Book Hauls

As a fellow Bibliophile, I have come to realize that there is no way to stop the love of reading, or collecting of books. I would say that I'm the only one in my family who reads, but that would be completely false. I am however the only one in my family, who enjoys collecting books, and reading to the extent that I do. So it should come to no surprise that I be constantly having book hauls.

There are many books that I already own that I have not read, but they will be shown when I do my reviews, so stay tuned for many to come!

Depending on how many I may have at a certain time, I will either have multiple posts for hauls with a short blurb or just a big haul with only the photos and titles. I would love to hear from you for any books I post on my blog that I should read immediately, or I should have a review for.

As I have new hauls up, they will be posted according to the month in which I have gotten the books.

August Haul 2015
August Haul 2 2015
Owl Crate Unboxing August 2015
August Haul 3 2015
September Haul 2015
Owl Crate Unboxing September 2015
September Haul 2 2015
October Haul 2015
November Haul 2015
Owl Crate Unboxing December 2015
December Haul 2015
January Book Haul 2016
February Book Haul 2016
March Book Haul 2016
April Book Haul 2016 PART 1
April Book Haul 2016 PART 2
May Book Haul 2016
June Book Haul 2016
July Book Haul 2016
August Book Haul 2016
September Book Haul PART 1
September Book Haul PART 2
October Book Haul PART 1
October Book Haul PART 2
November Book Haul PART 1
November Book Haul PART 2
December Book Haul 2016
January Book Haul 2017
February Book Haul 2017 (Too Big To Post)
March Book Haul 2017

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