Saturday, April 15, 2017

Shari Scribbles Product Review

Hey there bookworms! I hope you've all been reading up a storm! Although I should have a review for you soon, I thought I would share some love to another shop that I've been in love with for a while now! So without anymore of my babbling talk of nonsense, let's get straight to the review!!

Shari Scribbles Bookmarks
Item: Handmade Magnetic Bookmarks
Material: Handmade design printed on card stock with magnets
Rating: 5/5

To give you all a little more information, I actually got to meet up with Shari the creator of these amazing bookmarks and shop before I even knew she had a shop open! Myself and a bunch of other book lovers and bloggers came together in the city and talked for what ended up being like five hours in the summer heat! It was so much fun, and almost immediately after that I purchased my first bookmark after Shari sent one as a gift for a review. I realize it's a long time coming, but I am so happy to have more of a collection to share!

Shari designs all of her bookmarks herself including custom orders. I've actually got I believe three customs created by her (one is of my cat Snuggles in the first photo, but I cannot seem to find it) that are honestly so detailed and perfect, I don't even know how she ends up making them all so amazing!

Every time you order from Shari, the bookmarks tend to arrive super fast from shipping date (Even faster for me since we live closer together) and are always very sturdy and secured inside the package it comes in! Not to mention her mad writing/cursive skills that you get on the front package that looks so cute, you almost don't want to throw it away!

So as you can see from the photo above here, each bookmark is created with a lot of love and a lot of care! Shari uses great card stock materials as well as very sturdy bookmarks to ensure that you never lose your page! I mostly have used my bookmarks for my photos on Instagram (@Thegraduatedbookworm) but I also have used many (and are currently using some) for my books that I am reading or will be travelling with! What you also see is that she doesn't make the magnets the same small size to fit every bookmark, she actually fits the magnet to the size of the bookmark for a stronger hold!

Alright, so now getting to the major part of why everyone want's to know if "it's worth it." and I will say it TOTALLY IS!! I've broken down the price and customs so that you can get a little judge on how much it'll cost. The Bookmarks range anywhere between $3.50 CAD and up depending on custom orders, larger batches, or simply the design itself. So for you all wondering, my prices I'm showcasing are for the Beauty and the Beast: Formal Bookmarks.

Canadian Dollars: $10.00  
Canadian Shipping: $2.00  
Canadian Customs: No

 US Dollars: $7.50  
US Shipping: $1.80 
US Customs: Yes

British Pound: £5.99
British Shipping: £3.00
British Customs: Yes   

So as you can see the prices are vary reasonable, and the shipping isn't too expensive either! For what you're getting and for how durable they are, I honestly think that it's worth every dollar you spend! Not only are these bookmarks super cute, and totally fun to collect, Shari has such a creative thumb to make customs orders even more special. Whether it's a pet, person, character or plant, you can bet that Shari will be able to make your bookmark look so bad-ass, and ready for a photo session!

That's all for my review of Shari Scribbles Bookmarks! If you like or love what you see, then click the link and check out her other amazing designs, because I know there are some fans of what she has created!! And if you also want to follow her on her Bookstagram account and her shop account, be sure to follow both @Shariscribbles and @Colourmeread on Instagram!!

So until the next time, Keep Reading!
Your Graduated Bookworm!! :)

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