Thursday, August 2, 2018

Life Update & Blogaversary!!

Hey Bookworms!! I hope you've been enjoying these life updates, as I am having fun sharing some parts of my life with you all! So let's just hop right into it shall we?! Also keep reading till the very end for an awesome Giveaway Happening!!

So...what's new since the last time? Well if you've been getting my emails, you'll know that one major thing that happened was that my boyfriend and I got a dog from a rescue and adoption agency. We've actually had him for exactly a week now and although it's been trying, we have been loving this pup with all that we have!

We actually found out about his past (Only a few days ago) which is actually really sad. When he was about a month old, he was running after his mom when he got hit and run over by a taxi. Screaming in pain, someone had scooped him up and took him to the vet to get surgery and had to go through physiotherapy after that! They had then asked the people from Toronto that do the rescue to take him because he's such a sad dog (I mean I would be too with all that's happened!)

He's also from Egypt, so the trip from there to Canada sure was a culture shock I'm sure, and all of a sudden brought to another vet, to another home, and finally into ours. Pheww! That's basically it! But as you can see, he's been really skiddish clearly from all that he's gone through. We have been trying to do some training as he hasn't had any at all, and it's getting there slowly but surely. So say hello to our new furbaby Yukon...

Something else that's been new going on with me is that I've been working more on my novel Under The Scars which has been going really well! I've gotten some amazing advice from some kick-ass author friends of mine (Shout out to you all who've helped this girl out!) and I hope that I can have this finished and maybe published in the near future!! (Fingers crossed!!)

I've tried giving myself some deadlines and goals to work towards, although with our new pup, I've been kind of slacking a bit, because I've been focusing so hard on him and making him feel at home. However, I have been LOVING these graphics I've been making for it, and it honestly makes the words come to life, and all I hope is that it will actually become something you guys enjoy reading (Especially my romance fanatics!)

Oh wait...HOLD THE PHONE! Yeah you read that title right! It's my 3 year Blogaversary, and it's so crazy to believe that it's been three years! My life has changed so much since the beginning, and it's been so hectic the last few days that I forgot that it was YESTERDAY! Yeah...I Morgan A.K.A. The Graduated Bookworm Blogger completely forgot that It was the anniversary of my blog yesterday August 1st 2018...shame right? I'll just go hide my head in the corner...

I will say though, that on top of my life changing so much, so has my blog. For those of you who have been following along with my Blog and Bookstagram (Both are the same anniversary by the way) you'll have seen the changes that have been happening over the time. I've definitely dedicated a lot more focused time on my blog to make it more appealing and more entertaining for you guys to be reading something every week from me! (I mean how else am I supposed to charm you right?!😜😜) I do want to say a huge thanks to EVERYONE who continues to inspire me, follow me, including all the amazing friends I've made over the time, as well as for everyone whose been here my entire time of blogging. It really means a lot to me!! Just because I'm nostalgic, I've put a photo of what my blog first looked like three years ago!

I'm still constantly moving back and forth, and it never gets easier, but hopefully things will be looking up in the future and that I won't have to do a whole lot of moving around! I do have some more exciting things coming out, but I don't want to Jinx anything yet!!

Alright, now to this Giveaway!! I'm sure you're all waiting for it, so let's get it going! This is my Blog anniversary Giveaway that I'm hosting for 2 weeks. In that time, you'll have the ability to tweet, follow, and share for as many entries possible before I pick 3 winners for the giveaway! Be sure to tell all your friends, because it just may help you in the long run!! May the odds be ever in your Favour!

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So until the next time, Keep Reading!!
Your Graduated Bookworm!! :)

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