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January Book Haul!!

So the holidays came and went faster than Santa on his sleigh! I don't know when I ever stopped eating from all of the pot lucks, snacks, treats, and then the final dinner! But with that being said, it also means that I was able to spend time shopping in my favourite place! (The bookstore!) I got quite a few books for this month, and some that were e-books as well. I know I haven't normally posted e-books but we are just going to start right now! New Year right? ;)

 The Writer's Little Helper By: James V. Smith Jr.
So if some of you don't know, I have been working more on my writing, and creating (trying to finish) some of my novels that I have been working on. So as a little help, I have been collecting more and more writing books.

This is all about big ideas and saving tips, as well as revising made easy. There is also a lot of tips on helping create great characters and expand your creativity.
 Scarlet and Cress (lunar Chronicles #2-3) By: Marissa Meyer
I am part of a book club called ClockworkReaders. We have started our book club off with Cinder, which I loved! We have divided up our reading to classic and YA, so for the month of January, it's Cinder, February Jane Austen, and March is Scarlet. I know a lot of back and forth, but it builds the anticipation!

So of course Cinder being a cyborg, she is the beginning of the series. In Scarlet we take a look at the retelling of Little Red Riding Hood with a twist. Scarlet's grandmother is missing, but has just found out new information about her she didn't know about.

In Cress which is the third book, you are reading about a retelling of Rapunzel. Without reading too much as to what happens, all I can tell you is that they do all connect to one another and each character from previous stories are in this one as well.

Only one way to find out how this ends...
 The Edge of Never &The Edge of Always (#1-2) By: J. A. Redmerski
I have seen these books floating around for quite some time. I have heard nothing but rave reviews for this series, so when I saw the second book in the bargain section, I couldn't help but just buy them both.

So this story is about a 20 year old named Camryn who was not your typical cookie cutter girl. She is moving in with her best friend in hopes of starting a new job.

Once she gets there she finds Andrew. Of course there is going to be issues, but other than that  and her falling in love with him, there is clearly more to the story. It also contains mature content, so it's recommended for 17+

Vintage Attraction By: Charles Blackstone
I picked this up in the bargain section as well, and I was immediately caught by the cover. The colours just popped and as soon as I read the synopsis, I knew that I had to get this.

This is a story about Peter and Izzy. Peter is lonely and frustrated with his career, and not doing the best in the dating department. On a whim, he decides to be a guest on a dating show. Izzy being a girl who knows the ins and outs of wine, and fine life is about to embark on an adventurous time with Peter and hopefully a new love will blossom?
 Wait For You By: J. Lynn
So while on my adventure to the bookstore with @floralsndragons we came across some Jennifer L. Armentrout books and I have heard she is a great writer. So as I picked up a copy of this, I noticed that it was a signed copy!! So being curious, Vee got the only other copy (Which was also signed!) So we definitely scored in that department.

This is about Avery Morgansten who is travelling thousands of miles to start college. She is doing this to escape her past which has haunted her for years. Of course here comes Cameron Hamilton who is all kinds of swoon worthy...

 Pride and Prejudice By: Jane Austen
I've seen the movie, but haven't actually read the book. I can't say that I have read a lot of classic books except the few for class in high school. My book club is reading this for the month of February, and I can say that I am already excited to get to this.

Everyone knows that this is the most powerful love story between Elizabeth Bennet and the infamous Mr. Darcy. Of course she is repelled by the man at first...but sometimes it's not always love at first sight.
Where Sea Meets Sky (Where Sea Meets Sky #1) By: Karina Halle
Another book I picked up on my adventure. This is the first book in the series, and judging from the cover, I can sure expect there to be a lot of sizzling romance involved.

Josh Miles has been working his butt off and still living at home. With no energy to leave, he meets Gemma Henare who is an out-of-towner from New Zealand. Their One-night stand turns into something more, but can it really end well?
 The Lifeboat Clique By: Kathy Parks
I received this ARC from Harper Collins Canada (Thank you!) From the beginning, this cover caught my attention, and then reading about this hilarious story, had me wanting more!

Denver has snuck into a Malibu Beach Party, where her ex-BFF and crush happen to be there among others who don't necessarily enjoy her company. All of a sudden a tsunami hits, leaving them all stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean. What could come good of this?...
 How to Write Romantic Fiction By: Sophie King
While hanging out with a friend, I noticed she had a copy of this book on her shelf. Of course me being one to get back into writing, and romance being my area of interest, I figured it would be good to get my hands on a copy for myself!

This book provides all the tips on providing sizzle and create heroes and heroines who can be relatable and believable. It will also give you advice on creating plots that will keep your readers up all night! Sounds like my kind of novel!
 Once Again (Once Upon a Time #2-3) By: Liz Braswell
Another great cover that Vee picked up. To be honest I have never heard of this book or series, but I know that they happen to be retelling's, which I have become more of a fan of lately after reading Cinder.

The first is about Jessica looking for her father after her mother's death. The second is about Princess Aurore who has her fate of sleeping for a hundred years after pricking her finger, she decides to embark on a dangerous journey to end the evil, but will it be too late to stop the curse?
Missing Dixie (Neon Dreams #3) By: Caisey Quinn
This is the third book in the series, and I am finally able to binge-read them all! I have heard that these books are seriously addictive, and you will not want to put them down.

This is the story of Gavin and Dixie. Both with a past that they may not want to truly discuss, yet it has kept them from moving forward.

Are second chances always the best thing to do?
 Carry Your Heart &Carry You Home (#1-2) By: K. Ryan
So if you all follow me on Instagram, you will know that I actually read these books already....and I LOVED THEM! The author sent me these e-books for review as her second novel was being published in February.

As soon as I read the synopsis for the first, I knew I wanted to read these, and boy was I right!

This is the story about Isabelle and Caleb. They used to go to school together since they were little, and with the death of Isabelle's mother a few months ago, she has come home to take care of things.

Never wanting to step foot back in her home town, she knew that there were going to be a lot of people she would have to force herself to see.

Caleb's life is all about the Club, and nothing more. His girlfriend is leaving him to go to University, and he just can't see himself leaving from the place where he grew up.

Isabelle takes a job at Caleb's work, and you can only imagine what will happen...

So there is my Book Haul for the month of January! There are quite a lot of reads that I wish I could read right away, although I have so much to catch up on!

If there are any reads you think I should bump up on my TBR pile let me know!

So until the next time! Keep Reading!
Your Graduated Bookworm! :)

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  1. Great haul! I'm not sure if you've read them yet but Scarlet and Cress are amazing!


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