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A Beautiful Nightmare By: Shana Vanterpool

A Beautiful Nightmare
Author: Shana Vanterpool
Publisher: Shana Vanterpool
Published: November 2016
Format: E-Book ARC
Pages: 422
Rating: 5/5
In chess, the king is the most important piece. But the queen is the most powerful. Sometimes to win, she is sacrificed.

Lies melt, and this queen has plenty. She should have seen him coming, she should have known. He took her long before these walls let her know. He won’t let her go. Won’t listen to reason. For a love that doesn’t exist, or has her heart committed treason? Lust won’t be ignored, doesn’t care for these wall of lies. And for every one she’s ever told, she’s always had another in mind. But he is truth—he is king. And the longer he is all she sees … and tastes … she can’t help but think, some nightmares are beautiful, and some are dreams.

In this dark and thrilling romance, the lines of lust and truth are blurred. Life seemingly ends the moment 27-year-old Kinley Hashawaye awakes to find herself inside of a nightmare. Fear and lies are covered in gold and darkness, and her heart won’t let her be when the truth comes back to haunt her. But perception is everything in this kingdom, and danger exists even in our dreams.

And this king will stop at nothing to have his queen.

A Beautiful Nightmare is a full-length contemporary dark/suspense romance with no cliffhanger. It is intended for readers 18+ due to mature situations

First I want to say Happy Belated Book Birthday to Shana Vanterpool on this new novel! Second, would be that I'm so sorry it took so long to get a review out, but  OH MY was it ever good!! I also signed up for the release blitz with this book which is why I received an ARC copy, so thank you!!

Straight from the beginning you get thrown into such a thrilling novel, with so many questions and emotions, you seriously don't even know what to do with it! There is so much I want to say but I really can't because I would totally spoil it for you! But let me tell you these two phrases:


were probably the two most used in my head while reading this (along with OMG and NO WAY) Honestly, Shana did such an incredible job at making this novel turn in so many different ways, you never could trust anyone! I really loved the aspect of The Wizard of Oz being represented in the novel, and it made so much sense, it was amazing!

So Kinley clearly has a very large history with a lot of baggage going on. You see throughout the story that she is having a hard time facing it all. There were many times where I felt so sorry for her and what happened the entire time, so to add on this beautiful nightmare, kind of raised the stakes. When the king comes along to mix up this life of her, I was totally feeling exactly how Kinley felt. For a good portion of the novel I practically despised this king, and found it super creepy how much he knew about Kinley...

Hello Steamy scenes! WOWZA! A girl sure knows how to keep it all hot for sure, and there was plenty of time to get it in, so she did! Things that came about within these scenes left me so mixed up in the beginning, but then I was totally for it. This lust slowly turned more into pure love, and it was so beautiful! I really can't say much about the other that Kinley was with, but let me tell you that he is so dang fine and I was so captured by his eyes alone *Fangirling*

BUT, there's more! Things begin to fall into place, Kinley lets her own walls down within the ones she's in, but lust isn't all that it's cracked up to be. You can see how much they both fight for not only themselves, but the other, their life, and whatever else is out in the world. As I continued to go through this story, not only was I on the edge of my seat, wondering if Kinley would figure it all out, but also changing the way how I viewed these characters.

Shana Vanterpool somehow managed to twist this story up so much, that I found myself not sure of who to trust, or believe, and I found that the people I didn't like, I now loved, and vice versa...It was literally like Inception in your brain! So many diversions, I never EVER saw that ending coming and I was totally not prepared for it!

When I got towards more of the end of this book, so many more things were being brought to the surface, and I honestly couldn't even deal with it! I was left on such a cliffhanger, having to leave for work, but raced home to finish, because it was so intense!

"I fell asleep in the middle of her beautiful nightmare, as I wondered how a person could dream such a dream, when her fears were stronger than anything."

This novel was such a roller coaster ride of emotions that all I can really say is you need to read this! I felt so blindsided from the last few chapters, right until the very end, but I LOVED how well it all came to an end. You really see all of the characters emotions being played out, and there were many parts where I honestly and truly felt it all, especially at the end! You also really see the development of Kinley and her king, and you really see how much they truly care for one another, and how much beauty there was in her nightmare. I was so invested in these characters from beginning to end, and almost felt like I was part of this story! Girl, you know how to play with the strings don't you?!! #thefeelsarereal

Of course I found a few more quotes that really captured this book!

"But I would hold on as he tried, as he took my truths and loved them as much as I loved him."

"Pieces of my heart flakes away, floating and dissipating, never mattering again."

"Because I need you. Because I can breathe with you. Because when I think of you the evil in my brain quiets."

"A simple desire to be desired, not because I existed, but because my existence had only ever mattered to me."

So overall, I really absolutely loved this novel! It was so fast paced, kept me on the edge of my seat, and revealed SO MUCH more at the end, you seriously don't see it coming! All of these mind games were pretty amazing, and it was so thrilling! Definitely one of my top favourite books I've read of all time!! A roller coaster ride of feels, and adventure, I couldn't get enough!!

That's all for my review of A Beautiful Nightmare! I hope you enjoyed it, and I totally recommend picking up a copy to read! It was so amazing!

So until the next time, Keep Reading!
Your Graduated Bookworm!! :)

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