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The Southern Thirst Trap by: Adrian R. Hale

The Southern Thirst Trap (Southern Gods #3)
Adrian R. Hale
Published: May 2024
Publisher: Adrian R. Hale
Format: ARC e-Book
Pages: 413
Rating: 5/5

The name Zander Olsen is synonymous with no repeats, no attachments, and pursuing beautiful women he leaves in the dust after he’s conquered them. I knew his rules going into our arrangement. I shouldn’t have thought I’d be any different. Yet, we somehow discovered something amazing together during our tropical vacation that changed my life forever. I thought it changed him, too. Instead, he told me forever was a lie and thoroughly blocked me from his life the second we returned. Why is he back now? And what gives him the right to be so interested in my son after all this time? Zander’s the one man who has the power to ruin my life and I won’t let him do that to me again, even if my body wants to betray me every time he gets close.


Harlowe Sorenson is the only woman I was willing to break my rules for, and in the end, it burned us both. I put my career and the growth of Olympus International first in my life, so I can’t let women stick around long enough to distract me from that goal, not even one as vivacious, challenging, and captivating as her. Falling for Harlowe wasn’t in my plans, so I cut out my heart and crushed hers thoroughly to ensure she wouldn’t be a problem. I’d almost forgotten about her. So why, after crashing into her five years later, am I still drawn to her and have too many questions about her carefully guarded son? A son who looks more like me than he should. I need to get these answers without risking my business, my heart, and hers in the process, or I’ll have hell to pay once again.

First, I'd like to thank Adrian R. Hale and Greys Promo for sending me an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review. Let me tell you each book gets better and better, because this Harlowe and Zander's story was *CHEFS KISS!*

Right from the beginning you're diving into Harlowe on the way to a pretty awful day, especially when she comes face to face with Zander after 5 years. It's heated, and you can feel the tension is so thick. As you continue to read on, you get some flash backs on what really went down between the two of them five years ago, and I really loved diving into those chapters because it's quickly noticeable that Zander has fallen for Harlowe, but he doesn't do more than one night with women...

Flash forward to the present and Harlowe has a beautiful little boy that very clearly resembles Zander. Throughout the novel you see him trying to not only see his son that he didn't know about, but also have a second chance with the woman that got away. I love that he takes accountability for the whole scene that happened, but man the way he pushes and pushes and fights to have her is sweet. He's determined and reading it, you can tell that Harlowe is starting to give in. I mean she loved him too, it's only natural! Zander, like his brothers are so used to the work life, but you see him begin to realize there's more to life than just working away. Family comes first, and watching him grow was amazing!

I'm going to win your heart, little Wildcat. I'll even earn it, this time."

"I'm going to love you forever, Lowe, and every time you see lighting, you're going to know the absolute power of my love for you."

Now let me take a hot second here, because the spice... Get yourself a fan, some water, or a damn swimming pool because while time may have passed, their bodies sure remember that vacation in no time. With Harlowe's job, you get this perspective of her not loving the body she has after having a child, yet creating these posts showcasing her assets - almost putting on a show - and I feel for so many mothers that's something you can relate to. But Zander is worshipping every single bit of her, it's not only hot but makes him a super book boyfriend... he gets it and loves her no matter the age, weight, or looks. We stan Zander Olsen!

Once Zander finally meets his son, I was basically a puddle. If you know me well, you know that kids and animals get me in every book. And with him only being 4, it was the sweetest thing to see. I also loved Harlowe's mom and friends in the book. The relationships they have was amazing to see, and obviously they're also team Zander, but also know to protect her when needed.

Overall, this was an amazing read! I loved it from the very beginning, and I could NOT PUT IT DOWN! Wondering what was going to happen between the two of them, especially since Harlowe has had years of firsts without Zander by her side, and trying to move on from an amazing two week vacation where she fell in love with him before he ripped her heart out. It was an emotional roller coaster, and I ate it up! Selfishly, I would have not been mad to read more of their story... But it was perfect!

That's all for my review, I hope you enjoyed it and be sure to grab your copy today!

So until the next time, keep reading!
Your Gradated Bookworm!! :)

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