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September Book Haul PART 1

Hey Bookworms!! So let me explain why I have Part One written in the title. So after my book buying back from August (which clearly didn't work as I bought about 3 books) I knew that there was no way I would be able to not buy any books this month, considering it was my birthday month. So First I want to thank everyone who had wished me a happy birthday and sent me gifts as well. It was truly unexpected but so appreciated and I love you all for the love and lovely comments! So with that being said, here we go with my first part of my book haul!!

 Since Last Summer (Rules of Summer 2) By: Joanna Philbin
I picked up the first book in the series a while back when it was on sale. So naturally when I found book 2 on sale I just had to get it!

Due to spoilers, I will not read the synopsis, except that things will be getting extra special for Rory and Connor alone with Isabel and Mike... #shenanigans

Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls By: Jes Baker
I saw this book floating around the internet lately, and it seemed like an interesting choice for a title, so I figured I would check it out!

This is about Jes Baker and how she makes a case for embracing a body-positive worldview. She's also a blogger with honesty and wit! Definitely seems like an interesting read for sure! 

Emotions By: Arnulfo Cantarero
I received an ARC copy of this a long time ago by the author himself for a review. However due to me being in school at the time, I was never able to read it. So thankfully Arnulfo understood, and ended up sending me his Final edited copy (Which is a big difference to the ARC) for a review.

This story is about Jason Arizan whose 22 and has been cybernatically enhanced. He's an emotionless ET born to human parents and living among the world.

Beautiful Oblivion (The Maddox Brothers #1) By: Jamie McGuire
So with the new release from this series, I realized that I needed to get it! So much in the series that I just had to get the physical copies!

This is the story of Cami and Trenton Maddox. Both of their worlds are uniquely different, and when they come together, Cami is all about keeping it platonic...that is until a Maddox begins to fall in love with her.

Beautiful Redemption (The Maddox Brothers #2) By: Jamie McGuire
Alright so I also ordered book 2 in this batch, because there was no way that I was going to be buying just the first book...

This is the story about No-Nonsense Liis whose an FBI agent and Thomas Maddox a Special Agent. So when a crime that has been tied into the mob, Thomas has agreed to let Travis join the team and work with the FBI

 A Beautiful Funeral (The Maddox Brothers #5) By: Jamie McGuire
Alright, I'll confess... I had initially ordered this last book first, before getting the others in the series. Which is why I set out to at least the first two, then I could collect the others afterwards.

This is going back to the beginning with Travis Maddox, whose now working with Thomas, they have set out to catch the most violent crime Mob family. However things begin to rise, and tensions are high. Will the Maddox family be okay after all is said and done?
Nothing More (Landon Gibson #1) By: Anna Todd
So I heard that Anna Todd was coming out with this novel on Wattpad and that it would then be published by Simon and Schuster, so I had to add it to the collection!

This is the story of Landon Gibson (Whom I've heard is in the After Series?) who has moved to New York living with his best friend Tessa. But when they have similar things come up, and living in close quarters for so long, is it possible for things to sizzle?
 Ashes to Ashes (Burn for Burn #3) By: Jenny Han
I had been waiting a long time for the hardcover of this book, but then completely forgot about it. So I ended up ordering the paperback, and boom! The hardcover is back and it's on sale...go me.

This is the last book in the series, so due to spoilers, I won't read it! #Sorry
Change of Heart (Fostering Love #2) By: Nicole Jacquelyn
I picked up book one in this series after all of the raves for it, and I am so happy that the second book came out already!

I haven't read the first book yet, so I won't be spoiling myself either with this. 
Ice Like Fire (Snow Like Ashes #2) By: Sara Raasch
Another book that I finally got my hands on in the series!

I guess I'm all about collecting at this point! I just love the covers of these books, and I know that book three is out, but I'll be waiting for paperback (as that's what I have)

Due to spoilers (I know I suck) I won't be writing it. 
Always Kiss Me Goodnight and Never Kiss and Tell By: Megan Gaudino
I received these two books in the series by the author herself. Honestly, I have been in love with the cover of this book since I started my Instagram feed!

This is about seventeen year old Sophia who is trying to coast through junior year. However with her parents being so obsessed with her Olympic swimming brother and a best friend who can predict her death.

now with her having to dodge all of these potential death accidents, and trying to get over her ex-boyfriend, she runs into the mysterious Leo Knight.

Things are about to change for these two, and considering there is a second, it'' becpme a lot more interestng!

Nerve By: Jeanne Ryan
I've seen this floating around everywhere as well! This is now becoming a movie (or already has) and I was so intrigued by it, that I had to pick it up!

Vee is picked to be a player in the game Nerve. An anonymous game of dares broadcast to everyone around the world live, to win prizes. They begin to tempt her with prizes from her "Thisisme" page and team her up with the hot Ian. When things begin to get exciting, they also begin to get dangerous.
Dark Matter By: Blake Crouch
I received a copy of this from the lovely people at Indigo Chapters.

This is about Jason Dessen and how he has woken up to his life, however it's not the one he knows. Meeting his apparent wife and child, he knows doesn't exist, he must begin to uncover all of what is happening to his life, and to make it back to his real one.

Gemini By: Sonya Mukherjee
I received this from Sonya herself for an honest review. I will admit that I haven't gotten to it, although I am excited to read this interesting story!

Seventeen year old conjoined twins have lived in the same small town their entire lives. Clara wants to stay close to home, and Hailey wants to travel and leave. When things get more heated with crushes, and the possibility of separating could this be the end of the two sisters bond?

Dark Vengeance Vol. 2 (Witch Season #3-4) By: Jeff Mariotte
Alright, so I picked up the first Volume about a year ago...have I read it yet? Nope! But I finally was able to track down the second volume in the series (which you cannot get in store) and add it to my TBR.

I never realized how many books that Jeff Mariotte has actually's a lot! Due to this being a second in a series, I won't spoil it again, however there is a lot of talk about witches and love...
Bliss By: Shay Mitchell and Michaela Blaney
I knew that Shay Mitchell had written a book, however I didn't know that it was fictional! #WHAAAT Of course I have read books that celebrities have written and more often than not, it's not good. Simple as that. However she's Canadian so I'm on her side, and definitely interested in the Canadian talk within the pages!! I also happened to find the hardcover on sale so it was a simple grab!

Sophia Marcus is 21 and already mapped out her life as a Hollywood actor on her vision board. Her life in Toronto is anything but exciting, however her friend from high school is building her perfect boyfriend. So when they set out to Thailand, things are definitely about to get adventurous!

Alright, that's all for m first part of my book haul! I hope you enjoyed it, and sorry for the lack of information on books in a series, but who really wants to be spoiled?? Not me! ;)

So until the next time, Keep Reading!
Your Graduated Bookworm!! :)

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