Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Book Beau Product Review

Hello Bookworms!! I am here today to finally talk about the one thing us bookworms should all have in our massive collection of books and bookish items! That would be the Book Beau! I am here today to do a review on the product and the lovely woman behind the scenes!

 Book Beau
Item: Book Protector
Material: Foam and Cotton
Pattern: Gold Arrows
Rating: 5/5

I found @Bookbeau on Instagram a while back and have been in love with Benita's designs ever since. I am not joking when I say that her shop open for a brief period of time and then is closed because she sells out in MINUTES!! I have been talking to her since and she is seriously the most amazing and generous person! I told her how much I loved her Beau's and she sent me one as a gift and it got here so fast I couldn't believe it!

Once I recevied the Book Beau, I kid you not, I was so happy and totally in love with the design (I love Arrows) I didn't tell her at all what I was into, she simply sent me one she thought I would love, and nailed it right on the head!! 

Inside the packaging of course is The Beau, but she also provides a cute Buisness card and a little thank you note! It really makes it more peronal when she is writing to you to thank you for purchasing one of her handmade products. :) Also can we talk about the cute little patch she always puts on the bottom of her Beau's? I have a different patch than the new ones that are out, but they're all so amazing!!

That being said, I'm going to break down the costs for you:

For the costs I am basing it off the lowest price which is $18 USD and have converted it to the proper amount accordingly. There are more products that can go up to $22 USD, but it depends on what you are requesting.

Canadian Dollars: $23.74       US Dollars: $18.00         British Pound: £14.14
Canadian Shipping: $19.78     US Shipping: $3.65        British Shipping: £18.07
Canadian Customs: Yes          US Customs: No             British Customs: Yes

Alright, so because I am in Canada (and the dollar is not really doing well...which is annoying) It is more expensive for me. Here is where I would say things that it's not worth it or it's the exact same cost as a Book subscription box. Which I mean is sort of true (the cost and the subscription part) but I am telling you it is SO WORTH IT!

I also tested out what I could store book-size inside the Beau. It naturally is fit for any self-published authors novel like the center photo. I was able to fit Colleen Hoover's Paperback of It Ends With Us. And lastly, I was actually able to get All The Bright Places to fit inside this Beau. It's a Hardcover and about 400 Pages... #Goals

Yes personally for myself, I could easily go and buy a box filled with a book and goodies, however, what would I put my book in to keep it protected for travelling?? Exactly! I would totally love to have maybe a bookmark or a cute little addition stored inside the beau as a little extra gift, but overall I still love it! When I opened the packaging, I could not stop feeling the softness of the Beau! I am serious! This Beau is honestly so soft yet still able to protect your book!!

So here is a comparison between a book I stored in my backpack for school without a beau, and a book I stored in my backpack with the beau. I will say that the one without the beau was a while back, and I know that juices wouldn't be able to stop getting through since the beau is made of cotton, HOWEVER it's still so much better than without one!

*Twilight is the one without the Beau and Overdrive is the one with the Beau*

As you can see, after reading and movement in my bag, I had bent and worn out pages. The cover was beginning to tear at the bottom, and of course a juice bottle exploded in my bag...

The one inside the beau remained perfect, as if I had just purchased it. No tears, nothing bent!

Overall I seriously LOVE BOOK BEAU! Benita is honestly such an amazing creator and person! These Beau's are all designed with different fabrics, and she always ensures that the Beau is carefully put together with some Tender Loving Care...and I'm sure a butt-load of Coffee ;) She has done so much and you can see that in her work! Always working on new designs and more to come out, It's a wonder she has any feeling in her hands!

The Book Beau is definitely expensive for Canadians, I'm not going to lie, but it is so worth it, because I don't know how many times I've had to pack clothes around my books to ensure that they wouldn't get damaged. They're super cute for travelling, and taking photos, and you'll definitely want to get more once you've gotten one! I know I'm waiting to snag a few (Including one for a giveaway, so stay tuned!!)

Anyway, that's all for my review of the Book Beau! I hope you really check it out! If you want to check out Benita and her shop, click here. If you want to see some pretty amazing photos from other Beau lovers like myself, click here!

So until the next time, Keep Reading!!
Your Graduated Bookworm!! :)


  1. I had never heard of these before. Looks like something all bookworms need

    1. It is definitely something that every bookworm needs to have! Seriously has saved a lot of my books since I got one!! :)


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