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Mythical (Mystical #2) By: Michael Weekly

Mythical (Mystical #2)
Author: Michael Weekly
Published: June 2016
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Format: E-Book
Pages: 374
Rating: 4.5/5
When you’re a witch in a kingdom of Elves, there’s bound to be conflict… 

Eliza Rose finds herself in a world full of Elves—the very creatures she is sworn to kill. To make matters worse, she is forced to slay her own mother. But one question remains. Why was her mother in such a horrid place to begin with? Eliza and Donovan cannot face the dangers of Ellevil alone…

When the Elf, Christian, meets Eliza for the first time, he knows he must have her. As a master of manipulation, he will do anything he can to get his way. Donovan has left his old gang life behind. In his journeys with Eliza, he has seen her talents as an assassin bloom. He wants what is best for her, and he is certain that Christian is anything but. 

In a land of pure beings called Mystics, not all of them are what they seem… 

When Eliza falls in love with Christian, only Donovan knows the Elf can’t be trusted. Christian manipulates the myth within her to come forth, and Eliza’s hidden power is unleashed, bringing her true nature to light. 

Answers might be found in the fairy and mermaid kingdoms… 

To discover why Eliza’s mother was in Ellevil, Eliza and Christian must embark on a journey to the fairy and mermaid kingdoms. As challenges continue to unfold, Eliza is forced to choose between her hidden power and the witch she truly is. Eliza Rose must unlock her hidden power in order to survive, but time is running out. 

Corruption may overcome her—the same way it consumed her mother.

Thank you SO MUCH to Michael Weekly for sending me an ARC copy for review!! Of course once I finally finished Mystical, I seriously just had to know what was going to happen to Eliza, and I sure was not disappointed!! There was so much going on in this continuation, that I had so many mixed emotions! Definitely better than the first, as there is a lot more going on!

So right off the bat, you start straight from the ending of Mystical. It's sure going to be hard not to spoil anything for those who have not read this series before! You definitely start right away and it just keeps going from there!

There was so much action and intense moments, I kind of had to stop myself and slow down a little bit to get all caught up! It was totally fast paced, you really don't want to put it down! By now, you kind of understand who Eliza is and what she is capable of, but just when you're getting comfortable..BAM! A twist to keep it going and keep you on your toes!

shocked surprised shock gasp taken aback

While reading through it completely, I found myself multiple times wondering who to trust. You enter a new important character into the mix (Christian) and you get a buttload of action, drama, and total mind-blowing scenes. I never read the synopsis for Mythical, so I think that's why I was even more shocked as to everything that really happened! I totally am still all for #ROSOVAN and I don't think that I really am for Christian and Eliza...However I was definitely not liking anyone for a good period of time.

I found at some points that I just didn't like Eliza and everything that was going on. Of course I mean that in a good way because Michael made me feel love, lust, hate, and a whole slew of other emotions towards all of these characters.

I did get a little confused at some parts over what was really going on, and found that there was maybe a little too much going on in a couple chapters. Of course I figured it all out, and realized that there was SO much more going on than I thought! I can't say much (because spoilers..duhh!) but WOW! From beginning to end you go from one obstacle to the next, and as the novel moves on, you get to know a LOT more about Eliza and things that she is capable of that not everyone may be able to notice, do or even understand. I found that I couldn't take my eyes off the screen, because it was just so intense!
face leonardo dicaprio teeth fierce intense

Now I do wish that there was more in the romance department between Eliza and someone (or someones...haha!) but there wasn't much. I get that the story isn't meant to be all about romance, but more about her trying to find herself, and figure out what is going on, but I think it would have been a little bit more crazy, if she were to become romantic to someone (and once you read this I'm sure you'll know who) because I think it would make the story a little more dramatic for her and the other main characters in this novel.

Moving on from romance (because clearly I can't get enough in novels) I have to say that Michael really had me going! I felt like I was trapped in this huge mind game, thinking about who was really bad, who was pretending, and who just seriously needs an Ass Whopping!! The way that Christian is able to manipulate, really had me examining a lot of things! I felt as if I was actually stuck inside Eliza's head, questioning everything myself! I hope that for myself, reading this, I can say that I seriously don't like Christian. I was skeptical at the beginning, then kind of gave in, but towards the end, realizing what was totally going on, and how things were being played out, I just cant stand him! He needs to go, and I think that Donovan or better yet, Eliza should take care of that...

globalentertainment  supergirl girl power kick ass

Of course while reading, I found some really interesting quotes, and also some amazing one-liners that I just couldn't get over!! Of course the one-liners, I'm not going to show, because most of them reveal a lot in the story! But, here are the quotes that really capture a lot of this story!

"It feels right to fall into the unknown though; maybe it's because I'm a witch. Maybe it's because of my instinct...Maybe it's because I'm more of a daredevil and he's the devil himself."

"Every Rose needs the rain sometimes."

Another thing while I was reading, I found one part where Dawn is in the story, but of course never for long! She needs to come back!! I really want to know more about her, and what's been going on since Eliza went on this trip!

Lastly can I just say #CLIFFHANGERMUCH?!! Michael, seriously! There were multiple times when I was reading and was hoping that it wouldn't be the end, because it seriously would have killed me! Still he managed to get it done, and now I'm left here wondering what is going to happen in his last novel Magical, because with an ending like that? I can only hope that more *Magic* will be going down!

Overall I really loved this book! There was so much going on, it really kept me on my toes, and it was totally a non-stop action packed book! There were a lot of moments that really had me questioning the truthfulness of some characters, and constantly wondering who was the right person to go with, and if people were actually telling Eliza the right things. I will admit that I've never really liked reading fantasy novels, because of all the Vampires, Witches, Elves, Fairies, etc. BUT after reading both Mystical and now Mythical, I am definitely interested in reading more from this genre! I do wish that some parts may have been slowed down a bit and maybe a little more romance, but overall it was totally awesome!

That is all for my review of Mythical! Thanks again Michael for sending me a copy!

So until the next time, Keep Reading!!
Your Graduated Bookworm!! :)

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