I felt like something of that sort should have been mentioned way earlier in the novel.

Between Lark, her father, and both characters that she had to decide who to save, I felt like they didn't have much between them. As if Lark had some connection, but you couldn't fully feel that their connection was "Life saving" strong enough. I think that what would have made at least the beginning of each chapter better would be if it described each world with a key word. When you're reading the book, the font does change, but for someone who reads so much so often, it honestly just blends in if it's not italics or bold.

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Overall this book wasn't my favourite. There were a couple moments that seemed interesting, and it caught my attention, but it also took about 90 percent of the book to actually have something hook me. I felt like there wasn't much depth between the characters, and Lark especially was as if she was forever in the middle unsure what what choice to make or what to do. Very rarely do you get to learn about her mother, and when the parallel world finally gets spoken about, it's almost too late...

That's all for my review of ME (and) ME, I hope you enjoyed it, and honestly if you did read this and feel the same or even feel completely opposite of me, I would love if you sent me a message or commented below! That's the best part of reviews and opinions, as some people are different!

So until the next time, Keep Reading!

Your Graduated Bookworm!! :)

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