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Forever... By: Judy Blume

Author: Judy Blume
Publisher: Atheneum Books for Young Readers
Published: April 2014 (Originally in 1975)
Format: Paperback
Pages: 240
Rating: 4.75/5
There's a first for everything.

When you build up something in your mind--really imagine it, wish for it--sometimes, when it actually happens, it doesn't live up to your expectations.

True love is nothing like that.

Especially not for Katherine and Michael, who can't get enough of each other. Their relationship is unique: sincere, intense, and fun all at the same time. Although they haven't been together all that long, they know it's serious. A whole world opens up as a young passion and sexuality bloom.

But it's senior year of high school, and there are big changed ahead. Michael and Katherine are destined for another big "First": a decision. Is this love of a lifetime, or the very beginning of a lifetime of love?

Man do I have a lot to say with this book!! I think the last Judy Blume book I read was in grade 5 and it was Fudge...and we HAD to read it for English class. That was a while ago, and I have a whole new life with reading books than I did in the past. Judy Blume never seizes to amaze me though. I think just by mentioning her name, almost everyone has some sort of euphoria just by the words she wrote. To me she was the "person" that you could go to to talk about anything, because everything that she wrote would talk about some sort of real life situation that most people (young kids) didn't want to have with their parents. Although this is the first Judy Blume book I have read in years, I still am going through the rest of her works that deal with Sex, Puberty, Relationships, Love and Loss. Lets face it, Judy is probably that one person who writes about all of these things, which can and most likely will be passed through generations.

Something that was pretty funny for me today was I of course was talking about reading, and how I was reading a Judy Blume book. Well long story short, someone I know never heard of her before....I KNOW!! its shocking, just like when I told you I haven't read Harry Potter before! I guess that happens, but for bookworms like us, there's a higher shock factor :P

Anyways, back to my review...I love the fact that she has a note to the readers about something serious, whether it be a suicide hotline, health centers, etc to give them something that could be useful in any way, that are based on real life situations.

I find that since her books are short, she tends to jump right into the story, like you may already know everything about the characters. It's very fast paced, which I like, but I find that if it was somewhat of a larger book, it would have been a bit better. (More to read of course!)

Katherine clearly has a lot going for her, and she does know what she wants in life (mainly towards a relationship and sex) When Michael comes along, and wants to jump into bed right away, she holds her own (YES GIRL!!) and tells him to take it slow, and not to rush her (Which he does, but you can tell he's frustrated with it).

I did find that Katherine and Michael's dialogue was not only cute, but pretty funny at times as well. All I'm going to say is that when "Ralph" is introduced into the story, for some reason all I thought about was Wreck It Ralph... LOL! I don't know why, but that's what I thought of at first!

I like that when Judy Blume talks about sex, she does it honestly and how it would actually be and feel in real life for anyone that's a virgin; instead of a fantasy, we generally have now (Especially for adults..)

It's definitely hard to deal with a separation of a relationship, but if you can make it through a long-distance relationship, you can almost make it through anything. When things like that happen after high school (which is very common) it can be very hard to let go, but also very easy to forget; school, friends, life, all of it from the past. Reading Forever made me realize why I love romance books, but also give me the reality of things that are  bound to happen, or things that could possibly happen.

The ending though....! I mean come on Judy!! I think there definitely should have been a continuation of this book! Like what happens in Katherine's first year of college? Will there be more romance for her with certain people?? I felt like it just ended, and I probably sat in my chair for a good five minutes thinking (and possibly saying out loud) "how? what? why? That's IT?!!

Overall I really loved the book and everything that she did with it surrounding sex, first and last times, and everything in between. The only reason I didn't give it a five star, was mainly with the ending (I just don't love endings like that)

So until then, Keep Reading!
Your Graduated Bookworm :)

P.S Do any of you remember your first Judy Blume book? What was it, and did it impact you at all now? Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear from you! <3

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