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November Book Haul!!

Happy end to November bookworms! With December looming around, as well as the holidays about to come up, I know a lot of people go into crazy mode with getting gifts. Some are hard to shop for, and some not so much. A person like myself wants pretty much one thing.....BOOKS! Okay maybe a couple other items as well, but I mean a bookworm should definitely have books on their mind. With that being said, here is my book haul for the month of November! I hope you enjoy!!

Gifted & Talented By: Wendy Holden
Okay, so you're in the bookstore, and you see a table filled with bargain stop and see quite a few items that peak your interest! This is exactly what happened to me, and on more that one occasion!

Gifted & Talented is about a few characters with their own lives, and all have something different going on that all comes back to University. Some have graduated, some starting, and some right in the middle not knowing what to do. This sounded like a cool read, especially since I am in post-secondary myself. I feel like there may be a connection with all of the characters to something, but I don't know what yet...

The Proposal By: Tasmina Perry
So another great bargain find! I actually picked this up not only for myself but a friend of mine and sent it to her!

This is about two different stories. 1958, an eighteen year old is getting ready for the debutante season, but wanting to become a writer. 2012 a woman wanting to meet her match, but wanting to leave London to work in Manhattan. I'm pretty sure these two stories connect in some way, and I sure cannot wait to find out!!

The Retribution of Mara Dyer (Mara Dyer #3) By: Michelle Hodkin
FINALLY! I have been waiting forever to pick up the last installment in the series in paperback. I got the first one from a half price book store, and of course could not get the other two in a hardcover format :D haha!!

Without spoiling, as I have not read the series, all I can really say is that Mara Dyer is faced with more obstacles and finding out the truth in the last novel. If you've read this, let me know what you think!
 Black Ice By: Becca Fitzpatrick
So while shopping with @Floralsndragons one day, we passed by Black Ice. I was told that it was a pretty good read, so I figured I would give it a shot.

Black Ice is about a girl named Britt Pheiffer who plans to backpack the Teton Range. However her ex-boyfriend Calvin wants to tag along with her, and for some reason she agrees... WHAT??!?! An unexpected blizzard appears, and a whole lot of twists happen. I wonder what will happen for the ex-happy couple?
 Luckiest Girl Alive By: Jessica Knoll
I have seen this novel around Instagram a lot lately, and when I saw it lying around at Chapters, I figured I would pick it up. Also, I really like the cover for this book! Although there is a big black rose, there is something so complete and beautiful about it.

Luckiest Girl Alive is about Ani FaNelli and how she was able to get away from the terrors of high school and turn into a powerful woman. One thing that stays is a secret from her past. I feel like once this secret comes out, she may not be the glamorous woman she once was...maybe?
Strange Girl By: Christopher Pike
I know, I know! Another Christopher pike novel. I think I have only read like one of his books, but it was so amazing that I just ended up slowly buying all of his other works.

Fred has feels for Aja, Aja has a secret gift. Their relationship could have been all a lie, or it could have been something magical. Fred is trying to understand what kind of gift Aja has, so he can figure out what their future may become.

November 9 By: Colleen Hoover
If you have not checked out my review for this outstanding novel, I am telling you to go over and check it out! I was lucky enough to find a copy of November 9 on shelves a week before it's publishing date. @flroalsndragons and I decided to read this for our book club (link is in the review!) Colleen did not disappoint, and now I am hooked to her.

This is a story about Fallon and Ben. Two people who were unexpectedly put into situations that left them wanting more. Fallon, a girl who decides to move cross-country and Ben an aspiring novelist, come together on this day and decide to meet up on that day each year for the next 5 years...what could go wrong, right?

 Attachments By: Rainbow Rowell
Another book I picked up with @floralsndraons. This one was recommended to us by one of our followers, and we plan to be adding it to our book club!

Beth and Jennifer know that someone is reading their emails. So what do they do? start sending hilarious messages to one another. The downfall? The man paid to clean the messages starts reading and falls in love with does he tell her without coming off as weird?
 OCD Love Story By: Corey Ann Haydu
This book I have had on my "To Buy" list for quite some time! There's something about this cover that kind of draws you into whatever the story may be.

So Bea meets Beck and has this strong connection that is undeniable...the only problem is Bea can't stop thinking about someone else, who doesn't even know she exists. What will happen between this messed up love triangle (if you can call it that) who knows1
 Before We Were Strangers By: Renee Carlino
I picked this up on another shopping day (I have way too many of these! haha!!) I had seen this a couple times, and it really caught my attention.

This story is about two people who met 15 years ago at NYU. They became close, and yet somehow it slipped underneath their feet. There isn't much about this story that wouldn't give much away, but I really love anything that's relatable to NA.
 Big Magic By: Elizabeth Gilbert
I grabbed this novel on sale, but I was also told how much of a great read it is. I don't normally get books that are self help, or about helping bring out some form of an inner you that's great, but I have gotten onto the bandwagon for this book...and who doesn't love this cover!!

This is all about finding your inner creativity and embracing it! I am super excited to give this a read!
 Come Back To Me By: Mila Gray
I was lucky to receive this from Simon and Schuster Canada (Thank-You!)

Come Back To Me is a heart-wrenching story about a Marine and his best friends sister...Need I say more?!

Kit Ryan is back home on leave and is immediately drawn to his friend's sister Jessa. Will the one person get in the way, or will it be harder to say goodbye to someone who could be your forever?
 All We Left Behind By: Ingrid Sundberg
Another book from Simon and Schuster Canada. I was drawn to the way they had created the simplicity of the cover, and I'm glad to have gotten it! Also the fact that its based on a BOOKWORM!!! :D

For people who love Eimone Elkeles and Courtney Summers, this one may become your next favorite read. When Marion Taylor, a shy bookworm meets the captain of the soccer team, Kurt Medford, what would be a stereotypical romance, takes a turn for something all whacked out! Of course there is a daunting past that causes a mess between the two...

 Virtually in Love By: A. Destiny and Catherine Hapka
Another book I received from Simon and Schuster Canada (They really spoiled me!) You all know I love romance novels, so I couldn't ignore this pretty book either!

This book is all about firsts when it comes to relationships. Chloe has two guys fighting for her love. One is her best guy friend who is always there, and the other is an amazing (almost) boyfriend who she only sees or speaks to from the internet...How will she choose, especially when one is living hundreds of miles away?
 This May Sound Crazy By: Abigail Breslin
Another genre I don't usually read. I'm not one for reading biographies on celebrities, but I guess it's a year for firsts in expanding my genre reading.

Her novel is all about nonfiction essays on love, loss and Tumblr. I think that this was a book that was more non-traditional, because it's more about humor and modern society. I have heard great things about it, so I can't wait!
 A Healing Heart (Riverview Series #1) By: Melissa A. Hanson
This lovely author contacted me, and asked if I would read her first two novels in this series for an honest review. I of course accepted, as this is all about romance!

This story starts out with Bailey Walsh who had to experience loss of her family at such a young age. Two years later, living with relatives she decides to take a kid she is babysitting to the park. She there meets Collin, who somehow makes her believe that life is worth living...

 A Healing Heart (Riverview Series #2) By: Melissa A. Hanson
So Melissa gave me the second book in her series as well.

I believe that this can be a stand-alone novel. Mia Kinney immediately is minutes away of death, but is calmed by her rescuer with a southern drawl and green eyes...(Swoooon!!)

Jarod's Heart (King Brother Stories #2) By: Elise Manion
Elise has become a great author friend of mine, supporting me from the beginning of my blog. I was lucky to win her first novel from a Goodreads Giveaway (and am currently re-reading!) She sent me her second novel to read and review, as I will also be doing an Interview with her!!

Can be read as a standalone. Jarod is the oldest brother in the King family, and the youngest Sheriff in Timbisha County. Heart broken, but has a weak spot for women, cannot seem to grasp that Lauren Lockwood has been in love with him since forever! To say I am excited to read the continuation of the brothers would be an understatement!!
Girl Talk By: Katie Zeppieri
This book was on a whim, but I knew that as soon as I saw it, I would want to read all about it. I got to meet Katie at a local bookstore where she was promoting her book. She is actually close to my home town, and it was really amazing that she is now doing book tours.

This is all about empowering girls and women today. How many times have you looked into a mirror and disliked something about yourself? How many times did you think that it was impossible to go after a dream, because it was simply a dream? This book is all about embracing yourself and taking that leap into doing something you love. I know I never thought about starting a book blog, but here I am!

So there is my Book Haul for the month of November!! I hope you all liked it, and check some of these out!

Until the next time! Keep Reading!
Your Graduated Bookworm! :)

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