Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Holiday Gifts For the Last Minute Shopper! Featuring Chapters Indigo

Welcome back Bookworms!! I'm here, because I'm sure like myself, many of you still need that one last item on someones wish list for the holidays! With only a few days left, I'm sure many of you are freaking out wondering what the F*** to get someone that you never have a clue or is the one who says "nothing." So here are some of my top gift ideas for the last minute, in various prices, and ages! Thanks so much to Chapters Indigo for sending me these items to review, and feature on my blog! For those of you wondering, I am having a GIVEAWAY to one lucky winner, so keep reading for more!

If you're looking for the writer out there, there's some simple things that you could pick up! I myself am a lover of writing, as you all know, so these items are some great gifts for the holidays!

My first Item is definitely an awesome pen. Nothing gives a writer inspiration like a pen that easily pours out the words faster than you can think! (It doesn't actually write for you, but it's a great writing pen! You can find it here.

I definitely recommend getting some journals, writing prompt items, or even just some simple yet fun stationary items! You can find all of these items HERE at the Indigo Paper

 The next item that I recommend, is one for the kids! I never had an Elf on the Shelf, but when I talk to my students about it, they LOVE him! What's cool about this is that you can give your elf it's own name, get costumes for birthday's and other events, and even get a cool letter from Santa! 

When you open up the box, this is what you'll find, and on the left side is the actual story of Elf on the Shelf. It's such an interactive way to get your kids (and sometimes even adults) excited about the holidays, and to make this time of the year really fun! You can find that here.

 My third item, is pretty obvious, although there are tons of different scents to choose from. I myself love to collect candles (rarely light them though...) and have them around the house! This candle Happy Holla Days smells like a woodsy tree scent. Now this one is the jar candle, but you can get other candles with lids, and in tins! There are so many different candle scents that you will find, and I'm sure love!

 Another awesome gift, for those who love to read, or even drink a lot of hot coffee or tea is a mug. This one screams me because I'm a huge reader, although Chapters always has a wide variety of specialty mugs, novelty mugs, and classic mugs. This too is another item that I collect like crazy even though I only use one at a time...hmmm... You can find a bunch of these mugs here.

I have many friends and family who love their cheese. I also am a huge fan of trying new types of cheese, and this Cheese Marker Set is actually the coolest and easiest gift you could get! Whether you like to host many parties or events, or just love eating different types of cheese, these markers are great to use over and over again with the whiteboard style marker! 

Now another great gift for the reader would be these very stylish and creative Magnetic Bookmarks! I collect these all the time, because they seem to be ever turning out different styles and designs! I generally use the magnetic bookmarks in my photos as well which I'm sure many of you have seen! They're a cute gift or even stocking stuffer for the holidays!

 Lastly, nothing makes the holidays better than a cool and comfy pillow! I just have the cover here, but I love these pillows! Chapters always seem to come out with new, funny, and sweet designs every single year! This one is my ultimate favourite, because it for sure resembles my family! You can find all types of these and other pillows here.

That's all for my gift ideas here bookworms! I'll leave a quick link for some other items that I highly suggest such as:

These are all of my favourite items to get people (and myself) throughout the holidays! Honestly you can get so many different gifts for so many different people at Chapters Indigo in one stop! If all else fails, a gift card is a simple choice!

Now onto this giveaway!! For one lucky winner, you will receive:

  •  Happy Holla Days candle
  • Boxed Pen
  • Magnetic Bookmarks
This is CANADA WIDE ONLY (sorry Internationals, but you'll get another chance soon!) It will run from December 20th until December 31st! Good Luck and may the odds be ever in your favour!!

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