Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday

Hello Bookworms! This is my first Top Ten Tuesday! I hope to be doing more in the future, but it may not be every Tuesday (as i tend to forget things..Uh Oh!) So for each of my Top Ten Tuesday blogs, I will be posting my top ten of anything. it could be favourite/worst characters, auto buy authors, favourite/worst books--You name it! My lists also are not in order of favourite to least or anything close to that type. I just post in order of what comes to mind. :)

So let's get started with the first Top Ten Tuesday: Auto Buy Authors

I have a lot of books I have read, and a lot that I need to be reading, therefore my Auto Buy Authors may change from time to time, and I'll update new authors once I have read from them. (I'm not posting about an author I haven't read yet!) For all of these authors, I generally don't read the synopsis anymore of their books, because I know that whatever they have I would really enjoy.

1. Jamie McGuire
Jamie McGuire has written a couple of series in the NA category, and I really like the writing she does. I have read Beautiful Disaster, and I am really excited to be reading Beautiful Oblivion. She has recently published another story for America and Shepley (if anyone has read Beautiful Disaster before)

2. Tammara Webber

Tammara Webber has also written in the NA category. I have read her novel Easy, which I not only enjoyed, but thought that some of the serious content was very interesting, as how the main character dealt with it.. (No spoilers I swear!) I have yet to read Between the lines series, but I hear great things about it!

3. John Green

John Green is overall amazing! I think that he would be considered like the Nicholas Sparks of YA, but to be honest he's the John Green of YA lol! Every book he seems to make turns into something amazing--and generally a movie. He has both of these books shown above turned into a movie, and I cannot wait to see Paper Towns. There seems to be some sort of hidden message in each book of his, although many of us don't realize it.

4. Tahereh Mafi

Tahereh Mafi has only written the Shatter Me series, but I know that for fans of hers, whatever she writes next will be just as amazing as this was. I know a lot of people have done a lot of fangirling over these characters--Warnette? :)-- and i'm sure they will be doing the same over any new characters she has decided to create. I know there is going to be a television show! I'll be very excited for that to happen!

5. Veronica Roth

Veronica Roth has been generally in the same boat as Tahereh Mafi. She has gotten her Divergent series into a movie (Which is amazing!) and they actually both did their book tour together. I was definitely fortunate to visit them both when they came to Canada. They're funny and very nice women who have accomplished so much at a young age! The Divergent series is Veronica's first novel/series, and like Shatter Me I know a lot of fans have been in love and have hated characters in the novel. Three words is all I have to say... THAT. ENDING. THOUGH! Whatever her next book(s) may be, I'll be first to get my hands on it! :)

6. Christopher Pike

Christopher Pike has written some pretty great novels. I have read Until The End, and I think i read straight through the night to finish it. I picked it up one day from the shelves, not really knowing what it was, but was extremely happy to have read it. He has a slightly different way of writing than most authors, and is always something to keep you on your toes. Sometimes things come right from underneath you while reading, and I really like trying to figure things out as I read along. I haven't read his Thirst series yet, but I have heard mixed reviews, so I'll definitely be open minded about it.

7. Morgan Matson/ Katie Finn

Morgan Matson, as some of you many not know, also has another pen name which is Katie Finn (so I hear!) I have read from Katie Finn, but not from Morgan Matson (Sounds confusing) but I hear great things. I feel like from both pen names the style of writing may be the same, but I'll definitely find out. I have heard everyhing great by Morgan Matson, and just by word of mouth, I think I own all of her books, but have yet to read one! Looks like I know what's going in my TBR for next week!

8. Jenny Han

Jenny Han is another great author I have hears amazing reviews about. I have read The Summer I Turned Pretty series, and I really loved it from start to finish (although a couple complaints about Belly sometimes!) I have not read any of her other books, although I do have most of the Burn For Burn series on my shelf and To All The Boys I've Loved Before is still waiting for me to read. For Jenny Han she has a lot of YA novels, and mostly deal with romance, which is a big yes in my books!

9. Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen, to me has written a LOT of YA novels that deal with mainly romance, but also an underlying situation for most of her characters. I love the fact that for most of her books, you see the character grow and get a better understanding of themselves--as well as some sweet romance!-- I have read most of Sarah Dessen's books, although she just recently released her new book Saint Anything. I feel like there are a lot of her novels that should be turned into a movie (like Just Listen or This Lullaby) I picked it up immediately, but have yet to read it! Looks like my TBR may be full already.. :)

10. Kody Keplinger

Kody Keplinger is another author that I stumbled upon one day while browsing the YA section. I don't normally say this, but I was probably one of the few people who read this novel a couple years before it became so popular. I actually remember saying to someone that they should be turning this into a movie--and they must have heard me somewhere--because it happened. I will say that I did enjoy the book a lot more than the movie (comparing wise) but who can resist that actor who played Wes...HOT STUFF! :) Kody just recently released another book called Lying Out Loud (LOL). I haven't read it yet, but I'm sure it has lots of entertaining parts and hopefully some more romance ;)

So there we have it. My first Top Ten Tuesday. How did you bookworms like it? Are there any of these authors you have read that you like as well and would automatically buy their books?? leave a comment below, and if there is a specific Top Ten Tuesday you would like me to do let me know! Please don't forget to follow along for more fun stuff. I'd love to hear from you!

So until then, Keep Reading!
Your Graduated Bookworm :)

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