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Top Ten Tuesday!!

That day of the week again Bookworms!! I'm totally loving these Top Ten Tuesday's more and more! Be sure to leave a comment below of any Top Ten's you would like me to showcase in the future!! This Top Ten is definitely one that I am positive ALL of you have thought at one time or another while reading a book...You know, the amazing reads that get stuck in your head for days and you wish there was more?? Yeah those books! So let's begin with our Top Ten this week!!

Top Ten Books I Wish Were Movies/TV Series

I'm sure that out of all the books you have read, you have at least ONCE said that you wish this was turned into film, because it was just that good! Well I can definitely admit that mot of the books I have read that are my ultimate favourites, are either now becoming an adaptation or have been turned into film. Maybe this will be a hint for future film-makers to start grabbing these novels for adaptations, because I could totally see them becoming one (Just please make sure they don't get butchered!!)

1. November 9 By: Colleen Hoover

Something about a guy who writes, reads, has abs, and is totally hot obviously is something you want to see! Haha! But seriously, the story-line is seriously addictive, and having all the twists within this book just made me love it that much more! I also think that creating it over the span of five years on the same day, makes it creative enough to actually have the same characters like they did for the movie Boyhood. But Ben is super hot so that's all that matters...right?!

2. Easy By: Tammara Webber

To be honest, I don't think I'll ever get over this book. I read this in high school a few years ago and it's still an amazing read engraved in my mind! I have been wanting to re-read this book like right after reading it the first time, but have yet to get the chance! Hopefully soon, so you all can understand the feels I have! This book takes all serious aspects to a new height. You talk about something that happens every day, mix in a hot protective guy, and one wild ass-kicking, and you have Easy. Tammara Webber honestly brought me into the NA world with this novel, and I couldn't imagine any other book to do that! I LOVE this book!

 3. Fever By: Melissa Pearl

So I had picked up Fever when I found out it was a free book. One that I've been wanting to get my hands on for a while, and so glad I did! Once I became part of Melissa's blogger group for a blog tour, I have been obsessed with the Songbird Series! Fever (although it wasn't a 5 Star for me initially) I do have to say was amazing! The chemistry is palpable, but the complications cause more than just an obstacle! Passion, Heat, Singing in the shower all on new levels from this book! How could you not want to see another College based novel turned into film?!

 4. Going The Distance By: Erin Mahoney

So I will say that this TECHNICALLY is kind of a TV series. But not really. This book is based off of a celebrity that's on TV, so it's more like Fan Fiction. But I could totally see this specific story become a movie! I mean what would be the odds that a celebrity you know nothing about bumps into you randomly, and you life changes completely from there on out! If you read my review, I'm sure you will have noticed multiple times me stating that I wish I was the the female lead in this, because I mean...COME ON!

 5. Be My December By: Rachel Brookes

Yet another book that involves serious issues. I would say that this book is similar in ways to Easy, but it's also an older couple, and out of college. By all means, these two are not exactly the same, but have the qualities that are similar. So if you liked this or Easy, I would recommend the other! Be My December honestly had so many twists and definitely played with your emotions! So raw and powerful, I seriously wish that someone turned this into a movie, because lets be honest, who wouldn't want to see a guy that looks like that...?!

 6. The Unexpected Everything By: Morgan Matson

So as I'm sure you can tell, I have a thing for writers...and summer reads...and hot  guys. If you are looking for a summer read, that you could totally see becoming a movie, it would be this! Something about having plans all made for the summer, that suddenly change on you, but turning out to be the most unbelievable summer ever, just screams film! I think that this could be a great YA movie that even adults would like to watch!

7. She's So Dead to Us By: Kieran Scott

So I picked this up years ago and read it (and the rest of the series) in a couple days. So much happened within this series, I couldn't really pick just one book that I loved most! I think that this book as a series, could be turned into a TV series, almost like The Secret Life of The American Teenager. That would be the closest vibe I got while reading this series, and LOVED IT!

 8. Endless Summer By: Jennifer Echols

I loved this book as well (obviously!) Another amazing summer read that really had me so involved. I am not lying when I say that this book is big! It's technically two books into one, and I finished it in 2 days! Facing challenges of getting a guys attention gets even harder when there are two...who happen to be brothers...and mix in the disapproval of family members, you get a whole lot of trouble! If you loved The Summer I Turned Pretty, I would recommend this book! I have always wished that this was turned into a movie, because I would LOVE to see this being played out onto film!

9. The Playmaker By: Jordan Ford

So I haven't actually finished reading this book, but judging from what I have read, I could totally see this becoming a film! And if not, it needs to be! you get the vibes of The D.U.F.F. and She's all That within this novel. I don't know what's going to happen in the end, but I can tell that it's a great novel that I would watch all the time (just like She's All That)

10. We'll Always Have Summer By: Jenny Han

Yet another Summer read! I think I will have to do a Top Ten summer reads for this! So another complicated summer of trying to get the one you want. I honestly had all the feels with this series, but I would have to say that the final book would be the one I want to see in film! Can I just say that the entire time, I was rooting for one person secretly, and could not believe what happened and how it happened!

So that's all for my Top Ten Tuesday Bookworms!! I hope you enjoyed it, and let me know if there are any books you believe should be turned into a movie or TV series!

So until the next time, Keep Reading!!
Your Graduated Bookworm!! :)

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