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Art Bookmark Product Review

Hello Bookworms!! I am back for another product review, and if most of you are here from Instagram, you'll have seen this product in my photos a lot more lately! I was lucky enough to receive this item from the people at Art Bookmark in exchange for an honest review. So with that in mind, let's get started!

Art Bookmark Bookmarks

Item: Bookmark
Quote: "Stop Reading? Over my dead body!"
Bookmark Type: Wizard Of Oz
Rating: 4.5/5

So after I was contacted about doing a review for the lovely Elena from Art Bookmark, I was pretty surprised at how fast I have received it in the mail! This company is straight from Bryansk Russia, so it was pretty amazing on delivery! I have had some places where it's taken up to a month or more just to be sent to me, which isn't fun when you keep checking on the tracking.

So just to give you an idea of cost wise, I will break it down for you. I am taking the prices off of the Alice In Wonderland Bookmark, just to show you one that has everything. Personally for me, I will say that it is more on the costly side, but not much difference from the States (although it is cheaper there) I would totally buy another bookmark from this business! I do get charged for shipping and duty (and I realize that it's hard to change shipping costs due to it being a home business rather than a large company) which is not always ideal, but if I wanted to get something unique as a gift, and not spend a whole lot (since I am from Canada) I would get one of these. Of course for other places around the world, prices may vary...

Canadian Dollars: $28.38    
Canadian Shipping: $5.41
Canadian Customs: Yes 

United States Dollar: $21.00                                     British Pound: £16.50
    United States Shipping: $4.00                                British Shipping: £3.14 
         United States Customs: Yes                                     British Customs: Yes           

Euro: €19.46
Shipping to Russia: €0.00
Russia Customs: € No

So looking at the packaging when it arrived, I will say that it was packed very well! I do wish I had saved it to show to you all, but the bookmark was inside a box, and then had bubble wrap all around, with some sort of string-type wrapped over that.

At first glance, I really do love the bookmark! When I was looking at others online, I saw that you could have them personalized, as well as some had a little more design. Personally, I would have loved to see like a picture of the house that killed the Wicked Witch, right underneath the quote. I think it would have made the bookmark that much better!

I think that the fact that it is all hand-painted for the bottom part of the bookmark, is seriously amazing! I will say that after a little bit of use, there were a couple scuffs on the shoes, where the paint came off. Also, when you are first holding the bookmark, and are not familiar with this type of bookmark, you will notice that it is a little heavy. Due to the fact that it has handmade legs.

I did take a little test with it, to see how sturdy it is (I don't recommend trying this, as who really wants to break a bookmark!) and I must say that mine was very well held together. There was nothing coming loose, or falling out which is pretty big for something that is heavier on one side.

Overall, I really love this bookmark and the brand. I love to support so many local artists and businesses, especially when they are this pretty! Personally for me, it wouldn't be the idea place to order a bookmark (due to distance) but like I said before, I would still get one!

I would one hundred percent say that the bookmark is sturdy, and can definitely hold your place while reading. I love the accent of the feet poking out of the book, however, sometimes it would get caught on something in my bag, and I do wish that there was more of a design on the bookmark itself (whether it's one side or both sides)

So that is my review for this Bookmark Bookworms!! If you are interested in checking out more bookmarks from this brand, click here for the Etsy website. And if you want to see more on the products and some amazing photos from other Bookstagrammers, who love these bookmarks, click here

So until the next time, Keep Reading!
Your Graduated Bookworm!! :)

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