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Overdrive By: Dawn Ius

Author: Dawn Ius
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Published: September 2016
Format: Paperback ARC
Pages: 320
Rating: 5/5
Jules Parish has screwed up.

After three years of boosting cars, she got caught. She's too good to get caught, but she let her (ex)-boyfriend talk her into a questionable job. And now, she and her little sister, Emma, will be kicked out of their foster home, left to survive on the unforgiving streets of Las Vegas alone.


Eccentric, wealthy Roger Montgomery wants to open up his mansion to Jules and Emma. The only catch? Jules must steal seven of the rarest, most valuable muscle cars in the world—in seven weeks. Even worse, she’s forced to put her trust in three complete strangers to help her do it.

First there’s Chelsea, the gorgeous redhead with a sharp tongue and love for picking locks. Then there’s Mat, who hasn’t met a system he couldn’t hack. And finally there’s the impossibly sexy car thief Nick, whose bad attitude and mysterious past drive Jules crazy.

With nothing in common and everything to lose, can Jules and her amateur crew pull off what could be the biggest car heist in history? Or will things spin out of control faster than a Nevada dust devil?

First I want to say thank-you to Simon and Schuster Canada for sending me an ARC copy of this to review. At first I wasn't 100% sure if I would like this based on the fact that it's about boosting cars and what not. Well let me tell you I am glad to have read this because it was AMAZING!!

So right off the bat, you jump into this story, and automatically get a sense of who Jules is and what-she is doing. It is so fast paced, that I seriously read this in two days! I mean between the romance, love, adrenaline, and so much more, it was so incredibly hard to put it down!

From the beginning you can tell that Jules has had to grow up and become an adult for herself and for Emma way too early on. Although she has found a way for income, it's clearly not enough to keep them out of the foster system. I honestly felt so sad towards Jules and more so towards Emma, because a child never deserves to move from home to home, that's not really theirs.

colbertlateshow  sad crying stephen colbert late show

Moving on from that, I obviously want to discuss the one person that causes Jules to drive herself a little mad in this house...NICK.

" I think I fell for you before I even met you."

So he definitely has s stick shift up his you know what for the beginning portion of the book. But as it keeps going, you get more of a sense of who he his, and his past. You get to see more of his other side, which Jules begins to uncover as well, and oh hot damn!

Nick definitely has his own personal issues, which you begin to see more throughout, but you also see someone who really cares about Jules and Emma. I kind of wish that there was a little more going on between them, but all I am going to say is that the scene with the little black dress....#GETITGIRL I loved that scene! Its pretty apparent that there is a bond between them that you can't really understand until closer to the end of the book where it all falls into place. They are both so protective, and the little things that happen, just make their connection that much more palpable.

When you think about Emma, at first I believed that she was a lot younger, until I started reading more of her and the things she said. I am not lying when I say that Emma sure knows a lot more than it is perceived to be, and man does she have wit. Emma is definitely the one who has grown up to try to take some of the weight off her sisters shoulders, although for a 10 year old, that's not right. Throughout the novel you can see where she begins to be more of a child, and in desperate need for love, and when this witty charm shines and she tells it like it is! I don't think I've actually laughed out loud as much, mainly due to the things that she says! Definitely a fireball!

So from the beginning I always got a bad vibe from Jules' ex-boyfriend, and it clearly shows right away. Same thing with Roger. As soon as he was introduced I got such a weird feeling about the whole situation. Of course I did have moments where I felt empathy towards him and his own story, but the way he went about things weren't right either.

When it gets into more of the thriller parts of the story, I honestly felt as if I was in the story, and part of it myself! There was so much suspense, wondering if and when they would get caught, and even after the fact that something bad was going to happen. There were a couple parts where I could foresee what would happen, but then HOLY MOLY in comes a big twist, and I was on the edge of my seat for the last few chapters!

americasgottalent  agt americas got talent anxious suspense

So throughout the novel there were a couple quotes that caught my attention. Whether it was from the life that Jules and the others have known or their new found life, they all were pretty intense.

"But I think the love of the thrill is built into my DNA. I'm always going to crave the adrenaline..."

"I can't help but wonder if she believed me then any more than I do her now."

"'It's okay to be vulnerable,' he says.
'You mean weak?'
'Powerful.' he says"

Quickly going to Chelsea and Mat, I just want to say that they really shined in this novel as well. I would love to see a spin-off book that is based on these two as well. I mean it's pretty obvious that there is something there...

Overall I really loved this book, It's honestly nothing I have ever read before and it was such a thrill. I could seriously see this becoming a movie, and if not, then it should be! It was so fast paced, kept me on my toes, and always on the edge wondering what might happen! Throughout the novel, you really don't see their age shine through, and I personally felt like they were all older. The ending was absolutely perfect, and it could easily leave room for more, but not a cliffhanger where you wonder what happens next (although I kind of want to know what would happen) It had really funny moments throughout, and really heartfelt ones as well. Each and every character that was in here had a lot of pressure on them, and it showed. The love and sacrifice that Jules, Nick, Chelsea, and Mat was so intense, you could see them become their own kind of family.

That's all for my review today! I hope you all enjoyed it, and I totally recommend getting a copy!

So until the next time, Keep Reading!
Your Graduated Bookworm!! :)

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