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Rebel Heart By: J.C. Hannigan

Rebel Heart (Rebel Series #2)
Author: J.C. Hannigan
Publisher: J.C. Hannigan
Published: November 2016
Format: E-Book ARC
Pages: 243
Rating: 5/5
In the four years since Elle Thompson's first love broke her heart, she hasn't been able to get over him and move on. Luckily, a tempting new romance begins to simmer—but then fate throws Elle and Braden back together again, and Elle is trapped between her past and her possible future.

Braden Miller regretted pushing Elle away from him the moment it happened. Blindsided by grief, he lost sight of what and who mattered and quickly hit rock bottom. Since then, he's kept his head down and worked on becoming a man he can be proud of. But coming home to Parry Sound means seeing Elle again. As they're constantly pushed in the same direction, Braden realizes that he has to make amends with more than just his family. 

Elle's yearning for both men in her life intensifies. Wavering between loyalty to one and memories of a long-ago flame with another, she struggles with her feelings. But fear of having her heart broken again keeps her from diving in either direction with both feet. Too bad it's not only her heart on the line... 

First I want to thank J.C Hannigan for having a Blog release blitz so that I could be part of it, because let me tell you book two was just as good as book one! I definitely felt all the feels, and there was a lot going on throughout!!

So you honestly dive right into this story as if it were continuing from book one. This time it is focusing on the characters Elle and Braden. Of course another Miller will come to light in the series, as it's all about the Rebels! Personally for me, the reason why I almost didn't give it a 5 star rating is that I just felt at some points it was focusing more on the #Rebelwedding rather than Elle and Braden. Also I found that there was a lot of push and pull happening. Sometimes I was just yelling into the book at the characters to just go for it, because I felt like they kept avoiding one another. But I still LOVED it!

If you read book one, you will have a total understanding of who both Elle and Braden are, and really it's just taking it to another level. When reading Rebel Heart, you really get more of a sense of how both of them felt after book one, and I honestly felt my heart breaking for Elle. She went through so much between the summer and finishing school. Not to mention the added on heartache of having to admit defeat when she's lost someone on call. It was almost as if all the odds were against her, and she wasn't entirely sure of who to believe, who to trust, and who she could give more than just her heart to. The decisions she had to make this time around not only were going to affect her heart.

Honestly, I felt a lot of pain and heartache in this book almost more than book one. You go into each and every aspect of the Miller's, Elle, and the Armstrong's and you see that they all have had their struggles. You also see how quickly they will come to anyone's defense, or to help in the simplest of ways. There is so much love travelling through that entire group of people (including Sue and Bill) that you kind of feel like you have become part of the family. There were definitely times where I felt like I was inside the book experiencing a lot of what Elle did.

"She was the only person to ever see me. Everyone else saw a rebel, a troublemaker. The wayward son of the old town drunk; the product of a broken family. Elle saw more. She still did even after everything I'd put her through."

Okay, WOWZA Braden!! Can I just say how attractive he was written? I don't know where a man like that is, but let me tell you...the feels are REAL! Of course there's so much more to him, and you honestly get it all. He went through so much himself after his loss, to completely losing control. He lost a lot that he really couldn't go back. He at least had enough to realize that it was time to turn his sh*t around! I loved seeing his improvement throughout the novel, and you see how much he is quite literally putting out for Elle. He wants to show her he has become someone she would be proud of. Someone that she would want to have in her life...or at least someone that she can forgive from the aftermath he left behind. Time and time again, I found myself yelling at Elle to just go back to him, because he clearly has become something of himself, but you all know, it's not that easy.

I couldn't put this book down! When I was forced to put it down, all I could think about were the characters and what was happening. Even late at night, when my eyes were deceiving me, I powered through because something would happen, and I immediately had to know!

I really felt like this book was more raw and powerful. The emotions were real, and it was a roller coaster ride. The constant feel if you could fully give in and believe that your heart wouldn't be broken again is something that anyone would struggle to do. If you add on to what Elle has gone through overall, you would understand her reasons. Also, if you understand Braden overall, you would totally get why he is trying so damn hard! There was a lot of push and pull happening, and although there were many scenes where I thought or I wanted them to get back together, I could totally understand the reasons not to. And it was hard!!

So of course I found a couple of quotes that kind of make you think about the characters,, and even root more for them...

"What I can't handle is not having you in my life. If all you can give me right now is your friendship, I'll take that. I just don't want to watch you walk away again."

"Maybe the reason why you can't let go is because your story isn't finished yet."

Overall this was an amazing book! There were many moments where you caught yourself feeling sorry, or saddened by what was happening. I also had moments where I couldn't believe what was happening, and I was so incredibly excited!! Totally fangirling over the ending, because it was seriously crazy! I totally want more of these characters, and I'll be sad if we really only get three books!! IT was so emotional, and you really got to see the underlying feelings from Elle and Braden, that may not have been apparent in the beginning. It was so fast paced, and I just couldn't strop reading!!

That's all for my review of Rebel Heart! I hope you enjoyed it and I am seriously urging you to read this series!! It's SO GOOD!!

So until the next time, Keep Reading!
Your Graduated Bookworm! :)

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