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Top Ten Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday once again Bookworms!! So It's been a LONG time since I posted my last Top Ten Tuesday, but with the use of my Bullet Journal, I am hoping to keep myself more organized and have more Top Ten's for you all!! Of course as all Top Ten Tuesday's go, they are subject to change, as I read more books throughout the year. So as requested by the lovelies over on my Instagram page, I bring you the ultimate Top Ten Tuesday.....

Top Ten Book Boyfriends

Can I just say that it was incredibly hard to pick only ten of these Male characters to be featured today. I had a list of at least 21 guys to pick from for this Top Ten, and believe me it was hard! They are not in any order, just the main squeeze to have! So let's get started with my Top Ten Book Boyfriends!

1. Lucas
Alright, so if you've read this, you will know that this isn't a very light-hearted book. There are a lot of serious discussions happening, and serious scenes, but honestly it's a great read! But Lucas seems to be this bad-boy with a need to protect. I mean it also helps that he is hot and can kick ass...all secrets aside.
love sexy hot guy skylar astin

2. Four
It's no secret that everyone loves a bad-boy. Of course when it comes to Four, he has that down to a T. Coming from different backgrounds and forced into a society where you must pick a Faction for the rest of your life takes a toll. He is protective for the ones he truly cares for, and literally will do anything. Also I mean when he looks like this, it makes things a whole lot easier :)
perfect thumbs up theo james

Travis Maddox, where do I begin...He is a player, he is hot, yet there's something that no one really knows about him...until he meets Abby Abernathy. From the beginning of this, you are so captured, and can tell this will be a long and wild ride. Travis has a heart of gold, he just doesn't show it through that rough...and rugged exterior. He is protective, and has ways of making sure that those he cares for (and I mean really cares for) are in a good place, and no harm comes from them. He will do whatever it takes to keep them safe, and wow talk about sizzle in here! Is it just me or is it getting hot??
shirtless abs hot guy washboard abs

It's absolutely normal for a girl to sing in the shower. Same goes for a guy. However when they both start harmonizing from across the shower rooms, things begin to get steamy, and I don't just mean from the shower itself. I love every Songbird book I have read, but there is something about Cole that leaves you with all the feels and a whole lot of swooning!
reactions crush flirting alicia silverstone interested

So Jarod is a sheriff. The youngest in his county, but that has yet to stop him from pursuing his dreams and solving crimes. We go more in depth in his own novel this time, after being introduced in Jason's Princess. Jarod has a hard armor to get through. He doesn't let anyone in due to his past, taking a hard blow. Lauren has always loved him, and you can tell she always will, but when things take (Multiple) turns, you just never know what will happen. He is definitely protective, and has a heart of gold, but what will break that wall??

Ky Crawford. A man with a haunted past, and a constant revolving door. Eden Rivers was trying to forget all of her past, and had no intention of saying NO, or ever going back to her home town. Of course once these two bump into one another, their past starts to come forward, revealing all things they feared. One month together, and everything changes. Ky is definitely hot, but also has another side. He is protective over Eden, more than he cares to admit, and he definitely knows how to ensure his family is okay.
latelateshow  hot james corden late late show sweating

You couldn't think that I would let one Crawford be in my Top Ten could you?? NO WAY! Although they are both protective, they also have their own ways of dealing with issues, as well as keeping those they love safe. Josh is a total playboy, who has a constant revolving door, more than his big brother. Always looking for another hot thing to add under his belt, when the perfect girl has been right there within the mix. A definite roller coaster ride of love, hate, and a whole lot of raw emotion!

What is there to say about Caleb Sawyer? He is a total Bad-ass Bad-boy (yes I went there!) who is maybe not in the best lifestyle, but it works for him. He has two different sides to him, that make him so irresistible. He definitely is protective, and generally has to be, because of his job/life. Falling for him may be the easiest thing, but staying with him could be the hardest. He loves fiercely, but is definitely stubborn when it comes to letting his guard down sometimes. Of course you have your fair share of yelling at him, but he is totally swoon-worthy and totally reminds me of this guy (Which is a total BONUS!)

Yet another brother I had to add into this mix. Seriously, I must have a thing for brothers in novels, because I still had like two other set of brother's that almost made my list! Jason King is protective, cocky, and an all around bad-boy. Fighting is in his blood, but he does it with integrity. He is a total family man, which makes this novel a swoon fest. He cares for everyone close to him, and will stop at nothing to protect them. He sometimes doesn't know when to stop, which makes him so damn annoying at times (in a good way). He loves fiercely, and definitely knows how to get what he wants.

10. Ben
This was really hard, because I recently read another book with a novelist, and it was so close either way. What brings Ben to the top ten list (and definitely not the last!) is the fact that, yes he had a past (and so do all the rest) but he is trying to move forward. He has a big heart, and you can catch him evolving from the beginning to the end. Of course there were many twists in this novel and Colleen Hoover definitely plays with the heartstrings, but Ben...WOW.  So many layers to that man, and I loved reading about what was inside his head! Honestly never spent so much time on a book hangover... 

That is all for my Top Ten Tuesday Bookworms!! So many guys to pick from, and honestly I found it so hard to bring it down to Ten! As you can tell, I clearly have a thing for the bad-boys in novels, as well as the ones who are protective. I'm sure many of you have your own indicators for book boyfriends, so I'd love to hear it! I've provided links to all of these books in the Names listed, so go check them out! I have done reviews on my blog here, if you want to read more about some of these characters! (go to my Review Page) If you have read ant of these books, let me know if they made your Top Ten, and if you haven't, what are some of your Top Ten Book Boyfriends??

So until the next time, Keep Reading!!
Your Graduated Bookworm!! :)

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